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Get a hard bristled nylon brush or steel wool or something of thatsort toget the blisters broken open. Then get regular old bleach and pour it on the broken blisters and let sit, do this 2 or 3 times and thencwash off let set about 30 minutes a piece. This burns like hell but it gets rid of the infection almost instantly bythe next morning its dried and gone.


I came across a forum site on my smart phone on which there were literally dozens of recommended cures ranging from scraping your self with broken glass and then pouring bleach on the open wounds (ok, it was a bottle cap, but still..) to urinating on one-self (aghast, what if the poison ivy is on your face?) . But mixed in with the slightly misguided and odd-ball cures were some fascinating concepts.

The remedies that received the highest marks from those who tried them were those that:

a) removed the oil
b) dried out the affected areas
c) stopped the itching

So with that in mind, I selectively put together a regimen (from the suggested remedies) intended to bring relief and commence with the healing already.
1.I took a really hot shower.
2.I scratched open the areas that were the most “bubbly” and fluid filled.
3.I applied a paste of baking soda. I let it dry and then rinsed.
4.I applied apple cider vinegar to the open wounds.
5.One hour later, I rinsed the apple cider vinegar residue off.

Amazing immediate results.


Get to the doctor and have him prescribe Clobetasol Propionate Cream 0.05%.... Wash affected area then apply according to Dr's. direction. First application you will see a huge improvement.


After a 2 weeks or so of using calamine, Caladryl, Ivarest, etc., I manned up n used my fingernails to claw off the poison welps and existing scabs from previous scratching while taking a HOT shower. Instant relief. The downside is my bloody, raw arm made me look like I was patient zero of the Zombie Apocalypse. But, I'd rather heal an open wound to get new skin than treat a nasty, itchy poison any day. After claw treatment: anti-bacterial spray, neosporin, bandage, medical tape. Only needed bandages for 2 days, healed up in a few days total. No more itching!


This may sound a little crazy but there is horse linament called bigeloil. It doesnt stop the oils from spreading but it works wonders for the itching. I had a bad rash and one night started trying new things. And that was the first i tried. It also gives a nice cooling feeling. Also try it on bad joints or aching muscles. You can find it at some tack and feed stores or some vets carry it. If all else fails sells it for 14 or 15 bucks and the bottle will last years if you dont use it everyday


For Poison Ivy: When I first discovered that itchy little blister pimple, I was at work, so I got my Hand Sanitizer and gently rubbed some on ( the alcohol in it dries it and stops the itch ). Then I put a band-aid on it till I got home. I again put a little Hand sanitizer on it, waited till it dried and then put some Clearasil on it, as I know that can dry out pimples pretty good. It works as long as you catch it right away.
If you have poison ivy all over, I would go to the doctors.

What ever you have on hand to dry it out...I hear toothpaste works good. I sure would NOT use bleach! Bleach is a bad chemical.

But everybody is different. May the drying-out power be with you!


The toothpaste thing didn't work at taking it away I don't think. Either that or I tried way too many things all at once. Anyways I found out another thing that actually does work like a charm. Take some ivarest calamine lotion and mix it with swan clear anti-itch lotion(moe ivarest than the swan)and put it on the area(s). Don't use your finger to rub it on, but use a cotton ball,q-tip,paintbrush, or whatever you can besides your hands or fingers. Don't put too much on it because it seems to counteract itself. Put just enough to where it will cover the area(s) and rub it in. If you can't see it cause it is rubbed in or you can barely see it, then that's good. I did this and the next day it was already drying up. I have been tryin to get rid of these spots for almost 2 weeks and this was the only thing that could get it to go away. I also put some Skin So Soft bath oil spray before the mixture, but I don't know if it helped. I know everyone's reactions are different, but I hope this helps!


i'm surprised no one listed fels naptha as a poison ivy remedy. when i was a kid it was all we used. mix powdered form in water to make a poultice, spread it on, burns LIKE FIRE (no kidding) but takes it right out.


go to almost any drugstore and buy a cream wash called Zanfel, its a little bit pricey but worth every cent! Its the only cream proven to remove the oil, you can also use the generic brand which works just as well and is about ten dollars cheaper, just make sure it contains the same ingredients! I am very highly allergic to poison ivy and it spreads on me like crazy, even causing my eyes to swell shut, i had done the whole steroid thing but all that did was take down the swelling, after two days of washing with this cream wash my poison ivy was completely dried out and flaking, and this is very impressive considering i had thick, leather like welts on my face, just make sure you follow the directions, they are very specific, but this is my new favorite way to get rid of it! it also stops the itch for hours!


DO NOT TRY VINEGAR OR BLEACH!!!!!!!!! Those are 2 things the doctor will tell you to try, but bleach can cause an infection in your skin and vinegar literally burns your skin. I tried vinegar once a day for 2 days and it looks like I took a lighter and burned my face. I have tried baking soda and water and it seems to work. I have also tried anti-itch lotion and spray and it takes the itch and pain away for a small amount of time. The calamine lotion works really good, but for a short period of time as well. I saw on here that someone said to try Colgate so I planned on tryin it, but all we had was Aquafresh extreme clean. I tried it and it takes away the itching immediately and takes away some of the redness. Don't wash it off afterwards though because that takes the effects away. It feels cold after it dries, but it helps the itching. I don't know if it helps dry it out or not yet and I will get back to you on that.

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