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I am 20 going on 21 I have suffered from Psoriasis for 6 years. It is nice to hear from others with this Psoriasis I enjoyed all your remedy's until one day something made it clear in two days. I had got an ear infection and put sweet oil in my ears I have plaque Psoriasis all over my ears are the worst well 2 days I quit using the oil cause my infection was gone and amazingly so was it. I am so happy its gone now I am using it all over my body, using a cotton swab to apply it helps for the ears a plung for inserting ear drops all this at walmart for 2.50 I am so happy to not pay 50 bucks for creams that dont work. today I put it in my hair where the psoriasis is and put a plastic bag over so it would stay wet. Its kinda relaxing but ever more exiting cause it works! :-D


I am a 175 lb 51 year old male who is otherwise healthy. I have had a mild case of psoriasis for years without really knowing what it was. I had these white bumps on my elbows and on some on the knuckles of my right hand. I finally asked my doctor about them and he gave me a physician sample cream that did the job but they returned once I stopped using the cream.

I had occasion to visit a dermatologist who told me there is nothing I could do so not to worry about it. It was at this point I Googled psoriasis home remedies and found this link at the beginning of August 2011.

I scrolled through the various submissions. There were several recommending Vitamin D and fish oil and those caught my eye. Coincidentally, I had just bought cod liver oil for my dog as the vet had recommended it for his coat.

Well, I must say the results have been wonderful! I have been taking this combination for over 5 weeks and the bumps are 95% eliminated and they continue to diminish each day. Needless to say, I am very happy to contribute back to this healing thread.

Previously, I was taking a multi-vitamin which contained 400 IU and 2 tabs x 1000 IU Vitamin D. The suggestions from this site seemed to recommend 6000 IU plus fish oil. Therefore, I upped my Vitamin D from 2 tabs to 5 tabs for a total 5000 IU + 400 IU from the multi + a teaspoon of cod liver oil has another 400 IU of Vitamin D plus 4000 IU of Vitamin A. This combination seems to be doing the job for me.

I have fair skin so I had previously done some research on Vitamin D. All the reviews were favourable and there did not seem to be any downside for taking too much so I felt very comfortable when it came to increasing the dosage. For greater comfort, I would certainly recommend you do your own research on this matter.

I hope this will help contribute to your healing as much as the other submissions did for mine. Good luck!


200 gr pot containing:
Coal Tar 10%
Salicylic Acid 6%
Dermol Ointment 42% (prescription needed)
in Emulsifier

I saw the brilliant results of this on a friend's skin and asked my pharmacist to make it for me. That was 5 years ago and I've used about 1/4 of it. One or two applications clears up an outbreak perfectly. I thoroughly recommend it!!


Aquired this problem 5 yrs ago. I have had very scaly and pustular skin all over, elbows, scalp and other places we do not discuss. I love wearing shorts, but massive patches on your lower legs making it a no no to wear shorts in the summer.
I do believe stress is a trigger for this.
However, my relief came from softening the affected area with sea salt bath, dermovate, and then shave the area so it cant re grow.
I then apply Johnsonsons baby oil and aloe vera cream after. You can also use aloe vera fake tan to hide the scars.

I must say I now go down to the pub on a warm summer night with a degree of confidence that my legs dont scare people.

Aloe vera, baby oil and shave the affected area so regrowth of skin is reduced.



aloe lotion and vinegar washes on a daily basis. take Luke warm baths with sea salt occasionally and drink plenty of water. you can apply vasaline at night to lock in moisture after washing. keep it consistent and you shall yield results


try Baby's Butt-Aid from the Dollar Tree store. The scales have stopped even the redness is starting to clear.
only Baby's Butt-Aid (which is the name) from the Dollar Tree store works it comes in a yellow tube.
just put on the thinnist layer


I've had Psoriasis since I was about 7, I am now 25. I’ve had severe scalp psoriasis since I was a teenager, and I’ve always had patches that come and go all over my body. I was diagnosed initially with eczema and was given topical steroids for treatment. I realized as an adult, and with research, I had psoriasis NOT eczema. Quite a difference in disease, but easily misdiagnosed. The medication I was prescribed is Diprolene (Betamethasone Diproprionate Augmented). It’s always worked for a while, and then with the stop of treatment, the patches always come back. I am currently uninsured and the medication is around $77 cash price. I was so happy to find this site and all the suggestions.

I didn’t however read about anyone having psoriasis around their eyes. Only around the age of 20 did this start to affect me. I would wake up with inner corners of my eyes swollen and cracked (to the point of bleeding and scabbing). This was EXTREMELY painful, especially near your eyes. I was unable to put anything near my eyes, being as to how dangerous it was. The steroid I was prescribed has a clear warning NOT to put near eyes, for a good reason. I asked my eye doctor what I should do to treat the psoriasis and he said that there were steroids in a much lower strength he could prescribe. The higher the strength, the higher the pressure becomes in your eye, which can cause HUGE problems. He did send me off with a script for a safer ointment, but a tube (no larger than my pinky) was $60. Sorry, way too expensive, and I wasn’t sure it was going to work.

Until recently did actually think to try Vaseline! It’s safe to put around your eyes (any medicated ointment has petroleum jelly in it already). Overnight I noticed a difference. The corners of my eyes had been cracked the night before, and the next morning, they were almost healed. My eyes were still a bit raw from rubbing my eyes in the middle of the night, but I had AMAZING results.

I apply Vaseline to the corners of my eyes after I shower and apply face lotion. (I can still apply eye make-up with no issues), and again before I go to bed. A little goes a long way. I also started applying Vaseline to my elbows and other affected areas. They have become less red and much less irritated. I haven’t been able to completely clear my psoriasis, but Vaseline does help a lot.

As for my scalp, I am going to try the sea salt water, as well as the apple cider vinegar soak, and olive oil overnight. I have used baby oil on my scalp in the past, overnight to sooth the itching and flakes—it has not always been successful. I’ll keep you posted! Good luck to all of you out there!

**Please keep in mind Psoriasis IS an auto-immune disorder. Many physicians are wary of putting patients with severe Psoriasis, plaque psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis etc. on a Biologic medication (such as Humira, Enbrel, Stelara) because of the risks of cancer. I work for the manufacturer of one of the leading Biologics out there, and for MANY patients’ it is a miracle drug. Many of the manufacturers have financial assistance and there are independent co-pay foundations out there to help. If you are willing to learn more, PLEASE talk to your doctor and do some research. The risks can definitely outweigh the amazing life changing results.

Again, Good luck to all! <3

My husband has been suffering from psoriasis for years, and has tried everything out there, and some with great side effect until we found she specialized is skin problems, her stuff is the only thing that gets rid of it. It's a little pricey and take 2 - 4 months, but you see continal improvement, then it's gooooone. Yaaaaaa.


Hi everyone Im 22 years old and have psoriasis since way before i can remember reading some of your story's is very comforting i dont feel so alone I can tell you that when the doctor tells you that being in the sun helps p he is full of it he doesnt have it so would know i live in fl and also spend 90% of the day outside and still go to the tanning bed in the winter and it doesnt help the most ill get is skin cancer. anyways the best thing i have used for my 'p' is banana peels yes i eat the banana than rub the inner peel on the 'p' and it works stings a little at first but thats because its working dont wash off right away keep on all night i have 'p' on my elbows knees ears neck scalp and in other areas not saying and please try it it works nothing will heal it but it helps BEST WISHES,,,,,,,


I have had psoriasis on my stomach, ears, and scalp for as long as i can remember. my doctors always told me it was something other than it was, and had been giving me medication and ointments for other skin issues. just recently one doctor told me it was psoriasis and prescribed me triamcinolone acetonide ointment (0.1%)
and it has worked tremendously on my stomach and ears. my scalp im still struggling with. before i had this ointment i was using caseline and tee tree oil and neither were working. i would complain to my mother that as an athelete i couldnt run around in a sports bra like everyone else. and it was hard to change in the lockerrooms and have people ask 'why is your stomach red?' and stuff like that. or when people would say 'you should cclean your ears theyre falking', i was trying to find a way to cover it up and treat it and couldnt. but 2 days after i used that ointment my p was entirely gone! get some! it also helpps acne i hear :)

oh and also- yesterday kim kardashian found out that she has psoriasis also, so were not alone ;)

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