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I was diagnosed with psorasis 1 yr ago, it rapidly worsend until I got cellulitis in my legs from the itching and broken skin and was hospitalized twice. A nurse showed me how to care for the condition on my feet and within 2 weeks of leaving the hospital my skin was mostly healed and pink. This is my regimen:
1.Daily after bathing ( twice a day) I use a wound cleaner called SkinIntegrity which thoroughly removes any dead skin and bacteria. It also soothes the skin and not alcohol based.
2. I use over the counter Psoracin-gel or ointment which is coal tar based. It heals the broken skin and the redness disappears very quickly.
3. If I am not going to wear socks or plan to expose my skin to the environment, by walking in sandals, I will apply a light layer of some petroleum based, vitamin enriched skin barrier, like Aquaphor. This is to just protect skin from bacteria penetrating any small, not yet healed area and retain moisture in the skin wwhich is very important. It has been two months since the hospital stay and my feet are at their best in over a year.
three doctors who treat me are amazed at the rate of recovery with my new regimen. I also have been doing a liver detox along with digestive enzymes that I was told would help. I also do not eat pork at all, which seems to flare the psorasis when eaten...and I used to really enjoy pork. I was so desperate, I am glad that I found something that really works or me. Good luck to all of you.


I have had Psoriasis all of my life. Recently a doctor suggested a combination that works great. I use neutrogena shampoo tgel and t scalp every other day. Really helps control the dandruff and dry skin. Also, I wash my face with a mild soap such as Cetapohil and apply hydrozine anti itch cream to my problem areas. This works great!


Rub a little Vicks Vaporub into the affected areas twice a day. Continue this for up to a week to see improvement in your psoriasis.


Right now suffering from psoriasis I believe it's what it is(scratching nonstop which worsten and helps spread out). I had this few years ago and thought I got it from using old Jergens Petroleum Jelly (infested with micro fungus perhaps)found together with other body lotions under sink cabinet. This was few years ago. Now I am not sure what I applied on my skin...I suggest you throw away any beauty products 2 months old or more. But from doing research, I discovered being unhealthy and staying up late makes you vulnerable to skin allergy reactions. Also causing your body to dispose toxins through skin. I am not a food hungry eyes person. So I just eat whatever parents served and simply take supplements after--I mostly eat once or twice a day. But been weeks since I ran out of supplements...So I guess I have been vulnerable to rashes. To know if rash is going away, if it tends to flatten and spreads wide to levelling with unaffected skin.
Here's what I tried that works and didn't work:

1. Fragrance free lotion but gradually helps ease the itch and of spreading out. Safe-zone solutions if you got patience to waiting for days and days until rash goes away. Even using Sarna Sensitive (anti-itch lotion for Eczema and for other sensitive skin). Must apply frequently to avoid the pain.
2. Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide is a NO NO. I even mixed these together day after. Only swollens the rash--tends to severe the rash if skin is dry and too much chemicals.
3. Salt & water helps ease the pain but have not seen results whether if curing the rash. But minutes later back to itchy skin......
4. Vicks Vapor Rub does help ease the pain but minutes later....itchy skin again. But does help shed the scales on the rash--of mother rash it shows. Apply only less than half of affected body and wait until the freezing cold feeling disappears. Then apply on the other half. You would not want to freeze to death -_-

Here is my new attempt (hoping will work wonders):
Wash skin with very warm water. Then apply salt/water and let it dry. Then wash the crystals with warm water. Then use white plain vinegar and let it dry for minutes. Then wash it off again. Then apply Vicks. Or next day I will use Sarna instead of Vicks or Sarna and Vicks.

I will update soon.


I have had mild but annoying psoriasis for the past 10 years (ankles, feet, palms). Recently my Doctor suggested Saw Palmetto for my prostate enlargement. It hasn't yet had a profound impact on my prostate but I think it might have lessened the severity of my psoriasis. Saw Palmetto is a extract from the berry of the palm of that name and seems to have no adverse side effects. I hope this helps someone.


For scalp irritations I use a hair mask.

1 overripe avacado (mashed)
1 T. olive oil (or another oil that works for your psoriasis)
1 t. honey

mash it all together and apply to wet hair. I rub it into my scalp, too. seal it with a shower cap (saran wrap works just as well) and let it set for 30-60 minutes. It's great for my itching and it keeps my flakes reasonable. It is also great for restoring body and luster to limp hair!


I have had psoriasis since i was 3 and am now 22. We have tryed almose everything to help it. But i found that eucalyptus oils help me. I get a body wrap done where the wrap is soaked and heated in eucalyptus oil and they rap you up and put in in a heat thing. After i did that 1 time i noticed a big difference in the red ness and itching. Plus its vry relazing!!!

Also I tan and it helps me BUT please NOTE that tanning makes psoriasis worse for some people so it wont help everyone!!

Kimberley Brook

I have had psoriasis for 16 years I have tried every treatment known and the best thing is an aromatherapy blend which is lavender, geranium and bergamot mixed with a base cream, drops in the bath, or a burner most effective when applied to the skin twice a day!
isnt instant and takes time but it will go! well it went for me! using uv light i.e. sunbed helps aswell!


I have psoriasis with various size patches all over my body for the past 7 years. I have tried numerous ointments,(both prescription and nonprescription) vitamins and have given up wasting money on dermatologists. I have found out that using Vick's Vapor Rub or generic brands helps with itching and just after one application started rapid exfoliation of dead skin flaking. It may not have gotten rid of this disease but it does help with relief of pain and itching. Its inexpensive and why not give it a try?


I have had Psoriasis for 2 years. I'm 27 years old and this whole thing has freaked me out. I cannot afford a dermatologist and lately it's been spreading BAD. So I did a little online research and came across a lady who said she used bag of balm to cure her Psoriasis. I have been applying it for 3 day as well as a over the counter salytic acid 3% and it's already starting to clear up.
Wish me luck!

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