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I used those Kinoki foot pads, the as seen on tv stuff and my atheletes foot disapeared for weeks at a time, when i tried to go back to walgreens and get them they were no longer selling them, however you can get them online. The foot detox pads worked so well, I have the worst athletes feet ever, they are always red with blisters and swelling, I also never wear shoes so I dont understand why I have it so bad. I will swear by those detox pads though.


Wear water shoes/crocs when taking any shower. Use Epsom Salt( one dollar at Walgreens).It gets the feet soft and squishy. Remember to SCRUB your crocs/water shoes with bleacher often. Use creams so as Cortosone and Antibiotic Ointment after the Epsom Salt. Also use Athletes Foot Medicine from Walgreens.


Its nasty, but pee on your feet in the shower. it works every time i get it. i usually only get athletes feet every few months or so. but when i start to get signs of it, i just pee on my feet. works great.


I tried most of the remedies, and they worked for a while, but the condition always returned. Most fungicides are made with copper salts, so I made a copper toe ring. I wear it all the time and have been symptom free for 20 years, except the time I lost it once and the itching came back. The ring has to fit very closely, so it has to be custom made.

The best way I have found to make one is to tie a small copper wire (14 to 24 ga) snugly around the toe with a simple overhand knot. Slip it off carefully trying not to stretch it much larger and solder the ring together. Cut and file off the excess, then work the ring back on. It will not be easy to get it on, but once you do you can forget it.

If your toe turns green, then you really needed to wear some copper because your body chemistry was deficient in copper too.


This product is no longer on the market but it works...T4L is your solution...Find an old label and get a good Pharmacist to duplicate the formula..Use full srength if you can stand it...In two weeks you will have fungus free feet..


Chlorine bleach works well (like about a 1/2 cup diluted in about 5 gallons of warm water in a pail or basin) for the kind in between the toes and does some good for fungus on the soles of the feet (it stops the itching), but I've never been able to completely get rid of it on the bottoms of my feet...


Wow, Vicks works wonders. I read about it going to church, youth meeting, i'm a 19year old and this atletes or athletes foot had me locked up. Missing good days with friends because the itching was real bad. Read about it and ran straight to the shops and bought two. Just applied it and wow. Thank you so much.


So I have athlete's foot ewww. I went to my regular doctor who prescribed a cream, an expensive cream I might add. After almost a year of using that it seemed to only control it. I will say that like alot of people I backed off using it when it seemed to get better. Not the thing to do. Use it every day every day every day. I eventually went to a dermatologist who told me to use his cream and wear the same dirty sock every night for a week. Again ewww...I did not do this. He did not however say I had athletes foot. I have tried OTC products for athletes foot and again they only seemed to control the problem. One, guess I can't mention the name but it started with a LO, made it worse...much worse. i did try the vinegar...ouch. Not fun and did not work. Then I found someone on one of these home remedy sites that mentioned VICKS vapo rub. Really? Vicks? yes. So I figured I would try it and if it didn't work I would only be out a few bucks. Well remeber the last thing I used had my atheletes foot so bad it had almost surounded my bid toe. The Vicks was at least soothing I thought and somewhat controlled the itch. So I began using it daily, anytime I put on socks or shoes at bedtime just whenever. I am about 1/3 into my little jar of generic Vicks and are you ready for this? wearing sandles. Unbeleivable to me that after all the suffering I have had to enddure and the ugliness it creates Vicks has been my answer. I every now and then get an emery board and rub off the excess roughness. I am now down to one little spot and it is barely red. I continue to use my Vicks (almost daily) and continue to exfoiliate the dead skin my as I type this I reached down and touched the top of my foot and it is smooth. If you are at your wits end please give this a try. For just a few dollars what can you loose right. I even bought the generic. Thank you for whomever posted this remedy in the first place as it has worked for me.
Good luck people.


I really suffered badly from athlete's foot. At times the itchiness almost became unbearable and the sometimes it even hurt, especially when I was in the bath.

After trying a few treatments that didn't seem to work, a good friend of mine suggested I try Zerofungus. I figured I had nothing to lose so I gave it a go and for once, a treatment that ACTUALLY works! My athletes foot cleared up in a few days and I'm back to my local gym...although I'm now definitely not going to go barefoot in any public shower!


I tried vinegar on my effect foot for about a week. I did notice improvement but the vinegar started to dry my foot out. So then I found in a home remedy book to use garlic. Garlic is a great antifungal antiseptic. There are several ways you can use the garlic to treat athlete's foot.
1. Crush a couple cloves into small pieces and add a small amount of rubbing alcohol and water; soak foot for at least a half hour.
2. Crush several cloves and add to olive oil for 2-3 days. Then rub the mixture all over foot. (I found this to work the best because the olive oil keeps the skin moist)
3. You can even try cutting a clove of garlic and placing the pieces directly onto the skin.

Also do not forget to keep shoes and socks clean by using lysol or bleach. If you forget this step the athlete's foot will never go away.

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