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I have psoriasis and I had major flaking in my scalp. I started using DR miracles oil and shampoo on my scalp and it keeps my scalp flake free.


i finally gave up on going to the doctor as nothing helped my scalp. they only good thing that helped was a doc friend of mine said to take a zytec allergy pill everyday. and voila!! i dont itch. now it dont help red patches or scales. but i can make it threw a whole work day without itching.i buy mine at target or walmart and get the knock off brand and it saves me money since i take them daily now for past couple of years..


I am 19. I have had it for a few years its so annoying. Especially going through high school and college, people just stare at it and wonder whats wrong with you. I have tried everything from special creams to shampoos. The only thing to work for me was a generic bottle of fish oils and utter cream. Sounds nasty but it really did work within like 3 days.


I am 26 yrs old and have had psoriasis since I was 9. The best remedy, by far for psoriasis is Dr. Pagano's diet. It is 100% natural. Although the diet is very strict, it does wonders for light to extreme psoriasis sufferers. I started the diet when I was about 11 yrs old and stopped when I was 14. My psoriasis didn't come back until I was 24 yrs old and it only came back because I started eating junk food and stopped exercising. Google Dr. Pagano or go to Amazon to check it out. I garauntee you that you will not regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Had psorasis for 40 years, tried everything, read about using Zinc Oxide 20%, it totally cleared my psoriasis, sold in drug stores and supermarkets


Forget the creams and ointments. I've tried them all. I went to see an orthopedic Dr for back pain and mentioned to him I had psoriasis and he told me to take 5000 mg of vitamin D a day. A month and half later the psoriasis is almost completly gone on my legs. I know the drs say supplements don't work but it did for me. Its cheap and what do you have to lose? But you gotta keep at it for it to work!


I have had psoriasis for almost ten years now. I've tried everything from banana peels, to over-the-counter products like psoriacin, to prescriptions like clobetasol... None worked.

I recently discovered that I am pregnant, and I bought some lotion to help diminish stretch marks. I put the lotion on after I shower, and after one week, I noticed that my psoriasis is nearly gone! I can shave my legs now (those of you that have it on your knees and legs can appreciate this)!

The lotion is Palmer's Coco lotion for stretch marks. Make sure it is that particular brand and type... It will say, 'for stretch marks' on the bottle. I've tried coco butter and other palmers products but this is the only one that worked for me!

I attribute my clear skin to this lotion... It might be from my pregnancy, but I feel like the lotion did it. It's non-greasy, thick, and feels great on my skin. I haven't seen my real, normal, non-red, non-scaley knees or elbows in years! It's been a true blessing for me!;)

Good luck everyone! I pray this works for you as it did for me! Heather;) age 27


My 5 year old son developed Guttate Psoriasis after a Strep Infection this summer and it has since taken over a small amount of his body.. He is on soo many meds and I was desperate to get him off the meds and try some home remedies.. Well I went on many blogs and found out that Vaseline really works AWESOME for him.. his face was covered with spots and scales from his hairline down to his eyebrows and he had some spots on his cheeks. I have applied Vaseline on his face 2 times a day for the past 3 days so far and his spot are almost completely gone. I also use an extra strength moisturizer on his face so it does not look so greasy for school. The spots on his body are a little tougher to get rid of, but I do see an improvement in the redness. I also use a gentle loofah pad with sentisive skin Dove to scrub the dead skin off.For his hair I read that mixing T-Sal and T-Gel together really works, so I tried it and have noticed a dramatic difference in his scalp itchiness and flaking. He seems alot happier too now that his face and scalp are not so itchy.. :) I have also purchased Dead Sea Salts since I have heard many good thing about it for Psoriasis.. Wish us luck and hopefully it will help along with the Vaseline..


Hi I have posted before about taking vitamin B12 and zinc...I'm happy to say my palms and the sole of my feet are great! (I used Vaseline too, also worked great.) My feet and hands were so bad I had band-aids everywhere because of all the cracks. I stopped using all the medicines that the doctors had me get, because they didn't work. This is a immunity system problem, that is why the B12 works. Good Luck



My son was 9 when he got guttate psoriasis after having strep throat. We spent a year going to a Derm Dr. and about $2,000 on prescriptions that produced no longterm results. I decided to STOP ALL medicine, and try some other options on my own. I spent days researching and this is what we tried and something worked. I don't know if it was a combination of all 4, or 1 of the 4, or 2 of the 4, but I WILL tell you- if you are like me, you are willing to try ANYTHING!! And like I said, all together, I spent less than 100 bucks.

1. Nelsons Sulphur tablets (I bought them at Fred Meyer store in the nutrition center, but they are easy to find online and cheap- $5.99 for a bottle and I only bought 2 bottles to clear him up) Follow the directions on the bottle.
2. We tanned him at a local tanning salon 3 times a week for 5-10 minutes. The light box at our Dermotologist was $125 a treatment, but you CAN tan in a tanning booth safely if you do it right. We started him at 5 minutes, and built up to 10 SLOWLY. There is always a little bit of risk, because the UV light is a little higher percentage than a Dr. light box, but the results have definately been worth it!! Just make SURE you don't burn even once!
3. We used an incredible topical skin healing agent called Helping Hand by The Naked Bee. All natural with honey, bee pollen, and propolis. (
4. We gave him 1 oz. of Green Envy vitamin supplement/detox every morning for 1 month. We bought this at Costco for $19 which lasts 1 month.

We did these 4 things, and within 2 weeks he was mostly clear, and by 1 month. Totally clear, and has not recurred since. (it's been 3 months).
Good luck!

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