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66 Home Remedies for Asthma


Asthma is chronic inflammatory disease with obstruction or difficulty or shortness of breathing. Asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes episodes of difficult breathing. Asthma can be caused due to different reasons like allergy, colds, stress, exercise, etc.
Allopathic treatments for Asthma include Oral/inhaled steroids, Short/long Acting Beta Agonists, Leukotriene Modifiers, Anticholinergic and Immunomodulators.

However these Allopathic treatments do not cure Asthma. They are merely a way of suppressing symptoms.

Natural remedies for Asthma embrace Homeopathic remedies including Sarcodes, and Ayurvedic herbs.

Sarcodes like OM 2 - FACTOR (OM 2 Respiratory), HPD Pneumo are potentized bioenergetic impressions of healthy organs, glands and secretions. They are believed by traditional Homeopathy to be of benefit to normal structure and function of corresponding body systems.

Homeopathic remedies for Allergies can be prescribed based on the patient’s constitution. This is very effective but success generally depends on the Dr’s ability to pick the right remedy for the patient. Some of the choices include Aspidosperma; Hellaborus; Kali Carb 30-Chest; Carbo Veg 30; Oxygen; Sticta 30; Strophantus 30.
Some of the Homeopathic combinations are like C10 ASTH Formula, T26 Lung Liquescence, T31 Allergy Liquescence

Ayurveda also has numerous herbs and medicines like Tab Haleezy to encourage optimal immune responses in presence of allergens Some of the herbs like Vasa (Adhatoda vasica), Kantakari (Hedychium spicatum), Trikatu , Haridra (Curcuma longa), Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica ),
Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum),Yashtimadhu (Glycirrhiza glabra).


I have really bad asthma, and it has no apparent trigger. When it starts to act up, do NOT breathe fast or really deeply. The best remedy i use is to get a straw and breathe normally but hold your breath in between breaths for about two seconds. Carbon dioxide will build up and it will open your airways thus resulting in better breathing. You can also use this method without a straw.


I am in my mid-forties and have had asthma for 30 years. These are the remedies I swear by and have picked up over the years -- many from doctors or nurses. Please note I do the following in conjunction with my asthma meds, which I have cut down on with the help of all those listed below.

Take a hot shower with the shower head on the most forceful setting and as hot as you can stand it. Sit down so that your back is to the water and allow it to 'beat on your back'. The water will relax you, the steam is good to breathe in and the pounding helps loosen the phlegm.

Drink ginger ale. Caffeinated beverage irritate my stomach, so I drink ginger ale. I DON't drink it flat. The carbonation helps me -- ahem -- relase any trapped gas in my chest and the ginger helps with nausea that may sometimes accompany asthma.

Massage your feet. I know this sounds corny, but if you look at reflexology guides there may be somethng to it.

Massage your back (or have someone do it for you.) This also helps you to relax.

Also eating right, loosing any extra weight and getting regular exercise between attacks is crucial! You want to strengthen your heart and lungs and keep them that way.

Prayer and mediatition is always good 'medicine' in any situation.


rhythmical shifting of your hips in a tnding swaying your hips in a clockwise circular motion, or in a figure 8 motion...sounds silly but it is calming and grounding...


I went from almost disabled by asthma (couldn't take stairs on bad days) to almost asthma-free with natural remedies.

However, it wasn't simple. If your asthma is really bad, you have to change your life like I did. The whole process took about a year. I changed my diet, my amount of exercise, I started using medicinal teas, doing yoga, etc. I even changed my attitude. I would be happy to tell anyone about it, but the thing is, you really have to change your lifestyle. One or two things won't make much difference. Anyway here is a quick list of the things I do:

Environment: Take all perfumes and artificial chemicals out of your home. Use only natural soaps and detergents and deodorants.

Diet: I became a vegetarian, I cut out all greasy food (no deep fried), I cook all my own food, I eat light. I eat Indian style, lots of lentils. Breakfast is something like fresh oatmeal with raisins and dates. Lunch is lentils with veggies, dinner is something light like rice and tofu and veggies, or a bunch of fruit in the summer. Stop eating all processed foods, no chips, no packaged anything. Stop using the microwave, give it away, only cook on the stove or oven.

Yoga: stretching and relaxation and strengthening exercises. If you body is loose and relaxed, your asthma will be less. I discovered that asthma attacks are related to panic attacks, if you can keep calm, you won't have an asthma attack.

Over the years I learned to anticipate my cough reflex and suppress it, because coughing can trigger an attack. I take calm deep breaths when I am avoiding coughing.

Teas: licorice: boil for ten minutes, let sit for five. Drink. You can get it commercially (try all the commercial brands of anti-asthma tea and see which one works best for you, but don't just steep the tea, boil it). Health food stores also sell pure licorice both powdered or the raw sticks. You can grind the sticks in your coffee grinder and then boil the powder for very fresh and strong licorice tea.

Peppermint tea sometimes works too.

There are many India medicinal teas you can try, look up 'Ayurveda'.

Every morning after you go to the restroom, face the sun, take a deep breath while raising your arms above your head and stretching, then exhale while leaning all the way back. Inhale again deeply while streching up, then exhale at you bend over to touch your toes.

Laugh a lot everyday as much as you can.

Figure out what triggers your asthma and avoid it. Emotional stress can trigger asthma, so pinpoint what's wrong and try to solve it.

Avoid alcohol.

Avoid bananas.

When you feel an attack coming, raise your arms above your head.

Walk instead of using a car. Or use a bike.


Drink plenty of water.

Sometimes oranges seem to stave off asthma.

Get a daily / weekly regime going with exercise, food, etc.

I would be happy to help someone who is really looking, for free, really I am not selling anything. Contact me through ayurvedachef (dot) info

take ur ventailin puffers more often to open up ur air ways more this worked for me:)the try sniffing honey for 2min the hotsteemy shower u should be set after that


Drink pasturized goats milk. Swim everyday. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Dont exert yourself by doing extreme exercise. Do breathing exercises. For children drinking goats milk and swimming daily will completely cure asthma.


What always helped me with asthma attacks is sitting in a bathroom while the shower is on and extremely hot. The steam helps really well. See, My father insists on having three dogs, though I am very allergic. Because of that, I have a hard time breathing at his house. Therefore, I have tried everything to calm my attacks. I've also found that coffee, tea, or anything warm and caffinated is wonderful as well. I hope this helps!


In children avoid all milk products and the asthma will cease. In adults, there are four foods which usually trigger asthma. You must remove from the diet one at a time to determine which food is triggering your attacks: cheese, chocolate, citrus and wheat. A diet high in fruits and vegetables(juicing is best) and low in protein(none is best). Take 2 tbsp. flaxseed oil daily and avoid all other fats and oils. Prolonged exposure tho the drug prednisone is found to be detrimental to recovery. Avoid all pharmacutical drugs and other toxins while recovering.


put on teaspoon of baking soda and sea salt into glass of water and stir and drink.

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