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I suffer dearly from the reaction of the poison ivy oil - the reaction usually appears in 24 hours (most peopel 3 days)and left untreated will take about a week to clear up.
I do want to clarify that scratching the blisters does NOT spread poison ivy, the breakout is caused from where the oil attached to the skin. It seems to spread because it takes time for each skin cell to react.

any soap will work to remove the oil if done so within 20 minutes of exposure - but be sure to wash everything that was exposed (shoes, clothes, toys, etc). The toxic has no shelf life - it stays toxic for YEARS even after the plant is dead.

for a quick rememdy from the itching - I tried clear nail polish - it was a tad uncomfortable to start - but did give a quick sense of relief from the itching.

Ivyblock is a great product to use if you know you are going to be exposed - it allows you about 2 hours before the toxins will attach to the skin.


On average I get poison ivy so bad that I go to the Dr. about 4-5 times a year. This time I decided to test most of the remedies because I had it all over my body.I tried toothpaste(colgate), soft scrub, vinegar & salt, spray starch, just to name a few.I finally got relief with this remedy.Take a bottle cap & scratch your poison ivy.Then take a mixture of salt,baking soda,white vinegar and make a paste and apply.This will sting and burn a lot.Use hair dryer on areas as hot as you can stand for 2-3 mins.each area.Let set for about 30 mins. then rinse off with your own urine.After rinsing apply urine on affected areas and air dry.Itching went away immediately and I finally was able to sleep after 2 sleepless nights.This is the next day after treatment and all I have had to do is apply urine on areas a couple more times.Almost gone already.I hope this will help someone.I have never had any success with store bought remedies and I will not be going to Dr. this time around.(Labor Day weekend)

chris ashby

read 4 pages of this website and did this: scrubbed my 11 yoa with dawn and cool h2o. she was blistered on both inner arms from wrist to shoulder, back, from neck to waist, both hands and outer thighs; blisters and itching just appeared. we just mowed a sea of PI; at least 1/4 acre, 5 days earlier; have numerous outside cats she was carrying around. after scrubbing dry with pure dawn, and removing w/cool water, made a mud pak from terramin mud, (u can subtitute ANY mud, ive also used mud and water for shingles, or any store bought mudmask,or dirt from yard), mixed in two tblspns mud powder with 1 tblspn ac vinegar (u can use white or apple cider vin), made a thick paste, NOT RUNNY, wiped on thinly but covering ALL IVY areas, (burns slightly for a coupla mins). you can blow dry on cool or fan hard, with a piece of cardboard. dries in less than three mins...INSTANT RELIEF. VERY DRYING. sucks any and ALL moisture out of skin instantly. i gave her 75mgs of benadryl, put her in very loose cotton clothing and she was back videogaming right takes benadryl every morning for severe seasonal allergies and has a high tolerance to antihistimines. i also mixed her a teaspn of terramin in a glass of filtered water with a capful of ac vin. she drank it down...SUPER DETOX..BEST THERE IS...and is snoozing peacefully beside me now. her blistered areas are shrinking away, the raised, angry, welted areas are GONE. i used this same remedy when i broke out in shingles that were EXCRUCIATING....magical relief...if you dont want it to keep wearing off, mix in 3 or 4 drops of olive oil or avocado or almond or vit e oil. but the oiled mix wont cover as well, wont dry as well, and i only use it AFTER the rash is completely dried aND itch free. the skin will usually peel like a sunburn and have fresh baby skin underneath. you may have to repeat the dawn scrubbing if you arent thorough the first time...YOU MUST REMOVE THE POISON IVY OIL THAT IS CAUSING THE ITCHY BLISTERING. the reason technu works is because it uses a heavy oil to float the lighter poison oil up off the skin and you rinse it away with cool water. HEAT SPREADS THE OIL BY MELTING IT. cool hardens the oil allowing you to rinse it off. heat is soothing once the poison oil has been removed or dried. the reason gojo works is because it contains essential citrus oils, the reason menthol ointment and tiger balm work is because of essential oils of eucalyptus and or mint oils. any of these oils can be added, 7 or 8 drops, to a bottle of caladryl or benadryl gel or any lotion or aloe gel and used successfully to treat after removing the poison oil. its three hours later, my lil one is back on her vidgame and weve only had to reapply one little spot between shoulders. i rescrubbed the itchy area with dawn and cool water and reapplied mud. shes ll smiles!!! good luck 2 u!!!!!


I have been extremely allergic to poison ivy for many yrs. My Dr. reminded me I have asked for steroid 4 times in last yr.This time I read a lot of the posts and decided I would try something and if I had success,add my solution. I experimented alot and finally found something.Scratch your rash with a bottle cap.Apply mixture of salt, white vinegar,and baking soda.Leave on for 30 mins.Wash off with rubbing alcohal.This is not for wussies! After another 30 mins.rinse off with your own urine that you saved in a bottle.Then take that same urine and apply to affected areas and let air dry.Today is day 2 of severe itching and it finally went away.


Omg, I can't take this itching and pain anymore!!
I just poured bleach and rubbed it all over front side of body. Once it started stinging and I about passed out from fumes I rinsed off in very hot shower!! Ouch it is killing me. I patted dry then made a paste to rub all over me out of vinegar and baking soda. It is stinging like crazy. But I'm going to deal with it and wait 15 min then wash it ofWell I washed the paste off after five minutes. It was burning my skin. Rinsed off in hot, hot shower. All the bumps are really sticking up and they are beet red. I think I pissed them off. Then I patted dry and ran the blow dry on hot, Hot on all the bumps till my skin felt like it was going to start on fire. Then rubbed the prescription cream I got from my Dr. 5 days ago all over my beet red bumps.
I'm so happy and hope I keep feeling like this. I don't itch anymore. I changed all my bedding (again) and put on a 100 % cotton night gown and I'm going to bed! I hope I burned all the poison off me!! I'll let everyone know how I feel in the morning.


I get poison ivy just looking at it, and the store bought fixes for it are crap. The last 3 cases I have used this regimen, and the last case cleared up in two days.

This is crazy for me as one little patch of poison ivy usually spreads all over me in a day lol. Here is what I do.

1. Rinse the affected area with cold water, then clean with Dawn dish soap. Helps remove the poison oils.

2. Create a paste of white cider vinegar and table salt. 1 part of each. I do 1/4 quarter cup vinegar and 1/4 salt. Leave on affected area 10 to 15 minutes until dryed. Rinse off with cold water.

3. Blow dry affected area with hair dryer at highest heat setting you can stand, about a minute or two.

At this point, my itching is gone, and stays away for about 4 hours. I do 4 treatments a day.

5. In between treatments I will dab some rubbing alcohol on the poison with a cotton ball.

I had poison on my arm a week ago. It was nearly dried up and gone in 2 days using this regimen, which is nuts for me, as it usually spreads everywhere on me fast like wildfire.

Hope this helps you.


I was really struggling with trying to stop itching my poison Ivy, not to mention I'm a fry cook at TGI Friday's, so with my rright hand constantly over my gross smokey , and my poison is on my R wrist, it seemed to make everything all the worst. Anyway, after reading all of these remedies on here, and since I had tried nothing but hydrocortisone cream, I tried my own idea. St Ives Apricot blackhead and blemish control scrub. Its amazing wonders of relief are instant. I used lukewarm water and did 3 wash and rinses in a row.... Wow! The acne acid in it helps dry it out, and the scrub gets rid of all the oils, its perfect. Please let me know if this works for anybody! I'm a young nursing student so I would love to know how my idea worked (or didn't work possibly :( ) best of luck!


I am severely allegeric to poison ivy. Over the counter creams do not help me at all. Itching drives me absolutely crazy, so i tried something earlier and it really helps. Clean infected area very well with vinegar water. Then mix baking soda and water together to make a paste and put on itchy spots really thick. This felt amazing! Leave on for atleast 5 minutes. Wash off with cold water. Pat dry, dont rub. Then put some anti-lotion on. Its been about 4 hours and the spots that were itchy no longer itch, more kinda tingle. But nothing like an itch. If ya try it i hope it works for you too!


Tiger Balm neck & shoulder rub. Showered using dawn dish washing soap on a loofa. Dried off then applied the Tiger Balm. I tried several other otc creams/sprays but nothing worked. Waste of $$. So far the Tiger Balm feels fantastic. Itch is totally gone. *happy sigh of relief*


Last week, I found I had some poison ivy between my fingers... So I was just messing around and thought my toothpaste would help, sense it helps with pimples... So I put a large gob of tooth past between my fingers, and when the toothpaste dried, I felt a great relief. The toothpaste dries and hardens, so your fingers cant constantly rub, and cause it to itch.

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