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I can't believe that know one seems to know about the healing power of sumac tea. You can usually buy it at your local herbal/health food store. (or harvest it yourself in the fall of the year) Two cups a day for a few days and your poison ivy rash disappears. If you drink it in the spring of the year, you can prevent getting poison ivy. Works like a charm and actually tastes good.


I tried several of these and have come up with that people on here are fing dumb n none of these work for nothing but making scabs n burning sensation u all are idiots go to the damn doc n get it over with.


My daughter is 6 and i believe she got poison ivy on Saturday at my son's baseball game. By Sunday I saw 2 rashy patches. I had no idea what they were but I thought she was having a reaction to mosquito bites. That night was horrific. The blisters were on her hands and she was screaming. By Monday it was getting worse so I took her to the Dermatologist and sure enough PI. In addition to the sterroid cream, oral sterroids, and benadryl, I did some research and came up with my own home remedy addition. She is very fair and I was worried about scarring so I was trying to dry the patches in record time. She would get itchy and I would start with the Noxema. Make sure it is the eucalyptus one. Cake in on her in the shower and let it cool the itch and Then i would follow with Queen Helene Mint Julep mud mask. Leave that on approx 30-45 minutes and wash off with cool water or in the shower. Follow that with ice for 25 minutes. then off. Then back on. I have nothing to compare it to but I swear i sped up the healing rate with the mud mask. Today the blisters were so bad on her hands so I put the mud mask on them for 30 minutes and guess what. No blisters or pain on her hands any more. This is remarkable and for a total cost of 9 dollars for the noxema and Queen Helene, its worth it. I dont usually take the time to post, but if this helps a small child like mine who has been incedibly uncomfortable, its worth it. Best of luck.


I followed all instructions that dealt with Salt, Vinegar and cold/cool water, and it appears to be working great. (I couldn't find rubbing alcohol at the time, but I'm sure it would great as a drying agent too). Washing with the cool water helps keep the poison off your skin. The salt and vinegar are both excellent drying agents.


Just tried the Colgate toothpaste. Honest to goodness instant relief. Got poison ivy rescuing a kitten some jack a** dumped. Both ankles, one wrist. Tried it on one ankle to see if there would be a difference. OMG. What a great discovery.


Ok I have tried over the counter stuff and they r temporary relievers but what I found that works is to take a needle and scratch the blisters and then dab bleach on the poison ivy. (dab do not rub) Then after the bleach dries put some over the counter stuff on it like ivarest or ivy dry or caladryl. That stuff will act as a thin almost skin-like barrier and help the bleach dry out the blisters. It takes about 12 hrs before you start to see results and continue 2 times daily and it should be gone in about 2 to 3 days.

Mom in Ohio

Digging through the medicine cabinet in search of some calamine lotion to sooth my extreme itching...I find athletes foot spray. Desperate for relief I gave it a try. WONDERFUL almost immediate relief! With hard to see places like on the back of the neck and legs, the spray covers quickly and throroughly.

Fred Phillips

Hot air from a hair dryer applied for as long as you can stand it without burning your skin,works with bee stings as well.


I have had a severe case of Poison Ivy/Sumac the past week, and have read through the remedy's on this page and tried many - dishwasher soadp, vicks, severe rubbing/bleach. Not only did none of them provide any long term relief, I think the scrubbing caused an infection and likely spread to other parts of my body. I gave in and went to the doctor yesterday. He prescribed steroids and 2.5% hydro cream (prescription only). In 24 hours I feel better, even though the ugly red sores are still very present. Please see a doctor wherever possible and get presciptions. I agree store bought medicines are not that helpful.


Wash and scrub infected area with fast orange pumice hand soap(used mainly by mechanics to remove oil from body)... Doesn't matter where it's at... Should see results 15-30 minutes after first wash... Usually gone in 4-5 washes

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