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My boyfriend got me Champori anti-Psoriasis cream and spray a week ago. I have psoriasis on my hands and feet and also on my one leg. I have had it for 18 years. I have had a lot of creams and things and the only thing I could fine that would work was cortizone-10.
But since I got Champori product I am feeling a lot better and my hands,feet and leg is not as painful and red.I feel it is helping me a lot. I love it so much and I have told a lot of my friends about it. My boyfriend said he found out about champori from a biker friend that he met at bike week in Maryland. I recommend Champori to all people with psoriasis.


vaseline! vaseline! and more vaseline!!!!! it turns the patches pink and heals from the center outwards within a few days ,week max u will see the new psoriosis free skin appear before your eyes! it must be pure petrolium jelly, best applied to wet skin but not esential to the treatment, wen bathing gently rub away excess skin with a cloth, the apply, continue application throughout the day 4,5 times if necesary,reducing to once daily as you see fit!!! enjoy been free of this pain in the ass condition and huge doctors bills, imagine wot is vaseline, very very cheap give it a go, u can thank me later xxxxsarah xxxx


Hans's Eczema & Psoriasis 'Cure'

Eczema and psoriasis can be significantly reduced with exercise and diet. Work out in the sun and get a sweat going. Don't go crazy and if you're not in shape, that's okay. Just get out there and walk until you get a sweat going.

Drink plenty of green tea along with turmeric (curry spice). Drink these together as they are much more powerful that way. Drinking curry spice is not fun, but it works miracles (for a whole host of inflammatory problems including cancer and Alzheimer's).

Remember, get a sweat going when working out. The sweat will really help reduce the condition naturally and safely.

Now, for the itch...

1. Use Aveeno brand liquid soap and Aveeno moisterizer, period.

2. Use Neutrogena 3% acid shampoo on your skin to remove plaques *gently* (about 5-10 minutes...apply once or twice and lather into skin). Do not re-injure the skin by scratching hard or using abrasion. This will only cause more inflammation. (now the dead skin cells causing the itch will be removed and ready for the next step...ZNP Bar Soap)

3. Buy ZNP Bar (pyrithione zinc 2%) which is a blue soap bar you can get at a pharmacy and stops the itchies quick! It'll also dry out your skin, so use plenty of Aveeno moisterizer.

4. Now use a calamine lotion or cortizone (if you haven't been using it for years because it becomes less effective or even triggers symptoms) to keep the area calm.

5. Exercise, exercise and exercise. Get a sweat going, in the sun (great place to get Vitamin D). Or, if that is not an option, get a Nintendo Wii and DDR. :)

I posted this in the eczema section, but am reposting this information:

Turmeric (the stuff in curry spice) is an incredible anti-inflammatory and will help all eczema sufferers. It is proven as effective as steriods/corticosteriods, but don't let the pharmaceutical companies know that.

Buy Turmeric from healthfood store in pill form or at your local grocery store in bags full (to save money) and take 3-6 pills 500mg daily. Or mix with tea or put in food.

Eczema has a link with Candida fungus. When you eat sugars, it feeds the fungus which causes your body to 'overreact' or become inflamed. Your immune system attacks fungus around your entire body including skin, hence the itchie, scaly skin. (it's actually more complex, but I am shortening it up a bit)

Avoid sweets, gluten, dairy or foods with fungus to balance out your intenstinal flora. Find out slowly how much sweets, etc you can safely eat w/o showing symptoms. However, I suggest detox for the first few weeks including lost of Omega 3's (from Salmon or flaxseed, perhaps).

Many dermatologist don't recognize the above well established science and prescribe dangerous drugs.

Eczema is genetic and enviromental based. This means that you can effectively cure it, although technically it is not curable.


I have been using Head & Shoulders intensive treatment shampoo every day or every other day for 3 out of 5 years of having scalp Psoriasis, it does not shrink my patch but it clears up the flaking and itching!


I have been dealing with scalp psoriasis for several years, only finding out last summer what the problem was. I've tried the Rx shampoos (VERY costly!!), the Neutragena, the store brand salacylic acid shampoos ... you name it! I've gotten two good suggestions from this forum ... fresh aloe vera and Dead Sea salts. I scraped out the insides of the aloe leaves into a blender, then used a meat flavor injector (needle removed!!)syringe to target the affected area. It worked very well. What has also helped me is Dead Sea Mud shampoo. Regular use of this shampoo has kept my condition down from severe to mild. One last suggestion: Natur-Leaf supplements. They regulate the immune system so that if your immune system is over-active it calms it down or under-active it boosts it. I hope you find this information useful.


I am using aloe from the plant itself and it does help. It stops the itching and it looks better. I just put a drop of the sap on area and let it dry. I am not sure if it will heal it up but it sure does feel a whole lot better. I have tried about everything. Pills, lotions, even some weird stuff and by far this works the best. The good thing is an aloe plant is inexpensive compared to some of the stuff that has failed. I hope someone else can benefit from this.


I would strongly recommend trying this. Apply distilled vinegar to open psoriasis it will string but that is good that means it is working. I just put some on toilet paper and let it soak in. Make sure that the vinegar goes into the skin so no flakes. I just scratch at them to make bleed to get into the skinIt take many time but will disappear. I get them on my knees and elbows but they are gone.I also had one on my eyelid for many many years and I tried it it is gone!!! I hope this works for you like it did me. Please let me know what you think in the comment box.


Topically with a q-tip, I applied the following directly on the psoriasis sites on my scalp with the following items i already had in my own medicine cabinet at the time: Bayer Healthcare's Dermal Therapy Heal Care Cream (25% urea) in combination with Vitamin E gel, Aloa Vera gel and then a few drops of 'Obey your Body' cutical oil (with original dead sea minerals) then it was amazing. in only 2 days my scalp was soaking in the goodnesss and the scales disappeared and the red is greatly disappearing, the itch is gone and the psoriasis hold on my scalp seems to be leaving, hopefully for good! PS I sat out in the sun for a little while after that and shampoo only with nutragena TGel or Sgel


I've had psoriosis all my life and I am 51 years old and I know how it can be having the skin disease. Through my life I always tried to hide it and I know what you are going through. I've always had a complex about it and as I get older it seems to be subsiding. I found that if you brush your affected areas with a loofer sponge in the shower with dove soap that I've always used will help. Also use vaseline intensive care total moisture conditioning lotion on your extremeties and affected areas 2-3 times daily, especially out of the shower has worked wonders for me and I can actually see my knees which I haven't seen in years. You should try it. You can get it in the supermarket or drugstore and its made me a very happy gal. Good Luck.


I have had psoriasis for almost 2 years. I recently ran across a lady from India who advised me that sea salt helps. She also advised me to take one sea salt/epsom salt bath a week and a oatmeal bath the following day. The sea salts helps remove toxins from your body while the oatmeal helps moisten your body. Throughout the week take showers using dove but let the water immediately rinse as you wash so that it doesnt completely remove your natural body oils, take 2 cups of sea/epsom salt and pour into a warm bath soaking no more than about 30 mins at most. As you are letting your water run out of the tub rinse again with warm water, use soft lotion everyday. I personally have started using dove everything (soap, body wash, deodorant, and shampoo and conditioner) because it is very mild. The next day take an old stocking and fill the foot with real oatmeal and let it run under the faucet as you run a warm bath. Again 30 mins at most. Long shower with strong soaps reduce your body's oils and can cause your condition to worsten. I wont say this is the best thing to do for everyone, but my condition seems to be getting better by the week.

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