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My son has a very treatment resistant form of psoriasis. I read about rubbing the inside of banana peels on the patches and it has really worked for him. It does really burn! It looked the best it has in years, though and is very easy and cheap! After a couple weeks, it started to return, though....the pharmacist suggested taking breaks from it, like a week on and a week off so that it doesn't become resistant.


Im 21 and have been dealing with this for over 6 years i have gotten the worst of it all it covers my whole body arms torso legs face even inside of my ears!Its taken over my fingernails and toe nails.I have gotten Arthritis from it as well... Went to dermatologist, ive tried embrel, steriods, topical creams, antibiotics, even had kenalog shots over my entire body every month..I found out that if i bath in dead sea salts for 20 mins and use products with coal tar after the bath that in less than a week i have just small red dots. its clears from inside out! I have tired everything tanning helps but leaves my spots blood red.. psoriasis runs in my family on both sides my and my other family members go just tan every once in a while at a salon..everybodys is different mine is 100 times worse than thiers and i couldnt seem to get any relief til i tried this! Believe me its very effective! Safe and cheap!


I am 19 years old and had psoriasis all my life. the top best thing i found that works and once cured my psoriasis are
1. Borage Oil (can be found it heath store)
2. Tee Tree Oil(smells really bad but works, and can be found at Sobeys)
3.Bag Balm (which i got the idea from this site)
4.TANNING that and Skin fix CURED my psoriasis for a years (best time of my life lol)
5.Try not to Stress, Also i found Caffeine breaks my out a lot. that year where my psoriasis went away i started drinking coffee and it started coming back, and it was worst.
6.Im currently using Dovobet from the doctor its been wokring really good, but its expensive with no covergae, but than i bought tee tree oil and that as been wokring the best out of everything with tanning mixed in.
7.Someone told me Oatmeal bath works, havnt tried it but i will after this treatment,
8. I think i got this one on here but take any curent treatment ur using and wrap saran wrap over it all night or even for a couple hrs.
9.i forget what this one is called but i got it at pharmacy, but its a little Dark brown Glass bottle with tanned paper around it and with a beige lid it worked really good, and its in a samll bottle, im going to go look for it and ill let everyone know what its called cause it WORKS!
10. i bought this sand paper brush, and i scrap at it, it actually works at first will hurt but after u get use to it its not bad at all.

I hope ths helps everyone!! Good Luck


My husband has psoriasis for last 2 years,he gets small patches on hands and legs only. He tried lots of allopathic treatment which only work as long as it is on. In last 3 weeks he got all patches cleared by following diet : Juice of 1 bitter gourd + 1 ripe tomato + 1 Cucumber, early morning on empty stomach. 1 portion of orange or red fruit or veg ( papaya,orange,mango,carrot,beet,watermelon) thrice a day. Sardines or mackerels thrice a week. Apply emolient on affected area at least twice daily.


22 years old, been living with this since I was 15. Whenever I get breakouts it's literally from head to toe. Every time I visited the doctor it was USELESS. What works best for me now has been just staying healthy. I used to stay up late at night, drink, and not pay attention to what I ate. When I actually made the effort I saw a great improvement. When I do get breakouts though I always lay in the sun (sunscreen!) or under a UV light, and use Aveeno products. Also I just apply a good amount of unscented lotion every other hour or so. Hope this is helpful.


I developoed psoriasis 6 years ago. I've tried every conventional and home remedy out there. My last resort was acupuncture. I noticed a difference after only two sessions. It is painless. The practitioner puts a really teeny tiny needle in the outside of the crook of your arm. I'm so excited I can soon wear shorts and capris again. Give it a try!

John Phillips

Hi all.
I can strongly recommend a ointment called ''Triamcinolone Acetonide''.
I went to the doctors for a unrelated thing last week and he suggested it.
After only 1 day I saw a HUGE difference, the white scales completly vanished.
I have been using it twice a day for a week now, no more scales. The redness is still there but is getting better each day.
The best thing is that it was dirt cheap, I have a decent prescription plan and the small tube only cost me around 3 dollars.
I have had psoriasis for about 10 years now, steadily getting worse each year. I have spent probably Thousands of dollars trying to treat it.
This is by far the most effective thing I have tried.
I hope this helps someone, good luck to all of my fellow sufferers.


I have had psoraisis for years. I have found that if you use a shampoo without the lauryl sulfate that your salp won't itch. I have used Denorex which works wonderfully. You can also buy burts bees shampoo and that is lauryl sulfate free. Make sure your conditioner is the same way.


Just started this about a week ago. I'M all ready seeing MAJOR improvements. I use Cetaphil Lotion and dead sea salts. Take 2 small hand fulls of Dead see salt, (you can buy at walmart for about $5), pour into a half bottle of cetaphil lotion. Make sure you dissolve the dead sea salt rocks thoroughly while shaking bottle to mix contents. Apply to affected areas, (not in scalp) You will start seeing results after about 2 applications. Keep doing this once a day, until skin is clear. Be warned, this my sting a little, I would not advise using on open plaques that are bleeding, it WILL sting! I also use H20 spa sea salt body wash. My skin is about 50% clear and getting better every day because of this treatment I came up with. Good luck!


I have gone to 3 doctors to try to manage my psoriasis. All the drugs they gave me did not work well,finally one doctor took a blood test (since psoriasis is a immune system problem) I was shown to be low in vitamin B12 and zinc I have psoriasis on the palm of my hands and the soles of my feet. I have cracks so bad on my feet it was hard to walk sometimes. I took the b12 vitamin and zinc for 2 weeks and have had great success. Almost normal....Good luck Tina

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