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Get a chihuahua, it seriously works. My grandma recommended it for my little brother and his athsma seriously went away! We then had to get rid of him and his athsma came back, unfortunately. We had the chihuhua for 4 years and we had thought maybe my brother outgrew his athsma but soon after the chihuahua left his athsma came right back.

Naturopathic Medical Student

I've had excellent experience with treating asthma using Vitamin D, B12, Folate, and Omega 3's.

Drinking WATER can be very important if juice or soda is what is normally consumed by the individual with asthma on a daily basis.

Exercise after symptoms have been reduced is also a key component.


I had asthma, my way of dealing it is to avoid over-exercising, staying calm at all times and trying my best to relax when i can.


I had asthma and allergy since birth. A horrible combo. For immediate treatment, I take Zyrtec to deal with allergy. Zyrtec reduce allergic asthma and can be bought over the shelf and doesn't need prescription. For chronic asthma, I take licorice, rooibos, and peppermint tea as they have anti-oxidants and anti-congestion capability. However, they do not cure asthma. My cure is ... a large jug of soy protein powder, the dietary supplement with low fat and dairy free and zero carb, from Trader Joe's. I pour two scoops for every cup of water. I have a shaker which mixes well. Why? It's because people with chronic asthma have very low magnesium level, which acts as natural anti-congestion and anti-inflammatory. Also, it has all vitamins and minerals needed for daily health. After drinking this daily for a year, I never used inhalers and tea ever since. Not even Zyrtec. It saved me loads of money. This is how I realized that asthma is about how your body need vitamins and minerals, not the treatment and prescription. I dunno why people and medical doctors overlooked such elementary healthcare. If you don't believe me, then prove me wrong.


I've been working hard for the past 3 years to find out these great remedies that really due cure your lungs, and the asthma triggering them. I have gone through so much with my breathing problems I just really want to share the steps to perfect health with you. God bless. ******** PLEASE FOLLOW**************** ********** DO NOT TAKE ACTION IF ALLERGIC TO CERTAIN FOODS/ SUBSTANCE)

1. WATER WATER WATER WATER (16 glasses per day) I have been strugling day to day using medications, puffers, and different antibiotics- starting and stopping them with no releif. But I GUARANTEE you if you drink about 5 glasses each hour, you will feel like a dime. It refreshes the lungs and helps so much. Do not drink one glass, drink 5 per hour every hour. YOU WILL NOTICE A LARGE DIFFERENCE.

Kiwi is known for its large amount of vitamins and cinammon is known for its IMMUNE BOOSTING. Blend 5 cut kiwis and 3 spoons of cinnamon and it will honestly open your lungs. I guarantee you will feel much better by taking this step.


yogurt believe it or not has an amazing bacteria in it that cures diseases, and struggles, boosting your immune system. I used to take probiotic pills which made me feel so much better. I paid $90 for a pack... But then I realized, THAT YOGURT was the exact same thing.

God bless.


There is a cure for asthma believe it or not. It's simple but yet no one wants to bother trying it because they feel it's too much work. BEETS! Raw beets is the answer. A friend of the family came over to my house one day and we were talking about asthma and she told me all I had to do was go buy fresh beets and put them in the juicer and juice fresh beets. Drink 3 8oz glasses a day. I did this for 5 days in a row. I was so grossed out and sick of beets but it works. It's amazing. You simply peel the skin off and put them in the juicer and juice it just like you would do with carrots. By the 6th day the muscus/phglem disappears and no more asthma. Can't believe how amazing a simple vegetable like that works. But you need to juice them daily and drink it fresh. Although I have been lazy at times and I would juice enough to last me for 2 days. Try it if you no longer want to use an inhaler. I have to say when I smell beets I do get grossed out, but it's amazing that it works.


I have had trouble with my asthma for almost 10 years now and finally found something that helped. I know a girl that would have asthma attacks once a month if not more and would end up in the hospital, until she did this. Get a Chihuahua dog! People think I'm crazy, but when this girl got one she didn't go back to the hospital with any problems. One of my friends has asthma and ever since she got one she hasn't had problems! Also, I have asthma and ever since I got one I haven't had any problems what so ever!

Victorio R. Rustia,PhD

I have terrible asthma since birth my mother gave me a lot of medicines but just temporary relief .Many times i was confined to the hospital when the attack worsened .One time I visited an herbalist who recommended me to try onion .Chop the small onion into small pieces and eat it raw followed by drinking water after each meal until my asthma subsides. It really works and since then my asthma is not that bad anymore.


Remove genetically modified foods from your diet. These can cause leaky gut due to gene transference of the BT toxin producing gene which then causes your gut flora to begin producing that same toxin which the genetically modified plant was (this was the result of the one human study on GMO foods). From here, you develop intestinal permeability which then allows proteins which have not been fully digested to pass into your blood stream. Your immune system views these improperly digested proteins as foreign invaders (they should have been broken down into amino acids before being absorbed) and launches an attack against them. This is how allergies, and subsequently asthma, develops. Leaky gut can be caused from more things than just GMO foods, but they are a big player in the increase of illness frequency that we're seeing nowadays.

Now, you should do an elimination diet (google it) to see which foods you react to. These foods must be removed from your diet while you repair the tight junctions of your intestines. Aloe vera, colostrum, homemade bone broths are some things which will help speed up the process. If you're not digesting your food properly try taking digestive enzymes. This will help also.

Finally, read up about the research done by Dr. Weston Price and his work Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. He did studies in epigenetics (the change of gene expression across generations based on environment). His conclusion was that we must return to traditional diets to regain our health. Another good read is Deep Nutrition. This gives a good overview, and practical application, of Price's work, and the research of others. It will help in the case of asthma as you will lower inflammation following such a diet.

Do not cook with vegetable oils such as canola oil. They are unstable in heat, will create inflammation-producing trans fats, and have gone through many processes to be refined. Butter or coconut oil are better choices. There is nothing unhealthy about the saturated fat in these. Saturated fat has a strong history of successful use in cultures all around the world. Do your research here.

Finally, you will see warnings about dairy being a cause of asthma. This only applies to the homogenized and non organic dairy. Grass-fed full-fat non homogenized dairy is a completely different product, and most anti-dairy studies do not take this into account.


to cure any disease do just three things:
1.Do pranayam.
2.Do dhyan yog(meditation)
3.Read power of subconcious by joseph murphy.

i have suggeested to do these three things,coz as we know there is only one healing power which is in everyone's body that inner divinity.
dhyan yog helps in connecting to that inner divinty.
pranayam helps in distribution of healing power through whole body from that inner divinity
and in the book stated above you'll get to know how this divinity works and the necessary working basis.
Apply these things n see the miracle happen in your life.Good luck..!!!

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