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Discovered this out of dire necessity, to temporarily relieve the itching, a minty mouthwash works wonders, the alcohol in it helps to dry up the rash and the mint cools to relieve itching temporarily.


Mix together toothpaste and salt and apply to the rash. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and wash off with bar soap (preferably Dial). Dries out the rash and stops itching. :)


Clorox/water (50/50) worked WONDERFULLY for me! My last outbreak last year was from touching a plant unknowingly on my FIL's porch. I bought Tecnu, Caladryl and tried RDigest suggestions. That took four weeks to go away and I did eventually have to get some RX from the Dr. This is DAY 2 and my husband was amazed! I'm very allergic to the stuff and yesterday my forearm was already beginning to look like an apocalyptic burn . I had already taken a shower and was beginning initial washings and decided I just cannot tolerate 4 weeks of oozy blisters when I have oral surgery and classes within a week (oh and a husband and 4 kiddos). Save yourself going through more days of painful rashy-ness and TRY THIS METHOD.The one little spot left on my forearm is less than the size of a quarter. It's seeping but I've got a piece of tissue over it. I do feel some bumpiness around it however it isn't red and it isn't bothering me. Skin is the largest organ in the human body and repairs itself quickly. Poison Ivy did not effect my bloodstream and Clorox will not either. As far as tissue damage, if I were leaving this on for a long period, maybe. The PI rash though is already messing with my skin, killing all the irritants that help the rash makes sense.

Merry H

I have been suffering with poison ivy for the past six days. Benadryl, prescription hydrocortisone creams did nothing for the intense itch and spreading. I was insane with the itching. Today I tried a remedy from this page and it worked like magic!!!! I took equal parts of sea salt, apple cider vinegar and dawn green dish soap. I scrubbed all the blisters using the coarsest part of the mixture. Then I formed a solution and applied letting it dry for about 30 minutes. After that I rinsed it off with cool water and applied apple cider vinegar with cotton balls to the sites. OH MY GOD, I cannot tell you how much BETTER I feel and how this dried up all the areas!!!! No more itching, I'm not jumping out of my skin either!!!! I'm just sorry I didn't try it sooner!!! I was afraid to try Clorox, it seemed to toxic to try. This is definitely a great thing to use!!!

Matt G

Quick note about that poison ivy RHUBARB trick. I spread the entire stalk on me like an idiot wondering why it wasn't working. Try to get the juices near the bottom of the stem that will start drying it up within minutes and give you the relief. Will update in a few days


Zanfel is an itch relief product which also removes the urushiol oils produced by the poison ivy/oak. Urushiol oils are what cause the allergic reaction on your skin. Technu is an urushiol product that also removes the oils. The oils have to be removed to avoid spreading the reaction. Hope this helps. Don't forget the dead sea salt scrub after you wash. Have a blessed day.


After much anguish and trying everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) I have finally found a cure for poison ivy that works for me (and my daughter) every time. At the first sign of the poison ivy I scratch the area for all it's worth and then rub in original Tabasco sauce. Within 10 to 15 minutes the itching is gone and it never breaks out again. On very rare occasions I have to apply it twice. It will feel warm after a while and may burn a little if you have open sores (but anything is better than the itch). Oh, and try not to rub your eyes.


Zanfel and Domeboro worked the best for me. Zanfel scrub removes the oil from poison ivy. Domeboro, mixed with warm water, then applied through washcloth compresses (launder in hot, soapy water), gave relief to itching. It acts like an astringent and has antibacterial properties too. It's very soothing! I found out about Domeboro at the urgent care when I had a terrible case of poison ivy. The doctor said it would help more than any prescription or over the counter remedy and he was right. I've been a gardener all my life and never had issues with poison ivy until I turned 55! I've tried many rememdies, but Zanfel and Domeboro are the best! I keep Zanfel and Domeboro on hand at all times!


Crush a small amount of limestone gravel to a fine soft white dust and cover affected area lightly. The dust will dry the wound and relive itching


The first thing to do when you get poison ivy is to get a bottle of Tecnu (I do not work for the company, I promise). Follow the directions closely, and in doing so, you will be giving your body a thorough wash of all of the urushiol, which is the poison that creates the rash on your skin. If you do NOT was with Tecnu, then you run the risk of passing the urushiol from place to place on your body.

The Tecnu doesn't necessarily do much in the way of relieving itching. Medicated powder works best for me, but calamine lotion, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda paste also are somewhat effective at itch relief.

Do NOT use bleach. Bleach basically removes layers from your skin, and while you may remove the rash, you run the risk of allowing the urushiol to get beneath your outermost layer of skin, and in such cases you will need to seek serious medical attention. Lastly, the steroid pack prescribed by doctors are effective at removing poison ivy.

Best of luck, but please, please, please wash with Tecnu as soon as you possibly can after coming in contact with poison ivy.

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