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Had terrible scalp psoriasis diagnosed and treated by a variety of medicines prescribed by the dermatologist. Went to high end salon and the beautician told me about a client that had it completely covering her scalp and this product removed it all. I got the product myself and noticed improvement right away. I've been 100 % free of the condition for over 2 years now & have not had to use the product in those 2 years.It's part of the Bosley hair line for visibly thinning color treated hair kit. It's the orange colored label and comes with 3 bottles for shampoo conditioner & a thickening treatment.It's not cheap but worked like a charm.


How to beat Psoriasis Naturally and permanently.

After suffering with Psoriasis for years and trying topical, orals and injections I knew there had to be a better way!
So....After I researched extensively and when I was ready I found the answer I had long been awaiting.
People it is your diet! After 30 days of eliminating, dairy, alcohol, stop smoking, and no fried or processed food, think of it like this and it makes choosing food easy, ask yourself one ?
You have probably heard this before but I will say it again and assure you its worth giving up many things to not have to use RX Drugs that are terrible for us.
So if this seems too difficult I understand and have been there where you are right now, for me it was VERY HARD at first but two weeks in my 50% covered body was about 80% healed. The PROS OUTWEIGH THE CONS!
Also the natural sun is good in small amounts don't get sunburned, and I PROMISE IN 30 DAYS HERES WHAT YOU WILL SEE:
A healthier you, 75% or more improvement if not completely gone and you will fill AMAZING I finally got that 25lbs off also that I been battling for years so ADDED BONUS !! AND My friends and family say I look 10 years Younger so choice is up to you..GOODLUCK TO ALL!

Royce Emley

A year ago I had psoriasis of the scalp. My barber pointed it out. I ignored it untill the dandruff became so bad people were commenting on it . I went to my dermatologist who gave me a prescription
Fluocnolone Acetonide o.o1%Topical Oil.
*************************************** It cost about $10.
After three days of appling it to my scalp it disapeared. Then this past january my feet and anckels started itching and I blamed the cats for having fleas. It soon became aparent I had Psoriasis on both my feet and legs.
Like many others I tried oinments with no luck. I then remembered the Oil I had used on my scalp and after 3 days It all disapeared. This is not a home remedy BUT this Tropical Oil worked.


Don't know if anyone else has tried this one, but it works for me. Go get some 7 percent Iodine. I had to order mine. Its seems to help a lot. Just remember, ONLY put it on the skin!!!! This is not the stuff you put in your mouth!!!!!! Also whenever I take a bath, everyday and sometimes more, get some water softner salt crystals and put about 2 cups in the tub with you. It will dissolve and make your water sooooo soft!!!! I also use coal tar shampoo on my skin instead of regular soap. For me the salt in my bath is like ocean water and ocean water always got rid of my psoriasis. As far a vit D, zinc or any of the other crap, I quit it all! None of it works for me. If nothing works for you, try these. We are all different and these may not work for you, but if your psoriasis is as bad as mine, anything is worth a try. Good luck everyone!


I am a 36 year old female and have guttate Psioriasis as well as scalp. I am still battling the guttate on my legs but my scalp Psioriasis completely disappeared after only a couple of treatments with-
Cold pressed hempseed oil
I bought it at costco. Here's what I did. First I warmed the oil to as warm as I could comfortably put on my skin, then I saturated my hair and scalp with the oil, making sure to work it into problem areas, then I covered my head with a plastic shopping bag. I left this on for an hour or so.
After I showered and shampooed and conditioned as normal. The flaking and itching is completely gone and has not returned.
I have also read up on 'Rick Simpson' oil and this seems to be a promising avenue to look at.


This will be my second post concerning my home remedy.Thank God I found this site by mistake one day.I am a 69 year old male who has had psoriasis since i was 15 yrs. old.I have been to some of the best doctors in the northeast and have been prescribed every topical cream in the world with some success.After reading several posts on this site i found a common denominator ZINC.and vitamin 'D'. Approx.6 months ago i began to take the following (1) Centrum silver Multivitamin,(2)Omega -3 oil,(1) 1000mg.milk thistle. Now for the Zinc and Vit. D. In the morning I take(3) 50mg zinc picolinate and (2)2000i.u of Vit D and before going to bed at night i take (1)more zinc and (1)Vitamin D. The results have been nothing but a miracle.My skin is clear and my scalp completely clear. This doesn't happen overnight but you will see a big difference after starting.As all posts state everyone is different and this may not work for you but it's worth a try.I hope this very easy regiment of taking vitamins works for all of you.GodBless


Hello. My name is Kimbol and I have had psoriasis for 28 years. I have tried all of the topical cremes, even methotrexate for a few months in 1994 which helped some but didn’t cure it. In January 2014, I settled on one diet. I also began taking over the counter vitamin supplements. Over a 3 month time period, I gradually began to see my psoriasis almost disappear.

Now, my arms and lower back are almost clear. My legs, buttocks and scalp are clear now.

I began walking a lot and changed my eating habits to a mostly vegetable diet with some chicken or fish only once/twice a week.
I do not drink or eat ‘diet’ anything.
I began taking supplements in February 2014.
This is when I began to really notice a change in my psoriasis.
Daily x 5 Day Vitamin schedule: Vitamin C 2000 U (2 tablets low cost brand)
Vitamin D 4000 U (2 tablets low cost brand)
Multi vitamin 1 daily
Iron 70 mg (2 tablets low cost brand)(March 2014 - I now take only 2 tablets a week)
Milk Thistle 525 mg (2 tablets low cost brand)(0.0185 ounces)
In addition to my weekly diet of rolled oatmeal, lots of fresh salads, canned tuna fish, baked chicken/fish, fresh steam vegetables, 4-5 slices of rye bread per week. I can have all of the salsa and chips and fresh fruit that I want. I have added 4-6 large glasses of water daily.

It is now April and I have had no itching or flare ups at all... I work on the road away from home and my life has stress. This seems to work for me. I pray it works for you also.


I've had psoriasis since I was 13 and I'm 37 now. I've been using an oil from Hawaii called Kukui Nut Oil. Works great. Cleared it right up but it always comes back but not nearly as bad. When I have flare ups, I use prescription Dovobet which is a mix if Dovonex and betamethasone. It's strong and pricey but it works incredible! Especially on my shins and elbows where the psoriasis never clears up. Because it's so strong I only like to use it when my skin is bad. Hope this helps :-)


Have no cures but, a cautionary comment. I've had Psoriasis for more years than I'd like to remember. Outbreaks come and go but, recently I made a vegie stew and the recipe called for Tofu. The next day I broke out in what appeared to be hives all over my torso. Now, several weeks later, I still have itchy scabby blotches on my back and stomach. If you're not used to soy products in large quantities, try only small amounts. The results of too much at one time are devastating!


I have psoriasis since I was 16. now I am 35 still no cure. I have stopped all medicines. No pills or steroids anymore.
My remedy is to stop using soap all together. Or if you want to, use the one which is natural with no or mimimum chemicals in it.
Take shower and after the shower apply hair conditioner( any hair conditioner will do) all over your body. or where your psoriasis is. Let it soak for 5 mins. Then rinse.
Do this everyday and see the results yourself.
You can check out the video on youtube. -Make Psoriasis Plaques Go Away.
I tried it and to my surprise it works. After taking a shower I also apply oil on my body to keep it moist for long. You can do it 2-3 times a day if you feel your body is getting dry.

Just give this a try and I hope it works for you as well.

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