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I know that not everything works the same for everyone. I have tried so many home remedies, along with high dollar prescription creams. I did notice on here a post about Zinc and I have not heard of that before. I will have to give that a try as well. There were some remedies that gave me temporary relief. And I would say that a combination of baby oil and Cetaphil worked the best for me along with cutting out as much sugar as I could. A girlfriend of mine begged me to try a couple of products from It Works that she was selling; Greens and Defining Gel. I was hesitant but at this point, I am willing to try just about anything! Just in four days, there has been significant results. I know that for the last couple of years, I have reached out to forums like these looking for anything to try. I live in Texas and 10 months of the year is short sleeve and short season so it has been really tough having plaque psoriasis. I have strangers children out in public come up to me and point to my elbows or legs and ask what happened or point and say 'bobo' I know there are many others like myself so I HAD to share. I have before and after pictures that I would love to share and tell you more about these products! I will continue to track my results; like I stated before, it has only been 4 days but I am so happy with the results so far! Feel free to email me if you would like to hear more and I will forward you my contact info. I have now decided to become a distributor and I hope to share with many others that also suffer from plaque psoriasis.


I have had Psoriasis for 8 years now. The only thing that worked for me is a cream called Daivonex. It is not a cure sadly, I did not believe it at first because I was so skeptical of miracles but after I believe 6 weeks of applying this cream it went away for about 3 years and then I got it again. I had got this cream in Vietnam because the FDA wouldn't approve the cream. I did find a website who was willing to let me order it. Its worth a little over $100 but I promise it works. You apply it 3 times a day and you will notice it going away. Here is the website that I bought it from, I recommend buying the ointment because it is mostly oil over water. And if you live in the US expect about a month to receive it.

Isabella Drew

I had psoriasis since many years and i came across a remedy in internet which has given me significant results within short period i definitely recommend this for everyone:-


I am 70 years old and have had psoriasis around my hairline, behind and in my ears and one patch in my back for about 40 years.
I accidentally put some Burt's bees night cream on it, simply because I had too much on my fingers and wanted to use it. For the first time, I saw my psoriasis disappear, after years of using prescription medicine. So I am speaking out just in case it could help someone else. Hope it works for you.;-)


By the way, there is another treatment – natural one – available in North America, product of a Canadian company that has a shorter period for treatment – just 2 weeks and the result is there. Awesome results! Silica is the product that literally gave me second chance in life.

Had that problem for years, going from doctor to doctor. My friend advised me to check the site of the company Silivingwater (go to products).
And I can’t stop bragging about my success! So easy! Affordable! You see those plaques disappearing right in front of your eyes!
Check the site. There is no such thing as one universal cure, everybody is different, and if you still have problems with other treatments – try silica bath !
Give it a try and you thank me later!


Hi everyone, my P started 18years ago, when i was 15. All steroid creams and ointment's effects were temporary and last up to 2-3 months, after that P returned in more places and covering more of my body. I stopped visiting Dr.s and GP as most of them had an approch that P can't be cured and keep giving same medicine, now probably same as many of you i know more about psoriasis that GP.
The first big improvement i had when i was 21, on my student program in USA, probably the climate difference from East Europe had an effect as i ate and drank everything, hadn't used any medicine at all and my skin was free of P 100%.
It last around 8 month, then P returned with small dots in armpit and then apeared on my legs, arm, waist, loins, scalp. The steroid medicine help to control it, but P never dissapered again untill year ago.
I tried different diets (haven't ate citrus fruits for over 2 years, haven't drank beer more than 8 months, quit smoking for 2 years...), sometimes P became better but all of my efforts were unsucsesfull.
I was losing hope to find the cure but i found Kartalin cream is a non-hormonal, made from Three-lobe Beggarticks (Bidens tripartita), Chamomile, vitamins A and D, lysozyme, honey, eucalyptus and lavender oil, salicylic acid and solidol. Made in Tomsk, Russia.
My friend brought it from Moscow a year ago, i was amazed of its effectivenes on my body, have to say never thought that the P places can almost fully heal over the night.
First i used Kartalin a year ago and plague places on my legs, waist and arms fully disapeared and never came back after stoping treatment, hope it never will.
Now i have only few spots that still appears after 1-2 month when i stop applying Kartalin, it's on my scalp and hand palm and i guess this is because i can't find enough time to properly apply cream (need to shave my head), and i don't use any other drugs, vitamines or other chemistry.

Probably Kartalin won't be so effective for every P case, but i know only 2 friends with P and it worked for both. Please let me know if anyone had some side effect using Kartalin. The only one bad thing about it i can say - it smells, but it better be smelly but effective.
Also i found sauna soup that doesn't dry skin, so that was really good for me before i used Kartalin.
If you have any questions let me, know. I can also send a tube of Kartalin as i have brought few dozens.
Laurence -


I cleared up my psoriasis with Listerine (original), letting it dry then putting on Eucerin (professional repair). My symptoms started in January 2012. I went to 5 different doctors and nothing that they gave me worked.

In 4 days I can not even begin to tell you how much my palms on my hands and the soles of my feet have improved.

I do hope that this will help. I do this combination 3 to 4 times a day. The main ingredient in any cream or lotion that you use should have urea in it. Amazon has a lotion that has 40%. I just googled urea cream and it pulled up different kinds. Another is called Flexitrol and CVS has it (25% urea).

Please let me know if this works for any of you.


visited this site for the first time about 2 weeks ago and i couldn't be more pleased.I have had P for over 50 years, when i was a teen had it from head to toe,went to Yale where they used me as a test subject for a new treatment where they injected cortisone into each lesion and then they would put coal tar on me and stick me into a sun room all of which didn't work. Over time the P cleared for the most part but could never get it to get better on my buttocks and scalp.Along came Vitamin D3 and zinc. take 6000 iu a day and 60mg zinc. Well my P has never been better 98% gone.I'm 69 now and have lived my entire life with this most embarrassing skin disease and if i last a few more years without P then I will pass a very happy man.


I have been suffering from Psoriasis for over 3 years and the prescriptions by GP did not make any difference. This is when I started looking for alternate ways of treating the problem.

Thanks for all your posts. They were very informative and encouraging. After following some of them, in 3 weeks, I am now 95% rid of the Psoriasis. This is what worked for me -

1. Have half-a-lemon in tepid water in the morning.
2. Apply banana peel in the morning after the shower.
2. Apply coconut oil and keep the skin moist through out the day.
3. Apply Sudocrem (available from Boots) before going to bed.
4. Add 1/4 tsp of turmeric in milk before going to bed.

I tried not to take any oral medicines like Zinc or Vitamin D. However, Sudocrem has 15% Zinc Oxide and I sat in the sun whenever it was out.

Limiting wine intake to 250ml glass per week may have helped.

I hope you find the post helpful and thanks all once again for your contributions and success stories.


Hi All,

I am suffering from Psoriasis from last 1.5 years and initially was taking Allopathic Treatment which was just to control the Psoriasis but not cure at

From Last 3 months I am consulting one Homeopathic Dr. , I am not cured at all nor the Psoriasis is less effective but want to share what I tried and what did not worked and what is working

I have tried below

Did not worked at all

Vitamin D3
Omega 3
Zinc Tablets
Changing Diet

I also consulted Dr. and as per her we should not take any artificial Vitamins , it can cause more complications to Liver also need to take more Natural Sources

Below things are working

No Red Meat
Lot of Vegetables / Lentils
Lot of Fruits
Fish ( Salmon )
Baking Soda ( apply on wet skin to only patches - Not On Scalp )
Avocado Oil / Pure Almond Oil / Sesame Oil ( Body and Scalp ...twice a day )
Avoid Peeling/Scratching the Patches
Quite Smoking ( it helps 50 % faster recovery )
Yoga (Pranayama - Search on You tube )

I am still not cured and trying to follow as mush I can and hopefully one day will be free :)

Let me know if anyone has any natural way to recover fast


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