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Lugols iodine works for me to fix scars. Just repeated painting with iodine a few times a week. Over 3-4 months it will exfoliate all the scar tissue up and out. Combine with drugstore hydrogen peroxide works mircles. The peroxide will oxidize the dead skin cells as a plus.

Ashley Granger

I have very visible, extensive scars, and DermalMD Scar Treatment Serum is the only product I've tried that is making headway against them. I am not willing to pay tons of money, so I was very happy to find an affordable product that does indeed work.


To help heal scars more..well it sounds weird yet I had a scar, I did the necessary herbs,ointments, tinctures my methods.. then it became wet after a shower it stoped healing the first layer of skin fell off a new layer started.. since it needs to stay dry to heal better.. I thought about it more, after another shower, I put coconut oil, washed it wish herbal soaps, then coconut oil again, then II put hydrogen peroxide on it .. it was wet, and slimy ok kinda weird.. then I decided, this time I'll put my hair dryer on the scar to heal to dry it faster, it seemed to work.. it nice and cozy dry healing better.. yea for me thinking and yea for me letting you know.. I know no need to thank me.. I know it genius.. well see when you put the hair dryer a few inches away from the scar after its been wet, the heat helps it dry.. if your stuck out in the rain with a scar, you can try try the hair dryer method, dab a few drops coconut oil or heeling oil, ointments, poultices, of your choice.. from comfrey to aloe vera.. now an ointment that is vary powerful is called can-x...warning if you use this expect for a small piece of your skin to be removed, soinds strange yet the black salve,forms a scab that absorbs all the poisons, toxins, ect of drys, then falls off, dont worry though new skin forms, it heals and gets better.. keep it dry.. though covered and dry,for a few days give it air a few days on and off, keep it clean.. dont put alcohol on it, stings like hell,peroxiode is best. I kept a band aid on the new scar, ofr a few days, with the salve on, then, gave it air.. drink lots of water, take your herbs, no meat, or not a lot of sugars.. the salve sucks it all out.. its weird yet its powerful..
it works and its a little pricey for a small container yet its worth it. it heals you a lot better, if you have an infection, or scar it absorbs it and heals you more..
I wish you only the best be well and healthy.. thanks for reading this.. I I hope it works for you..


Some good info on here, thanks folks
Done lots of research & diet helps a lot foods with vitamins A C & E and zinc specifically.

Massaging the scar when healed enough for 30 seconds 3x a day or more is recommended as its breaks down the stuff that scars & promotes the good stuff that doesn't. It has done wonders for mine.

Most importantly new medical research advises a wound should be kept wet to prevent scarring, not dry as traditionally thought, although we needed scabs once to prevent infection, now we have plasters etc and so now they are what cause scarring.So keep moist.

Clean with antiseptic regularly & cover until healed enough to not scab over. This also stops discolouring which can happen with sun / daylight at a time when when the wound/scar is at its most vulnerable.

I had an open but not weeping scar and after a week keeping it clean & sterilised put honey on to keep it moist and bandaged lightly, did this for 10 days till it healed enough to start using Aloe, then another 10 days later started to use scar cream with fit C and massaged it.

Has made a big difference, I believe it will go completely as long as I am consistent enough to carry on the regime - lets hope :)


Received 29 stitch nasty gash over my eyelid and forehead after being sucker punched while wearing Maui Jim banyans. Terrible Mess! (Wish I could put a pic up for you to see. Two weeks now since injury.

As soon as you can, get rid of the bandages and let it breath so you can wash it. To prevent infection I used head and shoulders shampoo to wash the wound. not soap. Triple antibiotic polysporin with vitamin E. Keeps it nice and moist with all the protection you need from infection.

Once sutures removed (took 10 days), Been using:
Bio Oil: Kind of burns and it slowly creeps into my eye. Put it on very lightly. Very dry must add moisturizer on top of it.
Vitamin E Capsules. Cut off the tops and put on the scar.
Eye cream. ie: Clinique, Lancome anything you put under your eye for moisturizing, put on the scar. Stay away from anti wrinkle, it will tighten up the scar and be uncomfortable.

I will do this for as long as it takes and keep you up to date.



I do not have any permanent fixes for scars, and my solutions may just work for me, but I thought I would put it out there. Maybe it will help someone.

First fix: depending on the colouring of the scar, keep a correctly coloured spray tan around and put a little on the scar. It won't fix it permanently, and if you colour it wrong, it won't look right, but the scar shouldn't be as noticeable.

Second fix: Over the counter scar medication. Little time consuming, but oh well.

Third fix: I don't know why this works, and there is a large possibility it may just be my skin, but I have found lemon juice or toothpaste helps. It will not make the scar disappear, but it shrinks a little? If it doesn't work for you, please don't post rude comments. It works for me.

I hope at least one of these can help, and if not, I'm sorry. If your scars are from purposeful injuries, I'm sorry, please hang in there. People care and love you.

Anyways... Have a nice day?


I have blade cuts like from pencil sharpeners, and they turned white and scarred. The best working product was lube. It is oily and thin-like so it works best.


I just got a gnarly gash, which I'm not sure if I should have had stitches for... but I didn't and I am adamant about staying as natural as possible.
This is part is more wound related...Ive been taking Vitamin K: helps promote the production of prothrombin which allows faster clotting.
Also calcium because it triggers the next clot step (helps prothrombin turn into thrombin faster). Note: calcium citrate, or bicarbonate are from whole foods and therefore have the enzymes needed for control. Calcium CARBONATE usually derived from oyster shells,NOT GOOD, causes gall/kidney stones.
More scar related...I dropped drops of tea tree(14), helichrysm(70), lavender(5), and peppermint(5) essential oil in a 1oz bottle of rosehip oil, vitamin E oil blend. ALL of those very good for scars and restoring skin. Rosehip oil contains a lot of vit A.
Gotu Kola is good for bad scars and can affect old ones.
I also have an aloe plant and I've been using the pulp on my scar.
I've been using the topical stuff for a while, but only when i started taking the internal stuff is when i saw a lot of results. Hope this isn't too lengthy, and hope it was helpful :)


MEDERMA SCAR CREAM works really well on scars. It's amazing.
I had this scar on my face which was a nail scratch but the scar was horrible. which was a big black spot. was really upset and feeling low self confidence because of this.. but then I started using mederma and after 3 days it turned into red and after usage of 2 weeks scar was gone. and now I can't even remember the place where I had my scar on.

Usage period may depend according to your scar type and how old it is. but still it worked on me :)
Thank you!x


use a body salt scrub containing papaya it will expoliate your skin removed the old skin, mkes your skin soft and remove all the scars, you can buy it on watsons are very cheap price

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