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lisa richards

Stop eating dairy!! (try almond, rice or soy milk and cheese)the human body was never to consume dairy. Also cut out eggs (you can replace for baking an egg replacement) and then cut out gluten (you can still eat brown rice or some corn). I literally would scratch my skin off until I blead and always had horrible skin/breakouts and low energy (still trying to bounce back from that). But stop dairy, eggs and wheat/gluten and the extra perk is 20lb healthy weight loss!!! Not that hard, you can do it!


I was a previous eczema sufferer and used creams to mask the issue. 4 years ago I went vegetarian and slowly psoriasis started to appear along with my continuing eczema (psoriasis on neck/shoulders/upper back/chest, eczema on inside of elbows and knees). For 4 years now I've been battling both and a friend told me his sister suffers from both, went to the doctor to have her vitamin D levels tested. Well they were pretty low so the doc put her on vitamin D supplements and now she is all better. I have been trying all sorts of vegan/raw/organic diets. I tried kelp, wheatgrass, spirulina and chlorella. Nothing really helped. I started taking 6000IUs of vitamin D3 like my friend suggested and sure enough my psoriasis is starting to improve. Also I spend about 15 to 30 min during the summer in the sun to get extra vitamin D. I really like to wear tank tops and shirts that show my upper torso but it's hard with the psoriasis...but I will keep this up and report back on my results soon!


I have had scalp psoriasis for many years. I have embarassing patches of hardened skin that flakes over suits. I used bryl bream (red) to attend a 60's party and did not wash it off until the next morning. Hey presto when I did shampoo my scalp was clear. I now use it once a week at night with a different old pillow case and it is totally gone. This was several years ago after over 20 years of suffering. I did forget to take it with me when I went to Africa for 3 weeks and it came back with a vengeance. One application on my return and totally clear again.


Jojoba Oil mixed with Coconut Oil: Like most people on this site, I've been trying everything since my break out 20 years ago. At first I would take whatever the doctors would tell me to take. Later I found out that none of the ointments my doctor was giving me were actually helping, they were just masking the problem. Steroids eat away at your epidermal, D creams are expensive and after awhile stop working. Both have horrible reactions if you try to stop.

Try to keep your skin happy. I've found that Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil calm my psoriasis.

Derek Ryans

I'm 23 years old and I have psoriasis all over my body. I've read through this forum so many times and thank you guys for the help.

I wanted to share my way of treating psoriasis after trying a lot of things you guys recommended.

I take a salt water bath for 20 minutes, scrub gently for all the flakes to come off. Then I stand in the shower and literally wash myself with apple cider vinegar/water mixture. After that, I rub my entire body with olive oil. That's day 1.

Day 2 I use tee tree shampoo for my hair and something minty and cool body wash for my body. (I live in taiwan so posting the brands might not be too helpful)

Day 3 I use Dr. Teal's Oatmeal Bath Soak (bought in America and had my mom send it to me) and afterwards just rinse.

I have been repeating these procedures every week, switching it up since I don't know which one works perfectly so I figured I'd do all three.

The lotion I use is vaseline moisture locking lotion. I think it's one of the best I've tried.

Also, if anyone is interested, I bought some shirts from this guy in Taiwan. It's one of those 'Dry-Fit' shirts. If you're itchy all the time, these are truly the best shirts to have.

The guy is a Taiwanese American like me and he has set up an Ebay store trying to sell those shirts to America.

It's 10 bucks for a shirt (compared to maybe 30-40 bucks a shirt in the states) and international shipping is 8 bucks. Good news is that 8 bucks shipping can pay for 2 shirts.

Up to you if you wanna try, I personally have 12 of these shirts in my closet. Having oil all over my body and then another shirt stuck to me is the worst feeling ever.

I started wearing these shirts, I itch less, I feel a lot less gross and even when I scratch it doesn't hurt as much because the material's really soft.

if anyone has any questions, feel free to email me.


Have had psoriasis for about 6 years. For my scalp I used coal tar shampoo a couple of times a week. It smells awful but cleared it up. For the rest of my body I have tried about everything and the best thing for me was the tanning bed.


i`m 25 yrs old and my psoriasis is kind of strange because till now it has appeared only two times during my life and in different forms...the first time i was 17 years old and i had psoriasis on my ankles, palms of my hands, knees...basically everywhere where one bone would connect with another one. At the time, i was not so sure what it was (i got sure this time when the P returned)and did not give the attention that i`m giving now, but the time when i got P was more or less the time when i was planning my vacations. i went to the mediterranian sea in greece and there i met this old lady which had psoriasis for years and she just said to me: 'NO STRESS AND SEA'. it worked 10 days of sun and sea and the psoriasis was gone!!! i forgot about it until two weeks ago my body got covered with red itchy spots, i mean the whole body (except for the face and my back)including genitals and breasts. after a few days the red spots got bigger and bigger and i went to the doctor which confirmed me that it was psoriasis. i realized that the only common thing between the first psoriasis and the second one was that i was overstressed at both times. for the second one my doctor advised me to make a test to check about streptococcus because in most of the cases one of the reasons why psoriasis shows is because of an streptococcus infection. the allowed level for streptococcus in our bodies is 200 and mine was 212 so basically the cure that i`m following now is: ciprofloxacin and vit c for the streptococcus infection, calcypotriol 0,05 mg/g ointment with which i apply it to my body during the night and betamethasonum acidium salicylicum 30 g for the morning. It is working great! after 5 days my red spots are getting lighter and lighter and the itchiness is not so strong now (the first days was terrible). i`m also taking d12 vit and zync.
hope it will help anyone else...


Hi, I would like to make a few comments. I've had Psoriasis since I was 2. I'm now 53. I've had some times when I was Psoriasis free. Each time, I was living in a semi-arid climate. Humidity seems to really make it worse. Also last summer, we took a 5 day trip to Black Hills in South Dakota. Its a higher elevation so you are getting more of the sun's radiation so I really tanned on my arms in particular and the Psoriasis on my elbows went from large patches to barely anything there and its been almost a year since and it hasnt increased at all. I plan to go back and soak up the sun all over this year. With that I would like to comment about those who saw results at the beach. The water, sun and wind can combine to make it easier to burn but also get the sun's radiation and that could be the real cause for your psoriasis improving rather than the salt. Or perhaps its a combination. If I ever wanted to get rid of it I would certainly move to a semi arid climate. Another thing I have started which will take time is to eat only organic and lots of fruits/veggies. I believe the toxins we have put in our bodies are the cause of many of our problems. We need to detox and eat healthy so our bodies can finally heal. I'm curious to see if this also affects the psoriasis which I would expect it should. We cant keep polluting our bodies and expect to be well. Thanks!


I have had psoriasis for 24 years, and not once in that period of time has it gone completely. I have tried everything the doctor has given me, and the only prescribed cream that worked (really well actually) was Dovenix ointment. It's excellent and so is the scalp solution. I also found puva treatment effective. However, NOTHING was permanent and as soon as I stopped treatment the psoriasis would come right back, so obviously, for me anyway, traditional medicine was futile.

I went to see a 'kinesiologist' who did all these physical tests on me to find out what was wrong with my system, what I was lacking, what foods I was intolerant to. She told me I had a candida overgrowth and put me on a very strict diet (short term) with supplements (zinc, magnesium, enzymes and probiotics). I stuck to it for six weeks and didn't see much improvement but then after another couple of weeks it started to just fade away. ... It's a long story.. but I stopped the diet (it was Christmas) and my symptoms all came back. The psoriasis for me is directly linked to my digestive system. If it is slow, in other words I'm consitpated, then the psoriasis gets much worse.

The candida has now cleared up and I am now on a less strict diet, and the skin continues to improve. It is 95% gone. I genuinely can't believe it and I'm really proud of myself for sticking to the diet and beating the psoriasis myself. At the moment I have to avoid dairy produce, wheat, sugar, coffee and chocolate... I do have an instant coffee once a day (and the odd bit of chocolate etc. especially if I'm eating out) but on the whole I never cook with any of those foods and I don't eat processed/ready made food because they all contain these things. I have a very regular digestive system and I now wear short sleeves to work and I hadn't done that for a couple of years.

I believe the candida was the main aggravator of the psoriasis.. causes of this can be a high sugar diet and too many antibiotics... both possible for me. And I'm intolerant to the other foods mentioned, which is why I still need to avoid them. Maybe in a few years I will be able to start eating them again - apparently this can happen with food intolerance. It would be nice to eat pizza again!!

Good luck!!


Add 2-3 Bottles (start with 1 first to ensure there is no irritation) of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to a bath and soak for 30 minutes. You can also add sea salts.

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