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11 Home Remedies for Rheumatism

Stuart Kneen

Even turmeric is very beneficial for rheumatism..Turmeric may be taken in the form of curries and foods or in the form of capsules.

Marina Rivera del Aguila

Senecio salignus is a small tree I've seen growing close to water in California, all of Latin America and Israel. It's name in Guatemala is 'chilca'. In Israel it is used to dry swamps. An old man told me to use it as a light tea to avoid rheumatism. I did for 11 months, stopped for one, and repeated the cycle twice and it worked wonderfully. Then I asked a doctor in Biology why it was so good and he said: 'It is destroying uric acid'. Put 5 fresh leaves (7 if dry) in a cup of boiling water. Withdraw from stove. Cover. Wait 20 minutes and drink. Every day before breakfast. I am 81 without any signs of rheumatism.


Uzhunthe stir fry in pan with two spoon ghee
Fry until golden brown and aroma released.
Cool it and then grind to fine powder for storage.

Two spoon mix with little water and add milk and keep on stirring until it emulsifies.

Good for Rheumatism
Strengthens the Heart


Take 2 multi-enzyme tablets for 1-2 monthes in the morning on an empty stomach.


Take willow and wintergreen to alleviate soreness.


Massage garlic oil, lobelia, or comfrey, hops, or horseradish tea into sore areas.


Take taheebo to increase the body's resistance to the disease.


Take calcium, magnesium, and vitamins C and E to promote healing.


Take alfalfa, chaparral, and parsley in capsule form to reduce inflammation and cleanse the body of deposits.


Soak in a hot bath with a little rosemary for relief from pain and inflammation.

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