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29 Home Remedies for Shingles


A few years ago I had shingles on the top of my leg by my pocket on my trousers the shingles were sore and itching I used vitiamin E oil and rubbed it in,in a week the shingles was going the vitamin E oil gets in to the virus and kills it


Drink ACV (with mother) every day. Apply ACV to blisters. Bath with it.


My aunt was in an absurd amount of pain because of shingles. There was so much redness and pain it was unbearable and a lot of itching. Our doctor recommended Natrula soothing cream which we used 3 times a day and it immediately helped reduce the pain and itchiness caused by the shingles. It was a big relief for her and me that the pain was gone. definitly recommend it. Hang in there. after about a 2 months of her having shingles they went away. remember not to scratch because it only makes it worse.


Ozonated olive oil for shingles, especially if you catch them just as they are emerging. Amazing!

Granny P.

This is my 5th outbreak in 4 months ! I've read some remedies on here and want to try a few.... But , I found one remedy for the blisters on my forehead . I tried Aspercreme . It helps with the pain and helps dry up the blisters . I'm hoping to find a permanent way to get rid of them.

G. C. Jackson

I am 81 years of age. About two years ago I got shingles on my neck. I took a bath qnd while my neck was still damp put table salt on the area. The pain level was abated within a day. Within a few days the rash started clearing.
Yesterday I felt the pain again, this time on my upper back. I did not sleep last night. This morning I took a cotton undershirt and soaked it in salt water. I left the salt water in it and put it in the dryer to dry. When it was almost dry I put it on and within hours the pain was much less. The rash does not appear to be spreading and I will continue with the undershirts until it is completely gone. Good Luck!

Robert Worsena

I got shingles 11 months ago and I still have pain and a small amount of rashes on the back of my neck on my left only. I started to get the shingles rash on the left side of my face right next to my ear. It started with a pimple like with puss in it, very small. I thought it was a pimple. However, it started to get bigger and bigger. It had taken about 3 days before I realized it was something more. Not until a few days later did I go to the emergency dept at my local hospital. The doctor knew right away it was shingles.He said I waited too long before taking medication for this.
He gave me a prescription for lyrica. I went home and put some cream the doctor recommended. The cream was Cortizone. It did help somewhat. Then the following week I started to get this extreme pain that started from the back of the right side of the back of my neck that went up the back of my brain. It was a pain like I never had before and never want again. It shot of to the top of my head. It was like a Lightning bolt in my brain. That the only way I can describe it. It would be about 3 or 4 seconds of ever increasing pain that I thought would never end. I had happen to me about 7 time during a 10 day period. And then it stopped. Thank God. After that for more then 3 months the pain in my ear, left side of my jaw, behind my ear and in my skill on the left side of my head mostly behind my ear. The burning, stabbing, throbbing and iching pain was unbearable for the first 3 months. I went to a dermatologist and he gave me some more pills (Gabapentin) that I have been taking for the last 11 months. I still have pain in the back of my head behind my ear with still some pimples that when I touch them they seem to go to nerves in my skill and are very bothersome. But it does seem to be going away very slowly. I am not sure how much longer this will last. All I know is that I never want to get this again. It's the worst pain I ever had in my life. The months that I had sleepless nights, walking around my house trying to find a place to lay down without some pain is a thought that really scares me. I am retired, if I had to work I could never have gone to work for at least 5 months that's how bad it was. This is my story.

Bob Carlton

Shingles virus is a contagious skin rash. There are lots of natural remedies that could help cure the Shingles that is cause by a virus that called the Varicella Zoaster. For bathing, people could try oatmeal bath. Surely, effective.


My husband's shingles were relieved by using a product we used in the past for poison oak. The product is called TECNU which was purchased from a local drugstore. He used the product as instructed on the bottle. Relief from the shingles symptoms occurred within an hour and progressed steadily thereafter. Best to all those going through it. Hope you're feeling better soon!


Try Virgin coconut oil. Take about 2 tablespoons 3 times a day during an attack. This got miracle results for my sister who had gone to 2 doctors and still was in such pain from shingles she couldn't get out of bed let alone work. On a Sunday I told her to try the coconut oil and when I called her on Wednesday she told me she had gone back to work. A year later she had another attack and I reminded her about the coconut oil and it again took care of the shingles. Now she takes a tbsp a day of coconut oil and has had no more problems. I am her twin sister. We both had chicken pox as kids. I've been taking 1-2 tbsp of coconut oil a day for a long time and never had shingles. By the way, I discovered it because I had used it for weight loss years ago. Check it out online. Good luck.

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