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My daughter had psoriasis develop when she was six years old. I tried steroids the doctor gave me, the over the counter products, and nothing seemed to help. One day her grandma brought over some cod liver oil supplements for us to try. What we did was poke a hole in the pill and rub the oil on her spots. Within two weeks her spots started disappearing... it was amazing...just thought others might want to know about this.


I have mild scalp plaque psoriasis. Sometimes I even get it on my elbows, knees and ankles. For awhile I had a really bad patch on one of my ankles (I've forgotten witch one it was). My cure is swimming in the ocean. Right now it is to cold however but I'm thinking about walking to the beach and just filling up a spray bottle with it to spray on my scalp.


I have had psoriasis for about three years now. The best way I have found to treat my condition is with Chammomile and Oatmeal. I read in one of my herb books that chammomile is used to treat common skin issues so I went to the grocery store and got myself some tea and lotion. I soak in a combination of tea bags (3-4) and oatmeal for aprox 20min. Dry off well removing all the dry skin and then I apply chammomile lotion 2-3 times daily and within a week my psoriasis is normally cleared up.

Lisa in Mesa AZ

After reading everyones diverse solutions for this condition, I concluded what would work for my situation. 1 yr ago my daughter, age 11, developed a sore on her head. Blistering, bleeding, and Terrible dander. Not even expensive medicated shampoos would work. Then I noticed developement on other parts of her body, eyebrows, elbows etc. I had to get this under control. As a baby she would occasionally develope red patches on her body which we would treat with oatmeal but I had forgotten about that till I read this site.

These solutions immediately worked for her. And by immediate, I mean after the first use! I bought the whole line of Aveeno products,found in the baby section of the grocery. This is a wheat oatmeal formula. Baby wash-shampoo, showergel, lotion, conditioner, leave in conditioner. $5-7 per bottle. I also bought a jar of sea salt bath and a bottle of centrum kids megavitamin (VitE). A total of about $50. After using the hair products she took a bath in salt-aveeno mix (very small amount of each). The next day was just leave in conditioner and lotion. This will be her routine for years to come. But she smiled! The blisters and redness went away on all areas, and the flaking was gone after the second wash. I cannot say enough about our happiness and results.


Using Johnson's Baby Shampoo and Rainbow Souffle Dead Sea Salt body scrub works well. You first wash with Johnson's Baby shampoo like a body wash. Rinse. Wash with Rainbow Souffle. Rinse.Dry!!! That's it. Quick, easy and works. Your body will be so smooth and you will feel instant result's on the first time use. The product's are inexpensive too. I use them all the time. I suffered with Rosacea and acne for 20ish years. Tried everything, also went to Dermatologist. Nothing worked. By accident and being desperate in experimenting I came across these two products and they have worked for me ever since. Hope this has helped you.


My son has had horrible plaque psorasis for a very long time. Its from his knees down, very think, very scaly with some itching, becoming intense at time. I have see several doctors who say they cannot do anything due to his age. We have had a cream that was Rx'd for him, work for a while, quit. Ive did all that I know to do for him.

The first thing I tried was actually an ointment that I got from a tatoo shop, in a small tin canister, the name has left me at this time. I was desperate for something and it worked!!! I ran out, and my friend went out of business and I haven't been able to find it. I am thinking it had hemp in it. cleared it up quick!
Next thing I tried was Dead Sea salts purchased at walmart in a large jar,since, after his trip to the beach, he came home with 0 Psoriasis, he soaked in a tubfull of the salt, and while towling off, the scales came off too..leaving pink, tender skins underneath, I applied babyoil. That worked until he got older and was just not going to bath like that.
Next thing I took him back to the doctor, got the same reply, nothing. I think proceded to just let it go. During the summer is was hardly noticiable, but when winter set in it was worse than ever, covering his legs completley, with cracks and bleeding. He actually has two scars from this.
I went to the dept. store and bough psoriangel and it was amazing at how it worked so well, we used that and it brought it off his legs, but left the plaque on his knees and ankles,but it was undercontrol. It quit working. We have moved on to Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated moisturizer, large tube, last a long time had 2% of salicylic acid.
This worked super great at first, cleared it all up, my son could actually see his knees for once, but alas, it quit working.
Your best bet is to go with the dead sea salt soak bath, immediatley dry off paying attention to the affected area to try to scrub off all the scales you can, then apply a lotion that has dead sea minerals in it. I had some from AVON, Im sure you can find lotion with dead sea salt in it online. Sea Salt is the key! Also, winter months are worse because more clothes have to be worn, which keeps the disease in the dark. My son sleeps in shorts so his legs can 'breath' this helps too! Good Luck and I hope at least one thing I said can help someone, like they say, no two people are the same!


I want to thank everyone for there post! I also want to remind people that psoriasis is different for every person what works for one might not work for anothere! I have had psoriasis for 20 ish years since I was about 7 and have tried a lot of stuff! I have found for me eucerin lotion helps and the stuff for craddle cap helps for my scalp BUT it makes your hair very greasy not recommended if u want to leave the house without a hat even with several washes its still yuck! Crisco helps on my knees and elbows. Corn husker lotion helps some people and tea tree oil helps some! My best friends psoriasis cleared up after using dove body wash. And some people take codliver oil tablets (YUCK I tried can't stand the taste)also if I take 2 tbls of applecider vinegar twice a day after several days it helps some but I have a weak tummy and struggle to do it continuously. Try think perfume free lotions in general. Also tanning or being outside helps and chlorinated pools help me! Always ask ur dr before taking stuff. And good luck!!


I have found that Medicated Chapstick helps a lot. it takes the burn away, puts moisture in it, helps the redness go away. I just started using it a few days ago, but so far its a great thing!It's cheap, and it doesn't burn my skin. Can find it at any store, will definitely help when I don't have my Enbrel!

Rakesh Jain

Solution to control psoriasis
Finally i got solution to control my psoriasis

Today is the happiest day of my life that i found cure for psoriasis
I have been suffering from this dreaded disease since last 10 years and
have tried everything available in market to cure this disease but every time
it looks like cured but it pops up again and i was living with so much stress and
worry. People who are suffering from this diseases will understand those red patches all
over your body and it gives you a very awful feeling.

But then i accidently came a across this petroleum jelly named
'VANILLIN' which i bought from a medical store in Rajasthan, it just is like a petroleum jelly (like vaseline).

Within few days red patches turned into white color and after 2 months white into the skin color and
that to without eating those harmful steroid medicine or any other medicine. It is a miracle for me.

Please note this medicine has controlled by disease not cured as long as i apply this all the red patches goes away and i am happy with this situation.

So just thought of sharing this with you all who are suffering from this disease that you can try this product,
as it has cured my psoriasis , can cure your too.

Below is information of this Petroleum Jelly
Product Name : VANILLIN (its a ayurvedic medicine)
Company name and address:
Prince Care
5, City Centre, Kalanala,
Bhavnagar - 364001,
Gujarat, INDIA.
Phone: +91-278-2434177
Phone: +91-278-2446579
mobile:+91 9227508450
Fax: +91-278-2434199
Fax: +91-278-2434177
you should able to get his from any of local medicine or you can call the prince care to know from where you can get this products.

In bangalore Deepak Pharma, Sultanpet is the distributor of this product

Hope it helps you .

Rakesh jain


I am 48/172 Cms/Fair/Round Face/obese male. For last 8-10 years, I have been suffering from psoriasis as diagnosed by Allopaths. I face this problem only in the month of September-October and Mid February to Mid March (when weather changes from summer to winter and winter to summer). Sometimes the skin becomes so dry and hard that it cracks and bleeds and pains. But I never feel itching in the affected area.

I have tried allopathic medicines and ointments but could not click. For last 4-5 years I have been taking Chraita and Kuttaki (ayurvedic herbs) by soaking in glass of water in the night and drinking that water early morning, empty stomach. This works but I have to take every year whenever the season changes from summer to winter and winter to summer.

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