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20 Home Remedies for Scars


I cut a deep line down my wrist in March as a suicide attempt. I regret it. It is 2mm in width and 5'in in length.
June 7th:
Scar is bright red
Very Noticeable
Raised above skin
I made a mixture that day. I combined:

Bio-Oil -2-3 teaspoons-

Vitamin E liquid form - 2 teaspoons-

Mederma scar gel -half tsp-

Polysporin heal-fast formula -1/2 tsp-

Vaseline -Desired amount-
I combined these and mixed until it became a thick, milky fluid.
I dip a Q-Tip into the mixture and gently rub on my scar back and forth with the Q-tip several times. I repeat this 3-4 times per day.

June 19th:
no longer raised above the skin.
silvery white;
not as noticeable as before.
They say you should use a scar gel for 6 months to a year for results.

Its been 12 days and I've began getting good results!


Take a liquid vitamin e pill and apply the liquid to the scar. It should start clearing up within 1 to 2 weeks.


WARNING: This is an extreme measure. Please DO NOT use on overly sensitive skin. Be careful! Use common sense.
I have acne scars on my face. They are pretty mild, so I wasn't too willing to drop $200-$400 on some expensive peel. Even the 'home' chemical peels on the internet can be pricey. So... I bought a bottle of liquid wart remover for like $3. (Sold almost everywhere found in the foot care section) I wet a cotton ball and then put the wart remover on it. (Wart remover is 15% salicylic acid) I waited all of 60 seconds and then rinsed with cool water. Do this ONLY every 7-10 days. Any more than this will irritate badly! After rinsing my skin, I applied a mixture of mederma (pretty expensive) and neosporin (I considered squeezing vitamin e capsules on the area, but didn't have time). I do have red hair and sensitive skin, but I urge ANYONE who uses this to be careful! My skin is usually red the next day, so I apply zinc diaper rash ointment to the area and it soothes and heals the redness. The area will look like a sunburn if done correctly. Peeling will occur. Please do not pick-this can cause further scarring! Let the skin naturally peel off and heal the scars. Do not leave salicylic acid on the skin for over 5 minutes! I don't care who you are- anything over 5 minutes will seriously irritate you. Be patient! It may take 4-6 peels to soften/heal the scars effectively. When applying, the area will sting this is normal. The wart remover strips off dead skin and results in peeling- over time healing scarred areas. Wait until about 3 days after you've done this and you can use a mild exfoliator. (Try mixing olive oil and sugar) Do not exfoliate too soon after treatment! The area will be irritated. Please be careful. This is, in my opinion, the absolute best treatment for scars available. It may not totally eliminate, but you can be sure it will soften and smooth scars!


hello, this method is very good for acne scarring, I personally have red marks all over my face due to spots.

All I have been using is bio oil and vaseline mixed together then place cling film over the affected areas, this has faded my scars and are gradually improving.


Time and treatment will lessen the scar differently in every person. I have thousands of scars. Cortisone works but has bad side effects. My favorite is using those gel sheets for scars and adding constant pressure for many months depending on the severity. It can be very uncomfortable but i have tried all the oils and herbs that are rare and always expensive and found that Curel lotion comforts the most without a mess. 1st,2nd, and mostly 3rd degree scars map 75% of my body. The same with my non-burn scars from stitches, cuts,e.t.c.
The only other way i know of is not a home remedy.


For scars. rejuvana works for me. Also milk is good to cleanse the skin and seems to lesson the scar tissue.


if u apply viteimin e along with vasilen and lemon you can remove the olddest scars.but once u aply the mixture make shure to wrap the area in plastic rap.


Washing even old scars with camomile tea will fade them.


Vaseline Intensive Care rubbed onto healed burn will lighten discoloration. I did this for a year every nite and my burn from a motorcyle pipe is unnoticable.


Apply aloe vera gel, cod liver oil, or vitamin E oil as a preventative measure against scarring and to reduce coloration on existing scars.

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