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Hi, I'm 53 and have never had psoriasis before now....I have been to 3 different doctors..all their meds just didn't help much...My primary doctor did a blood test and I was low in vitamin B12 and zinc..I have been taking them for about 2months and have noticed finally my palms and the sole of my feet are getting better ....

Good luck


Doo Gro Stimulating Growth Oil has helped my daughters P on her hands and feet. I also have a friend with scalp P and she says it's the best thing she's ever tried. Hope this helps someone else.


I have found that when I use a certain cold remedy medecine (Cold--)to avoid colds at work my psoriasis really settles down. I have had psoriasis for 25 years and a meticulous regiment is all that works. Good luck, it sucks to have.


Chap Stick has worked great for my psoriasis! I have a spot on my hand that I tried a bunch of stuff for. It was so cracked and dry and hurting and nothing seemed to help. I finally put chap stick on it in despiration and in about 2 days there was a huge difference! It is still pink but not cracking and peeling and hurting. Try it!


Pure Petroleum Jelly!!!!! Try it with a warm Dead Sea Salt Water bath at the end of your day or twice a day if you can for 15-20 minutes! I tried this for the first time yesterday and my psoriasis symptoms are 50% better then what they have been. All my red spots and patches are really light almost like a very light peach/pink color, kind of blends into my natural skin color. I had red dots all over my thighs and when i woke up about 20 minutes ago I was the happiest i have been in a month and a half, no red dots at all on my thighs.

here's what i have done so far

-100% Pure Petroleum Jelly!!! about 3 to 4 times through out the day.
yes it very thick and oily but it works!
-Dead Sea Salt Bath for 15-20 minutes.
Warm Water, add about 1/2 a cup of Dead Sea Salt (i bought it at walmart, cheap! Brand : Dead Sea Classics Dead Sea Bath Salts 100% Natural) Let your body soak in the water for about 10 minutes, after ten minutes scrub your skin to get dead skin off, soak for another 10 minutes. After bath, petroleum jelly your body, its easier when your skin in a little moist.

it has made a difference for me so far and i have only been doing this one day! reduces redness almost completly.

Psoriasis first appeared for me when i was 13. never had it anywere else except for my elbows, now im 18 and its all over my body. i live in miami so its hard for me to cover up from head to toe in this heat (although i broke out in November when the temp went down) I hate this skin desease, im tierd of explaning what i have, i'm tierd of 'is it contagious' im tierd of the rude stares. my little experiment is working for me so far and i hope it works for someone else.

ps. in walmart they sell this little soap bag which lets you put a soap bar inside and scrub your body, if you can find this 'loofa bag' i suggest that during your bath you throw in some dead sea salt and scrub , it stings for a quick second but it really helps.

wish me luch and i'll keep everyone posted!


please listen to me!! i posted a comment a while ago about vaseline i was about 60-70% coverd in psoriosis, i posted the comment about 4 days after using the vaseline and mine had reduced by 50% at that time i am now and have been for about 3 months completly clear, please please try it ,i still apply a thin layer to my skin once a week before bed to make sure it doesnt come back, its greasy but worth it to shower off in the morning, please as i read all your comments i do so understand your pain, i was in tears most days it is the worst thing i have evr gone through, it has worked 100% for me and i hope it can work for everyone else , sarah xx


from WebMD: Indigo Naturalis cream, a traditional Chinese herbal therapy, proved safe and effective in clearing plaque lesions in patients with treatment-resistant psoriasis, a controlled study found. An ointment made from indigo naturalis, a dark-blue plant-based powder used in traditional Chinese medicine, appeared safe and effective in treating plaque-type, treatment-resistant psoriasis.
After 12 weeks, indigo-treated psoriasis lesions showed an 81% improvement, whereas lesions in the same patients treated with a non-medical ointment improved by 26%, Jong-Hwei Su Pang, M.D, of Chang Gung University and colleagues reported in the November issue of Archives of Dermatology.
In 74% of the patients, lesions treated with the indigo ointment cleared completely or nearly so, the researchers said.

If anybody tried Indigo Naturalis for their psoriasis, please share your experience.


For my dry itchy scaly scalp problem which flares up now and then. I finally found that a natural product called Flexitol does a good job on the areas around the nose and scalp line. I also got some Jason's aloe vera(84%) shampoo and conditioner. I use lots of the conditioner and leave it on for as long as possible and don't overwash it out. It has worked really well. Remedy shampoo by Lanza is also a good alternate but the Jason's product is the best so far.


I am 21 and have had psoriasis for as long as I can remember. Mine takes the form of small scales all over my body. Within the past year or so the condition of my skin has gotten better and I believe I have been able to identify the sources of this improvment.

Firstly my attitude towards my skin. I know it sucks but it is the way things are and I have it and their is no sense hiding it or locking myself in a room. If it freaks people out that is their problem, if they ask me what it is, I just tell them. I still have friends I am engaged to be married, life still goes on. I believe this attidute has helped because the external is a representation of the internal.

Secondly the medicine I use. Firstly when I am in the shower I wash my hair with T-gel or a similar brand. Any shampoo that uses tar coal as the active ingredient. I then use a body exfoliator. The brand I use and have had great results from is 'firming' Body/Corps by Sundari. It comes in a big tub and is great for srubbing off the old dead skin. Then I use a bar of tar coal soap. I don't know what it is with tar coal it just has always worked. Then when I am done showering I use a moisturizer either baby oil or something with aloe.

Thirdly the RX drugs. The only one that I have come to respect is Ulox foam. It is a steriod and a strong one. However when I add it to my routine, before moisturizing, the effects are dramatic and long lasting. For example after having used the steriod three times; once in the morning, again at night and then once more in the morning, my psoriasis will be reduced to white patches where the red plaques used to be. And they will remain that way for roughly a week, at which point my skin will again begin to flair.

I hope this helps someone, I would highly recommend the body scrub.


hi i hav been suffering from psoriasis since i was 15 .its the worst thing i cud ever get but wid time i hav tried various remedies but for scalp psoriasis the best is protar k shampoo and kindly dont use coconut oil on ur scalp it increases the flakes. for instant relief from flakes use provate s. it worked wonders for me in just three days my flakes vanished.and later to moist it i wud strongly recoment cetraben cream it moists the lessions.for decreasing reddishness i use flutivate cream .it benefited me i hope it wud help uuuu strong we can fight this evil and can show hw beautiful we r as a person.

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