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66 Home Remedies for Asthma

Patrick Linden

About fifteen years ago I discovered by accident what really causes asthma. When my son suddenly developed asthma aged six an neighbour woman told me about goats milk and how it works in some cases but not in all cases. I tried it and it worked great for about a month and then the asthma returned again. Both my wife and myself devastated until we discovered our son was getting pasteurised milk at school. We continued giving our son goats milk, but this time we did it differently. We used goats milk exclusively instead of pasteurised milk, on his tea and his cereal and a small glass last thing at night going to bed and first thing in the morning. We continued doing this for twelve weeks and then we let him take normal milk again to see how it would affect him. He is now twenty six years old, a fully qualified carpenter building timber framed houses and never a sign of asthma Goats milk is not an alternative medicine, it is simply a safe and simple alternative source milk containing all the nutritional values that pasteurised milk should contain, but without the asthma causing agent Goats milk can be purchased from most major Supermarkets and can be taken along with any other medicine or inhalers. It does not have any side effects. This treatment has proven to be one hundred percent with every child or adult that has taken it. The patient or parent that is taking this treatment will know inside forty – eight hours that it is working. If a child has been born with asthma or has developed it in the first six months of its life this treatment still works but the treatment must be continued into teenage years. It is very IMPORTANT that this treatment is continued nine to twelve weeks to allow the immune system build up a resistance to the asthma causing agent in normal pasteurised milk As asthma affects a large percentage of lower income families and single parent families this service is FREE. I didn’t have to pay for it so why should you. Members of the scientific or medical world may or may not agree with my thesis ,but when you watch helplessly as your child starts turning blue with an asthma attack , the only thing that matters then is what works and saves the child’s life


Avoid things you are allergic with. You should do this besides the asthma anyway. If you have allergic reactions to foods, drinks, meds, etc... either take what the doctor gave you or stay away from the thing.

I have really bad allergic reactions to dogs and when I was younger I would get thrown right back into the hospital bed whenever I visited my cousin's house (which had a dog). Once I stopped staying over at their place the attacks lessen. Then about a year ago I found out I was extremely allergic to this popular cough medicine, it took ten minutes or so after I took it and I had a horrible asthma attack (which are rare now). The throat closed up and I was coughing even more than before (ironic since it was a cough med).

So yes... that's my tip. Stay away from the things that cause extreme allergic reactions cause they will trigger the asthma.

Other things that help me:
-Sitting up or standing
-Cold air (your body doesn't have to be freezing but you should breathe in the cold air. Take a few minutes or a little more)
-Taking long deep breaths as best I can and concentrate on that (it relaxes you and a calm self is better than one that's panicking)

Virginia Carroll

Whiskey with a ball of sweetgum (from the sap of a sweetgum tree ). Put a ball of the sweetgum sap, about one inch diameter, in the bottom of a pint jar, finish filling the jar with whiskey. Shake often until whiskey dissolves the sweetgum then take a teaspoon twice a day, morning and bedtime, before it is all gone the asthma will be gone. Adjust the dosage down for kids. An old Indian remedy.


Vitamin B6 is medically proven to help with asthma. Also I find if I hang my body off the side of my be so that my head touches the ground and bang on my chest that helps clean out the lung butter. too much or too little humidity is a bad thing. standing in a room full of steam is NOT a good idea! neither is milk or dairy products!!! ASPRIN IS EVIL!!! if you have asthma.. That includes IBprophin and A.S.A. (Acidysilic Acid or something like that.).. hope this helps.


I have found the herbal supplement called 'Ultimate Respiratory Cleanse' to be quite helpful in releasing phlegm. You can find it at most health foods stores. Also, DO NOT breathe in humid or moist air. Some people say taking a shower or bath helps, but it really doesn't. The air may help release mucus in the lungs, but it makes breathing worse, sometimes drastically. A dehumidifier always helps. I smoked for five years and quit due to a sudden asthma attack that I had never experienced before. The asthma attacks were horrible, but I am so thankful for it helping me to quit smoking. Smoking is the worst thing you can do if you have asthma. DON'T SMOKE!


make sure you are getting 8 hours or more sleep, eat lots of vitamin c and less white sugar. wash your curtains and rugs, give away some of your dust-collecting knick-knacks and put peppermint oil around the nose and mouth every night before you go to bed. And quit smoking. This will work, maybe not elliminate your asthma but it will help a lot.

John Wakamoto

Ingredients: wild cherry tree bark
Instructions: this is found at your local herbal store. you make tea with the bark. you can drink it hot or cold. add more or less bark to your taste. drink as you would tea, or any other beverage. but be sure to drink some every day. i learned this from an indian lady and i have had no breathimg troubles since. you can also try ephedra extracts for tea.


Avoid night time asthma attacks, by taking Vit C right before you go to sleep. Best wishes ...may you breathe well.


put sliced onions in the microwave with sugar sprinkled on them and bake and then remove the juice and take it. this works great for children and babies. Also slice and onion and fry it until hot and wrap in a towel and lay on chest, it opens up the lungs for adults just eat pieces of a raw onion. It really works.


Eating onions helps ease constriction of bronchial tubes. (onion packs place on chest helped the respiratory ailments and actually made breathing better).

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