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Erika B.

My 3 year old has Athele's Foot from wanting to walk around barefoot everywhere. I hated the idea of using those strong harsh OTC creams on her, so I looked around for home remedies. She was crying because it hurt so bad, so I combined a few of the home remedies and this is what is working for her:

-foot soak with 8 cups warm water and 1 cup Epsom salt
-foot soak with 8 cups lukewarm water and 2 cups vinegar for 10 minutes
-a quarter-sized amount of Cortisone 10, rubbed in well
-light dusting of baking soda

I sprayed her sneakers with Lysol and set them up to dry. In the morning, I plan on rinsing her feet with vinegar and water, rubbing more Cortisone cream on her toes and applying more backing soda before putting her socks and shoes on.


It will drive you crazy.... the insane burning, itching and peeling. I tried a number of things this last time (i've had it before but this last time was the WORST).... and the best three things that helped me clear it up (and stop it from driving me crazy)...

1. Soaked my foot in hot water, apple cider vinegar and epsom salt. It will sting a little... but the longer you last the better the relief

2. Friar's Balsam (the brand i used is herb farm), applied undiluted morning and evening after spraying the affected area w/peroxide and drying.

3. Vicks VapoRub applied before bed (very soothing).

I'm practically clear in two days... and I've already suffered for more than a week w/it.

Hope this helps.

Jarl Payne

HONEY HONEY AND NOTHING BUT HONEY. It takes away the itch fast. It works ten times better than what you buy at the store. It is cheap and sticks to your feet and works like a charm. Try and remember once a month to put it on when your feet don't itch and keep it away. And change those socks every day. Nothing but honey. Won't burn your feet or stink like other proposed ideas. Honey is anti microbial and anti fungal, that is why it does not go bad EVER and will kill your fungus!


I have had athletics feet for 10 years.I remembered a treatment that my grandmother (who was Indian)did to me when I was little and had ring worm. So I tried it on my feet because ring worm and athletics feet are almost the same virus..She took copper pennies dipped them in vinegar then placed raw bacon on top wrapped it up. Did that for two nights and it was completly gone. Well I did the same thing on my feet and IT IS GONE FOR me it works only takes 2 days it really severe do it a few extra days...I suffered so long with my feet and tryed everything even lamisel that has serious side effects ...that only took it away for about 6 months and it was back its gone completely


I fought Athlete’s foot for twenty years. I tried everything over the counter, and the athlete’s foot always came back. I had the crud so bad I bled between my toes, and the itching and burning you see in TV commercials woke me at night. I won’t tell you about the odor. My toe nails were discolored and disfigured from the fungus. I was embarrassed to go barefoot. Not anymore.
I researched causes and many natural cures, tried various mixtures on my feet and those of friends, and Clear Feet is the solution everyone agreed worked the best at eliminating athlete’s foot and fowl odors. If you, or someone you know, has these symptoms, you need Clear Feet.

Clear Feet works. It is all natural, and is infused with the essential oils of: Thyme, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Camphor, and Peppermint.


So yeah, I got athelete's foot from the shower at the campground this summer, and had a heck of a time getting rid of it. I tried everything- tinactin, anti-fungal creams and sprays, but I work as a waitress and every time my feet got a touch of moisture, it came back. It was a good year for me to contract communicable disease- check out my post on head lice lol. I had that twice! Anyway here's what I did to finally rid myself of the fungus amongus!

You will need:
Apple cider vinegar
Fungi-cure liquid
Dawn dish soap
cotton socks (80%) at least

So my itching was so bad I seriously wanted to chop my foot off, I was losing sleep and patience, and those darn anti-fungal sprays gave some relief but were ineffective in the long run. The vinegar helped, but by itself wasn't enough. That's when I discovered fungi-cure liquid. It's a godsend. I think it's just basically tea tree oil and alchohol, but boy does it work. What I did was- when showering, scrub the feet vigorously with a shower puff and dish soap. (I used a special puff for my feet only) If you need to scratch, now's the time. It actually helps the other treatment work by opening up the sores, and of course the scratching feels really good. Then just before you get out, douse the feet in vinegar and let sit a while, then air dry. You can also do a soak in hot water and as much vinegar as you can stand. It burns, BTW! Make sure the feet are completely dry, and use the blow drier to dry between your toes. Then apply the fungi-cure liberally at least twice a day. Although I'll admit, once I found out that stuff worked I used it a lot more often. Wear flip flops or the cotton socks only during the day if possible, and change them if they're even a tiny bit wet. Wear different shoes every day to allow them to air out for at least 24 hours, and spray the inside with vinegar or sprinkle a little tinactin powder if you have some. Remember to keep your feet dry and in the future, always wear your shower shoes!!!


I had athlete's foot for months, and couldn't fully get rid of it. After reading the suggestions on here, I tried the tea tree oil mixed with aloe. I also thoroughly spray my shoes with Lysol spray as soon as I take them off. I can't afford to just throw away my shoes and buy new ones. Of course, I'm cleaning my bathtub with bleach and then spraying with Lysol after I rinse it. I am also spraying the bathroom floor and bathmat. I rinse my clothes with 1 cup of vinegar added to the washer instead of fabric softener. I noticed an improvement right away. Before, even though the rash was gone, my feet would suddenly start itching intensely at times, sometimes during the day, but often at night. One thing I started doing that I think was the key for me--I spray my bed with Lysol when I get up, especially where my feet were. No more late-night itch.


Until I found this quick, easy and inexpensive treatment, I suffered for years with chronic athlete's foot infections. I have spent a fortune on various remedies over the years to get each infection under control. Within a few weeks, after each “cure”, the infection would be back. Early on I learned to do a better job of keeping my feet clean and dry, changing shoes or insoles frequently, always wearing clean dry socks, etc., etc., which helped but did not stop my chronic problem. Then I discovered what seemed like a miracle at the time. I simply started to apply 99% isopropyl alcohol on and between my toes every morning as part of my routine (note that the 70% solution is not as effective). I have been infection free continuously for several years now, ever since I started applying the alcohol daily. Nothing could be easier or cheaper and it is readily available at most drug stores. I use a small plastic bottle with a dispensing tube on its end to control the amount applied each morning. This absolutely works for me.

Victoria Barnes

So my husband has been Fighting with Athlete's foot for quiet a while now.. and hes tried EVERYTHING over the counter.. But the other day I saw my Tucks pads, from when I postpartum.. and Thought.. he should try those.. that was last night.. hes used them 3 times and it LOOKS WAY WAY better! :-D The tucks Pads were 'Tucks- Witch Hazel - Hemorrhoidal pad..

Try it.. i know it sounds weird. but awesome results. and QUICK!

Frank Holland

I have suffered from Athlete's foot for over 20 years. My DPM thinks I am predisposed to the condition. I use a cream called Naftin to treat the fungal infection.

The home remedy I have found to really help keep athlete's foot in check (or from spreading): Keep your shoes clean. I used to spray my shoes with a product called Mycomist. But it uses chemicals and is fairly expensive. I now found a shoe tree that uses ultra violet light that is completly chemical free. Sanitized foot wear seems the ofter overlooked key to keep athlete's foot at bay.

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