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My problem started 4 years ago when I hurt my fingernail trying to help a neighbor. Consequently I then ended up getting the dreaded ' Nail Fungus ', in my exposed area. I am really not sure where it came from as I was still in denial about it being in my big toes already..and If I really think about I might have gotten that from a nail salon.
I am a guy and twice a year or so I would go to the local nail salon for apedicure. That is when I first noticed it , a month or so later in my toes...And still being in denial, I never really did anything about it,,,think it would go away..Oh, I tried to use some paint on stuff and maybe a week or 2 of some other weak ass cream...And it continued to grow..)))
Finally a few years ago I started realizing I had a real problem and no medical insurance to even get help..That is when I started reading these blogs. My first understanding was that Lamisil ( what the doctor prescribes that will possibly hurt your liver ) also comes in a much smaller %,,,1% instead of 10% like the doctor prescribed...
This is found in Creams sold for Athletes Foot.,,But being super broke because of the economy and having few resources..I went to the Dollar Store and found the 1% cream there for guess what,,,a $1...That is when I finally found a cure for my nail fungus,,The amount is so small if wont hurt your liver ( ask a doctor, which I am not ) but will kill the nail fungus also,,,problem it takes forever,,,
You have to apply it multiple times a day for maybe year,,,maybe a little longer...You keep covering the nail for what seems like an eternity and eventually the half moon will return and your nail will be beautiful again,,,But during this time yiou need to be using an emery board helping the nail stay this as not get all crusty,,,,Yuck and so it will absorb..But trust me it does work..I stil have a problem in both thumbs but it was my fault for not bombarding the nail with applications.. Now it is looking great,,and my finger is perfect..
But now lets get back to my feet,,,I kept thinking the fungus was gone but it was not,,,my nails were not there pink healthy shape...but slightly cloudy and even had spots in the big toes...Horrific!!! I am from the beach and live in Flip Flops even in the winter indoors,,But last Summer I had a meltdown,,,my feet for the first time got ' Athletes Foot '...In weeks my nails were turning to jello, feet swollen, toes bleeding...I was in shock and this is what I did..
1) Clean everywhere that your AF has
touched with either bleach or Apple
Cider Vinegar..
2) Soak your clean feet with Apple
Cider Vinegar 2 times a day for a
1/2 hour each time
3) After soak use the Dollar
Store Lamisil'''' and cover your
nails and toes,,,repeat till all
signs are gone, then do it for
another1-2 weeks,,,
** For me the problem was nail fungus and athletes foot,,,The Apple Cider Vinegar and Lamisil worked for both,,But you must practice good hygiene,,,
Sorry it was so long,,,I wanted people to know how bad I had it and all is well,,,But only if you are relentless,,even 3-4 times a day it wont hurt you....KILL that fungi


I have had athletes foot for two years on my left foot. I tried a couple prescription creams, Tinactin, and Domboro soak. Some kept it somewhat under control until a breakout. I have tried soakiing in vinegar but that would burn. I have been using Miconazole to keep it under control. My husband read online that someone tried Scrubbing Bubbles. I spray it on the affected area over a bucket of warm water. When it falls off i soak it for a few minutes. It is a miracle. It worked the first time. It may not be natural but it beats taking medcines to damage my liver. I figure it is only topical and cant harm me otherwise.


Which ever remedy you use Always remember to put your socks on Before you put on your underwear. Or you could end up with jock itch,,,,,,


ummm.... no offence...but everyone has had to take a piss ...while being in the shower and was simply too lazy to use the sure ur very dehydrated so ur pee shuld be yellow...if its clear than its mostly just water... now... peee on ur feet ( it would be no different from a jellyfish sting) and tadaaa...ur feet are cure...ur urine is full of amonia...and other things but thats not important...just pee on ur feet and ur good to go


Hello.. I have been battling Athlete's foot for about a year now. I treated it last year with apple cider vinegar (AVC) after reading many of these home remedies. It cured it! However, when this winter rolled around, the AF came back. I wanted to come onto this site and write a post because ACV was the only thing that saved me the second time around.

I have tried all the creams, sprays, garlic, hydrogen peroxcide, teas, ect and nothing worked. It was so painful and swollen I could barely walk after a day of work. I would sit at my desk in cry because I was so uncomfortable.

I went to my local supermarket and got the biggest container of ACV they had. I began soaking my feet in only ACV three times a day (morning, on my lunch break and at night after I showered) for 15 minutes. The pain and itching has dramatically decreased. I now am soaking only twice a day and after this weekend will reduce to once a day for a week. It is honestly the only solution I found that really helps. I made it a point to write this because I know how upsetting it can be to deal with (and embarrassing).

Currently I lysol my bathtub after every use and only wear flip flops in my house (even though it is winter). I try to change my socks twice a day, change my bed sheets every couple days and put baby powder in my shoes after each wear.

Also, during the most painful AF period I left and went on a weekend vacation to Puerto Rico and the sun and salt water cured my feet as well.

I hope anyone suffering with AF can find relief with ACV and lots of patients. And remember that even though you THINK it might gone, its not. Soak for another week just to make sure!!!!

Good luck!


Try a foot soak of hot but not too hot water with some tea tree oil for 15 to 20 minutes a day.


I had moccasin type athlete’s foot, in which the sole of the foot is affected. The thick skin on the sole makes treating this type of athlete’s foot very difficult.

After trying several commercial treatments I decided to try the following approach. First, after showering when the skin on the foot is softer, I used a pumice stone to remove dead skin. Next I soaked my foot in apple cider vinegar for 10-15 minutes, then dried my foot with rough towel to further exfoliate the skin. Finally I applied a 50/50 mixture of neem oil and tamanu oil and put on a pair of clean, cotton socks.
After doing this twice a day for about 1 month my athlete’s foot is gone. It is important to practice very good hygiene during this process. Clean your tub/shower, pumice stone, rough towel, and socks thoroughly after using to avoid re-infection and wash your hands after applying the oil.

It takes a little time and effort to get results with this treatment, but it works.


I got athletes foot a few monthss ago and used lamisil which I know is not a home remedy but after my athletes foot went away I got a hard rough spot on the bottom of my foot that itched a little bit (but not bad at all) I tried putting bio oil on it and the next morning it was gone and I haven't had any problems since.(:


Ok so i picked up AF at the gym, I had it bad on my big toes, the itching and burning were so fierce sleep went out the window. After checking out cures on this website I I tried the salt and vinegar bath,it helps but the fact that you have soak your feet which brings actually more humidity. After I tried tea tree oil but it just wasn't strong enough; then I tried oregano oil and that one almost burned the skin off my feet. so I looked up more remedies posted here and the I saw the Lysol spray. Desperate and lucky to have a bottle lying around I used it. believe me I loathe using chemical stuff, since I'm totally pro natural products. however, in this case it worked instantly, I was able to sleep that night, the soothing feeling was great. I'm still convinced it's highly toxic for you, and just having to breathe the stuff while you are in bed is horrible. but hey, extreme measures for extreme times. Just spray it on your toes twice/thrice a day. Also put it in your shoes and clean the crap out of your bathtub. Good luck.


I use warm water with two cloves of crushed garlic and a splash of rubbing alcohol for soaking my feet if I get a bad case. It kills the fungi

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