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29 Home Remedies for Shingles


To prevent shingles, avoid chocolate and nuts -- they have an amino acid that helps herpes virus replicate. Take 500mg of lysine every day - lysine is the amino acid that inhibits growth of herpes virus. 'Starve the Virus --
Varicella-zoster belongs to a larger family of herpesviruses, all of which share an important characteristic: They multiply with the help of the amino acid arginine and are inhibited by another amino acid called lysine. Lysine may work by blocking the virus’s ability to absorb and use arginine.'
Quoted from 'Mother Nature' website.

Very helpful topical aid for shingles: Essential oil Ravansara (found in combo with other essential oils such as Shingles Aid', will help dry the shingles up quickly. Ravansara is 'a relatively new essential oil from Madagascar, it is in the Lauraceae family (sassafras and bay laurel). The anisata variety is distilled from the bark of Ravansara aromatica. This essential oil is very clearing to the mind and the emotions and stimulates a reevaluation of your mission statement or intention. You may confirm that you are on the right track or decide to redirect your goals. Use for all types of respiratory complaints, also good for treating bacterial and viral infections, and stimulating to the lymph system. Ravansara is reputedly helpful for treating shingles. This aroma is very eucalyptus-like with a strong tinge of anise. Caution: avoid during pregnancy and around young children.' I found this description in 'Aroma-Massage' website. I personally have used the 'Shingles Aid' compound and found it to be VERY soothing and helpful.

Rebecca Miller

I had shingles twice 3 years ago on my head, and now have it on my forehead again. We found that if you mix 8 drops of eucalyptus oil and 1 tbsp. of olive oil and dab it on the spots, it keeps it from blistering. It also soothes the itching.


My father had Shingles for over 7 months. It had taken over his life. He tried all the stuff from the doctor. He decided to try different things over the counter. He tried Absorbine Jr. extra strength. He applied directly on the pain. It has given back his life with no pain now. He believes it interrupts the false signals from the nerves to the brain, allowing healing.


This is a CURE for people who are repeatedly afflicted by shingles. Or if you have had them before heed my advice so you never get them again.
I had been very sick for over a year and had gotten quite rundown. I ended up with shingles that were horrifyingly painful.
When my grandmother heard I had them she made me take lots of B Vitamins. I took B-12, B-6, B Complex and Brewer's Yeast. She told me I had gotten them because my body was depleted of B vitamins and to never get shingles back I needed to keep taking them. I followed her advise hoping to never get them back. Just follow the directions on the bottles.
It has been many years and I have never gotten them back. I always advise anyone I hear talking about having shingles or reoccuring shingles to take them. I have been profusely thanked by a lot of them because they never got them back again.
I do not know how they work, I only know they have for many sufferers. Hope this helps many more shingle sufferers out there. It is nothing you want to go through more than once!


Crisco shortening will relieve pain caused by shingles, as will breaking open a Vitamin C capsule. I broke out with them once on a family trip to Tennessee to visit relatives. I was 9 years old and my pain was making the trip UNBERABLE for my parents and me. An older lady from way back in the hills told us about the shortening and as soon as they rubbed it on me, I was soothed and playing. Just rub it on the area and re-apply when the pain or itching returns. The vitamin C caps work but not 1/2 as well.


For Shingles, apply tea tree oil several times a day, it drys the shingles and they usually go away in a few days


Apply apple cider vinegar, an ointment made from thyme and vitamin E oil, or peppermint oil.


Drink pennyroyal tea frequently.


Take bayberry, cinnamon, ginger, lobelia, and valerian root to aid the healing process.

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