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Hi All,
Its been over 2 years that i have this problem which started with normal itching and now turned into dry rough scaly patches over my both palms causes itching at times, so much that i bleed upon scratching. Pls help me by suggesting a suitable remedy.I am from India.


Thanks to reading so many home remedys and posting some of my own I have found a remedy that works after I explain you can google the remedy and see it has worked for many other.

I'm 22 years old and suffer for psoriasis since I was about 12 I truest everything from the doctors to home remedys but a few weeks ago I came across an article about Chyenne pepper and so I thought what the heck I have some in the kitchen so I'll try it and it worked I mixed it in with my lotion 'basic body lotion' and rubbed it on twice a day and than as hot as it sounds I drink a full glass of warm water with a 1/2 a teaspoon of the pepper in it it's hot and until you get use to it it burns your mouth but it works 3 weeks of this and the psoriasis flare up is gone. I can see my skin I haven't seen in a long time. So twice a day of the lotion and once a day drink and it worked for me I still continue the remedy even though patches are gone it's a pepper that's great for your skin no matter if you have 'p' or not and a great fat burner and detox program . Hope this helps somebody it sure helped me


I was having issues recently with psoriasis on my stomach, back and legs. As it's summer (southern hemisphere), I felt too self conscious to go outside. I have a prescription for locoid cream, however that didn't do a thing.
Last week I started using olive oil, just a cheap brand from the supermarket, and it's nearly cleared completely. Well worth it.


I know this sounds strange it only cost a dollar, but it works!!!!!
try Baby's Butt-Aid from the Dollar Tree store. The scales have stopped even the redness is gone
only Baby's Butt-Aid (which is the name) from the Dollar Tree store works it comes in a yellow tube.
just put on the thinnist layer

we are up to over a dozen people with plaque psoarsis it has cleared up. still using it continually once a day. be sure to shower using head & shoulders for your soap or equiv.

We stumbled on this by trying everything on the market, we found everything works to a slight degree but after using for a short time the psoarsis came back. With the Butt-Aid it has stayed away.!!!!!!


I m a girl who's had psoriasis since I was 9. I am now 21.

I am wondering if it has anything to do with the removal of my tonsilitis when I was 8, cause I heard that tonsils is essential and removing it will cause lack of immunity in the body.

Its hereditary in my case and I feel so bad about it. I go from depressed to angry about it cause my grandmother and dad from whom I get it make my life from bad to worse. It makes me upset all the more 'cause they are such control freaks and give me no space at all and I have to carry their stupid disease with me and my future generations. I almost don't want to have kids 'cause I don't want spread my disease to my kids and make them hate me for it.

I had only scalp psoriasis till 15. Now I have all over my legs, breasts, forehead scalp ears stomach. Its gives me no reason to want to live at all. Forget aesthetic reasons, it hurts physically- itching, bleeding and cant wax or do anything.

Regarding remedies, nothing ever works permanently. They say homeopathy works but I haven't seen any immediate relief and never tested it long enough to see any benefit either.

I don follow any medication 'cause I have just grown sick of trying and have no hope left.

From experience the ones that did work for me are

1) diavobet oinment
2) neem oil
3) salt water bath
4) not using soap but using natural cleansers (like gram flour with little water to form paste.)
5)steam baths
6) cod liver oil tablets and application.


hi im 27 and i've had psoriasis since i was about 12. i had it very bad all over my body for a long time and none of the creams or ointments worked i was given some advice to get Aqueaus Moisturiser cream and use it as a cream and also as a soap and to try sunbeds. this worked wonders for me it all cleared up bar my scalp which is pretty bad but i have picked up a few tips here im going to try thanks and hope this helps someone :)


I'm 19 years old and i just deveolped psoriasis. I'm trying to find the best remedy for it. I literally just developed psoriasis this week. But i thought id share a remedy from witnessing it. My grandmother had it all over her body even on her face. My brother who is now 20 had scalp psoriasis. My brother who had scalp psoriasis used a shampoo called T-gel. It can be found at any grocery store or pharmacy. He used it for about a month or so and the psoriasis disappeared after ritual use. It has been gone and hasnt come back for about 5 years now. I would recommend using that if you have psoriasis on your scalp. I read that products that have tar in it really helps.. and this shampoo is for many things such things simple as dandruff to psoriasis. I recommend it. I do not have scalp psoriasis. I just developed it on my right index finger tip. I thought i had very dry skin that was irritated but i found out its psoriasis, i will be seeing a dermatologist this week to see what he recommends. But if anyone has any recommendations for me that really worked for you please let me know.



My dermatologist recommends this to patients after I informed her of my positive results more than 20 years ago. I never had to go back again.

QUICK AND EASY CONTROL THAT REALLY WORKS AND IS VERY EASY TO DO. Unfortunately there is no cure for psoriasis, eczema and seborrhea dermatitis. Here's a quick and simple method of constant control I've been using since I was 18 years old. I'm now 45. JUST MIX NEUTROGENA T-SAL WITH NEUTROGENA 'EXTRA STRENGTH' T-GEL 50/50. Leave on scalp for 5 minutes while you're showering and then rinse and repeat but for only 1 minute the second time. My scalp has felt almost normal for over 27 years. My hair has even stopped falling out. My brother had the same problem and it worked for him also. The T-SAL breaks down the crusting so it can be easily rinsed away and the X-STRENGTH T-GEL stops the flakes from returning. (TRY IT, IT WORKS SO YOU CAN STOP SUFFERING)


I was 6 years old when I was first diagnosed with scalp and skin psoriasis. I am now 45 years old and I still haven't found a remedy that works beyond a six-month period! Seriously, I have had all kinds of prescription and OTC meds, alternative and complimentary potions, lotions as well as all manner of dietary restrictions. Today I am a 5'2' 80lb non-smoking teetotal caffeine-free vegan woman who does yoga every morning and meditates every evening. Go figure! Having said that, what's been working for me - and when i say 'working' I mean keeping the existing lesions bearable - is organic virgin coconut oil. I use non-soap coconut oil bar to wash, generously slap on the oil twice a day plus the lotion several times during the day. I've been on this 'program' for the past 3 years and I find that it helps with the scarring, relieves the itching, soothes irritation and helps heal injury and trauma when I give myself a good ol' scratch! It's worth investing in the good stuff because as we know chemicals only aggravate matters. I use OrganicFiji but there are several good organic products out there. Hope this helps


I just turned 19 two weeks ago and I've had psoriasis for about 5 years. I dealt with the whole conventional medicine thing for the first 2-3yrs. Eventually i began to see that it was a hoax for them to make more money. Anyway, once i began to get into the whole natural remdies, i eventually found a couple of things that worked for me. First, I visit a mineral lake twice every year. Found that works miracles. Secondly i cut out inflammatory meat shelfish, junk food. I only drink water. But most importantly, thanks to a random woman i met in the supermarket that had psoriasis, I found that NATURAL ORGANIC COCONUT OIL works the best for me. I take 2 tablespoons a day and apply it to my skin basically like any oil after my shower. As a result, my skin has been clear for bout 2 yrs now.

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