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I have suffered with Psoriasis for 15 years now, I am 20 years old (female)I have Psoriasis on my knees, legs, arms, scalp and back. I recently looked online for a home remedy for Psoriasis, since creams and ointments from the doctors just seem to spread my condition. However, I have discovered a CURE for Psoriasis! I put this remedy together myself just by using things I found in the kitchen.

HOME REMEDY (apply once a day)-
All you need is:-
A small bowl
Bicarbonate of Soda
A body cream (which contains, cetearyl alcohol, sodium and citrus)

-Mix all the ingredients together until you get a kind of paste texture.
Take a knife and spread the mixture onto the plaque area (almost like spreading butter)
Leave to dry for about half an hour, then gently brush off the mixture with a paper towel.

I have been using this remedy for about a week now and my Psoriasis is just about cleared up! Remember, apply once a day!

I hope this works for you as it did for me :) x


I've suffered from scalp psoriasis for over 15 years and recently tried jojoba oil after a new hairstylist recommended it. After 3 days, the patches along my hairline have almost completely disappeared. Its more soothing and less greasy than coconut or olive oil, plus it has anti-inflamitory properties, which is good for psoriasis.

I find cutting out sugar, alcohol and processed foods help a lot, but that can be a hard diet to follow.

I also have perioral dermatitis. Anyone else have both psoriasis and pd? I wonder if they are at all related.


Hello ! I've been diagnosed with gutatte psoriasis this month... After some research seems like a change in diet is the only way (too hard for a foodie like me but I'm ready to do anything to get rid of these super itchy spots which are everywhere). I've started oatmeal baths to relief the itching...which haven't showed great results but it does reduce the itching for a while. Back to the diet i'm planning to stop eating meat, junk, sugars, caffeine, gluten, spices...Anyone knows anything else I should avoid? I've also read that cow milk is prejudicial... my grandma insists it's not! Anyone knows what should I have instead? Read about the 'p' diet somewhere... What is it? Thanks


Hello I have also been dealing with psoriasis for over 20 years now and I have tried numerous treatments over the years and nothing seemed to really work plus I have psoriasis all over my body and its really hard to keep up with the ointments; so just recently, I got in a bad car accident and was unable to bend my elbow and someone had suggested using Epson Salt in a bath and soak for a 15-20 mintutes. Its only been 2 days of soaking and its been a dramatic change for my psoriasis. Its like night and day difference. All my spots are going away, its absolutely amazing! Everyone's skin is different but for the first time in 20 years this has really worked for me. Also I have these little white bumps in between my thighs and its also helping them clear up. Just thought I'd share so that anyone who is just tired of dealing with their skin issues can give it a try without doing evasive treatments. Its worth the try.


I am an 8 year sufferer of Psoriasis and tried everything from Homeopathy,Ayurveda and being a medical student by profession, I was reluctant to undergo Allopathy as I knew there is no cure for this, only symptomatic treatments...In my quest for the ever effective drug (You won't believe it), I came across this Hadith (sayings of Prophet Muhammed[PBUH]:
Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard Allah's Apostle saying, 'There is healing in black cumin for all diseases except death.' (Book #71, Hadith #592)Sahih Bukhari.
Black cumin seed is Nigella sativa.
Of course, like everyone else, I googled about this so called seed, and what did I get,...the seed had many amazing properties. The recommended treatment as suggested by many in various websites is to consume the crushed seeds in honey or yoghurt, 1 or 2 times daily supplemented with application of the black seed oil (pure without solvents or cold pressed) on the lesions. I cannot tell you how much it is effective for me as I just started but there was a decrease in 2 or 3 days, elevating my hopes that atlast I can get rid of this disease...

Eddie S

Hi all, my remedy cant be for everyone because you dont all live next to the sea, i went walking every morning and washed my head with Sea Water, in 2 weeks my very bad Psoriasis had gone, hope that helps ....


For me it started 3yrs ago as a small dry patch in the middle of my back (very hard to reach!). Since then it has spread all up and down my spine, and varies in intensity, dryness, itchiness, etc.

It's only today that I have finally been given confirmation as a result of a skin biopsy that I have psoriasis. My doctor is sending out a prescription that I've been told will need to a good 4 weeks to take full effect.

However any skin remedy, whether prescription or not, will only assist with the symptomatic effects of psoriasis, so as a result I intend to start working from the inside out in an effort to control the actual cause (and not the effect). Logically if I'm able to successfully do this then I'll have a long term solution to my problem, as the alternative is using some topical solution that may initially help, but will open the door for future occurrences.

Thanks to all that have posted on this topic. I especially found the various insights in the following thread on this website very helpful:

I will keep everyone posted on how I go...wish me luck!


I have tried all of the expensive foams and creams from the doctors. I know different things work for different people but this is what has worked for me.
I have had psoriasis for about 15 years, particularly on my knees, shins, ankles, elbows and scalp. I am still trying to figure out the scalp treatment and have found a couple on here that I will try (not sure about the pee though…).
For the other areas, I have had great luck with Coconut oil - the 100% natural kind in a jar, used for cooking. (I have a jar from Trader Joe’s, 5.99, and it has worked wonders.) I have had a continuous outbreak on my legs for over 4 years that has cleared up completely, with any new outbreaks beginning to heal before they get too far.
I shower normally using just liquid soap on a wash cloth on non affected areas but on the plaques, I use some version of “gentle cleanser” like Cetaphyl. Most stores have their generic versions for less - Target, Publix, Walgreen’s, Rite-Aid, etc. I DO NOT EXFOLIATE the plaques. I have found that to be very important, though perhaps counterintuitive. I just rub the gentle cleanser on with my hand and let the shower rinse it off naturally. I pat dry with the towel and don’t rub the plaques. They will come off sometimes anyway and that is fine. Just don’t aggressively rub them off.
Then I rub on the coconut oil and go. It is actually a very quick process and is just my ritual. Sometimes I will rub some on before bed or if I feel itchy.
I started back on Memorial Day weekend and the severe plaques from my legs are gone, no trace. Of course, new places started to appear but once I started the coconut oil treatment on them, the process halts and they heal up pretty quickly. I have a few places that are in the healing phase with no new spots forming for a couple of months now. And it is winter which is when they usually get worse for me.
For me, less is more. I agree with many here that the more chemicals, perfumes, dyes, etc. that you use, the worse it gets. I have also tried petroleum jelly, lard, Crisco, etc. None of them have really felt like they were healing the plaques but the coconut oil absolutely has. I have shown it to my doctor and he seems to be impressed though you can’t really profit from something that is easy and inexpensive to get.


Someone please give me an idea on at least where to start. Ive had 'p' for the past year. Its on the nape of my neck and working itts way down my back. I need a natural home remedy. Ivetried lots of aloe lotion. It used to seem like it was clearing it up, but now, nothing. Could really use some advise here. Its embarrassing and Im not sure what to do. Thank you.

Alan Reidenbach

I also went to a doctor and everything that they gave me never worked. so i tried a few at most stores like Walmart they sell a shampoo call therapeutic shampoo. i use that twice a week for my psoriasis on my head. it also helps with the nails. for the first couple of weeks that you use the shampoo you need to put baby oil on your head let it set for about 10 to 15 min, then with a fine tooth comb slowly come the psoriasis out. this is what ive always used and its always kept me cleared up. the only thing is once its cleared up you need to continue to use the shampoo at least once a week to keep in cleared.

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