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in addition to treating your shoes and socks with the cider VINEGAR, use the household cleaners to thoroughly clean and disinfect your tub, shower, bathroom floors, carpets and other areas where you are typically barefoot and have left some fungus. The fungus will just stay there, waiting to reinfect you after all your hard work.

Also keep a small bottle of the cider VINEGAR spray on your night table. When your feet start to itch during the night the VINEGAR will PUT THE FIRE OUT right away.




This Is a RE-POST (page 8) but

I'm encouraged by the fact that the original post got so many responses and that overall VINEGAR post seem to get the most votes every time. I thought the purpose of this site was to share effective NATURAL CURES. Too many of these post still advise using chemicals. Remember what everything you put ON your skin is the same as EATING the thing. Household cleaners, OTC and prescription meds tax your body over time.

Please TRY VINEGAR and remember to also treat your shoes and hosiery with the apple cider VINEGAR ( whatever your ph ) in order to KEEP ATHLETES FOOT AWAY.

BTW Skip the bleach soak. Thanks to VINEGAR, I am now almost 3 years athletes foot free!!!

Original post:

I just had to add my two cents. I've seen some really bizarre home remedies on this forum, but please try Vinegar its cheap, all natural non-toxic and on the money!!!

I had athletes foot for close to 40 years. I got it as a teen camp counselor when I monitored kids from the poolside while barefoot. Last Summer I just happen to read about the vinegar cure online which recommended soaking feet in a small amount of vinegar added to warm water. But Instead, I did my usual 1/2 cup bleach to a foot tub of hot soapy water with my usual cool water rinse, scrape, scrub and dry pedicure routine.

Then, being the extremist that I am, the NEXT DAY after showering I put some undiluted vinegar in a smallish spray bottle and THOROUGHLY sprayed my feet 2- 3 times daily for about 3 weeks. It was Summer and I was usually in flip flops or open sandals. The Vinegar was quite cooling and the itching stopped immediately. But what I finally figured out, which only two of the 71 respondents on this forum barely mentioned, is that:


so that you don't re-contaminate your feet. Funny I don' recall reading that on all those tubes of Dessenex, Tinactin and Lotrimin I've consumed over the years.

I got a bottle of vinegar and poured a little in the toe area of EVERY PAIR OF SHOES I OWN. I swished it around then THOROUGHLY wiped the insides out heel to toe. I even put a few pairs in the sunlight to dry. Not only did the acidic vinegar kill the fungus but it also acted as a natural deodorizer so my shoes were all smelling 'springtime fresh' when they dried- not at all vinegary.

I am happy to say I am 8 months athletes foot free, I have NOT had one ferocious midnight itching episode since my treatment; and. my feet are actually starting to look attractive. I'm finally looking forward to being barefoot on the beach.


I will give the remedy and explain why some things work for some but not others. The vinegar may have helped some people because it could change the Ph value of the skin and make it inhospitable for fungus. People have different Ph values in their skin so they get different results.I have read a hundred of these remedy's and no one has mentioned salicylic acid. Until recently it was in acne medications. It drys the skin by washing away the oils that help hold the skin together. I used it twice a day for a week, applying very heavy. My skin began to peel like I had a sunburn. It cured me. There was a product in the early 70s made by Blistosol that treated AF by making the top layer of skin peel away. They removed it from the market but it did work very well. This sort of thing is dangerous so I am not recomending you try it. These are just my experiences.


Sprays and powders work for some people but not everyone. One effective way to help your feet is to remove the moisture that allows Athlete's Foot to grow. You can walk around barefoot, change your shoes and socks in the middle of the day, or try a new thing called ShoeSharks. They're foam devices that you wear inside your shoes and they keep your toes dry in the exact place that the fungus grows. They're at


Tinaderm solution/cream works 100% on athletes foot. It cured mine in 4 days i applied it two times every day.Did every thing from ginger to soaking the feet in vinegar all waste of time.

hope it will solve your problem plus its really cheap.


BEFORE going to BED:
WASH area with mild soap and water, allow to AIR DRY.
Using only Your hands (gloved is OK) apply Distilled White Vinegar to the affected area.
Allow to AIR DRY. Go to Sleep.
Next Morning bathe/shower as usual.
REPEAT in 2 days.
Then REPEAT 2 days later.

Total 3 times in one week.
[it will feel better after 1 time - but to get rid of it completely -do it 3 times in one week]


Ok. I have it.
Very simple and effective.
Go to your hardware store and get some aquarium silicone sealant/caulk.
Make sure it smells like vinegar when you open it. You should be able to buy a smallish tube with a screw cap.

First. Dont apply to broken skin, cause I think it will hurt a lot, and Im not sure what else will happen.

Smear on a thinnish layer. I reckon about 3mm depending on how long you can wait for it to dry. It should be a clear sticky gel and smell strongly of Vinegar. Use something to apply it so you dont get it all over your fingers. Its great for getting between your toes etc.

Drying, It will vary depending on how much you applied, and the humidity in the air and temperature. 2 to 15 minutes?

When the silicone gel is drying, It will smell like vinegar or Acetic Acid as its also known. ACID yes and its pretty strong too, It will tickle the tough and sting the weak. It just tickled me :)

Like what lots of people have said above vinegar is great for the fungal infection. Did you know acetic acid is also a large part of vaginal fluids? Anyway, it could sting a bit, more if your skin is inflamed. Thats just the acid burning into your skins nerves!

Now the great thing about this is you put it on, let it dry and leave it on as long as you can. Up to a week? The acid is a byproduct of the silicone drying, this is actually trapped between your skin and the silicone layer. It will kill the fungal infection, it will also protect your skin and let it heal, and stop fungal spores from growing. The silicone will actually let your skin breath too.

Try a little area first!
Dont coat your self in the silicone!
Dont be an idiot!
Dont over do it!
Dont use it to prevent an infection.
It is acid it will burn your skin if you keep using it.
See a doctor!
You must kill the spores in your clothes, shoes, bed clothes floors carpets, bathrooms etc.. or it will come back and get you. Sunlight is great for this.. DONT go putting silicone all over stuff!! Thats just stupid. Hey! Vinegar or bleach could be good for cleaning things?

It will probably come off by itself after a few days or you can peel it off once its dry pretty easily. Re apply if you need to.

Good Luck
Let me know how you go!!!

*Next topic.. crazy/supa glue and duct/electrical tape! great for cuts!


Much advice is given on this topic, and quite frankly are harmful. Antibiotic resistant bacteria is extremely common in the treatment of foot disorders. And, therefore a podiatry recommended course of treatment, should always be your first choice. But, I won't leave you without hope during our 'medical crisis'. The best product on the market for the treatment of athlete's foot is hydrogen perioxide. We used to have available this product in the gel form, and without it, frankly were quite lost. But repeated uses of the hydrogen perioxide liquid 3% (with sloughing) will eliminate the bacteria, and it will not return. Also, the recommendation for fennel is a great one since, fennel is one of the strongest antioxidants in your home. It captures the nitrates within your system and converts it to a nitroxide, thus freezing everything in that region. The reaction is mild yet effective. This most common side effect is hypothermia (freezing) so avoid this method during the winter. That is why hydrogen perioxide is the best method. Both methods eliminate free radicals that attribute to the growth of phages, or antibiotic resistant bacteria.


PLEASE STOP TRYING HOME REMEDYS!!! they do not do the job, i dealt with athletes foot for 6 months and it was torture, i dont know how ppl deal with it for years and why they are still trying home remedys that are not clearing it up... what a nightmare.. go to your local grocery store or drug store, go to the footcare section and pick up some TINACTIN!! there is a also a doctor scholls spray that works just as well, it is in a tall can and is a foot spray that goes directly on your feet and can also be sprayed in your shoes. PLEASE STOP TRYING HOME REMEDYS THEY ONLY GIVE TEMPORARY RELIEF! i soaked my feet on cold bleach water for a month.. it gave me releif for a couple hours (probably becouse i couldnt feel my feet) i hope you find this helpful and can finally get a good nights sleep.


I went without athlete's foot for years, and in the past year it has been horrible. I only get it under the pinky toe for each foot. It was to the point that I could not even sleep and was using tinactin spray to cool the itch and pain. The other day I was even bleeding from one of the toes and was in horrible pain at work.

I have read some of the remedies here and have tried a few of them. I tried the water and white vinegar mix in a tub for 15m (this did nothing and I was still in discomfort). I had read about using lysol disinfectant spray and decided to give it a try (this did work and I was feeling better within minutes). I had also read about vicks vaporub and have been applying it with q-tips before bed (it has also helped).

I have been using the lysol spray daily and applying vicks before bed. I have also been spraying the inside of my shoes with the lysol spray (to kill the fungus and not get this again).

Sorry for the rambling, but wanted to share what I have tried and the results.

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