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16 Home Remedies for Rashes


There is a rash that forms as a small thin red scaly patch. When first spotted there are usually a few dime/nickel size or a much larger patch with smaller ones that form right near the initial ones that formed. They spread all over the body and are unsightly. This is a type of fungus you can't wash away as it only tends to spread as the tiny scales are moved and provided a moist area on which to proliferate. Scratching at them when they're itchy, wearing clothes that rub against then, sheets and pillow cases may also help spread them around. They usually attach to only particular skin types and leave white spots all over where the larger patches were before the scales died off, scrubed or moved off or destroyed - this refers to tanned skin, so as to remove the outer layer leaves a lighter lower layer of skin.
I have tried several prescribed creams that didn't do the job. The answer and only answer I know of is Nizoral which also happens to be the best Dandruff shampoo out there as it will remove the cause of dandruff, not just the dandruff. It's about $13 cad for a small bottle here but you only need to use it every now and then, regardless of which of the 2 problems you need to resolve.


For a rash:

Apply baking powder to the area..


Apply Cloverine White Salve. This is a cure-all salve, I swear. I use it for everything & it has never let me down yet!


Take vitamin C and zinc as a preventative measure.


Avoid exposure to sunlight and hot water.


Apply aloe vera gel, cod liver oil, or vitamin E oil to the affected area.

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