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let me preface by saying this should be used for only the worst cases of poison, when you can't seem to get it to stop spreading. this may sound a little harsh, but if you've got the moxy, it's most effective! take medium grit sand paper and rub the affected area, popping any blisters and effectively roughing up the top layer of skin. don't get too carried away, just a few passes with medium pressure will do. then pour on a healthy dose of rubbing alcohol...i know, i know...sounds nuts, but a bad case of poison ivy will drive you way more crazy! anyway, the poison will dry up and fade overnight, no problem!


I read in a ladies magazine to rub fingernail polish remover with acetone on the rash. Back up with Calamine or Caladryl only if itches or stings which may happen if rash is open. I did this for my son while out of town one Saturday evening hoping it would hold him over until we got back to town on Monday to get a steroid shot from the doctor and by Monday his rash was almost gone.

Nancy Lee

Believe it or not, I had a poison ivy rash that would nOt go away after 7 weeks of creams, 2 cortizone shots, oatmeal baths etc.Then I went online and looked for a natural cure, somewhere I found a site that said to rub the inside of a banana peel all over the rash. Within seconds the rash stopped itching and went away in 2 days. It only took 2 applications of peels a day.Now all the doctors I know in West Virginia are recomending this to their patients rather than a very expensive cortizone. God has truly blessed us with His own cures!

andy of Iowa

I have found that the best way to cure poison ivy is to take a piece of rusty iron and a cutting torch along with a metal bucket 1/2 full of water, hold the iron over the bucket, and then take your torch and begin cutting, allowing the metal slag to fall in the water. After the water turns haze colored rub hands and arms completely for about 1 minute and then drip dry. This has worked great for me and clears the rash and stops the itch completely within 12 hours.


As early as possible after exposure to poison ivy, apply 'Soft Scrub' liquid bleach cleaner to affected area. I found this by accident and it totally kills the poison ivy.


To help with poison ivy, take a plant called jewelweed, put it in a pot of water and boil it down. Then, put the mixture in a jar. When you get poison ivy, you can wet a cloth with the mixture and rub it on. It is an old-timer remedy, but my dad and grandparents swear by it.


For poison ivy:

1. Wash body with soap and water after outing

2. If rash detected, apply white vinegar directly to rash, using sterile cotton balls

3. Repeat step 2 several times a day, some stinging and redness may appear (this is the poison being neutralized)

4. Don't scratch

5. Rash should be gone within one or two days

6. Never burn poison ivy (the smoke inhalation will cause internal toxic exposure)

7. See doctor if rash continues

8. Important to start vinegar treatment as soon after exposure as possible

Bobby Dill

For poison oak or poison ivy use plain table salt. Just wet the infected area and rub it with table salt for fast relief and to stop the spread. Use again if itching doesn't stop after the first application. Usually stops it cold and also stops the spread. I have been using it for over 40 years with much success... It was told me by my Grandmother who had used it for many years.


Search for yourself >>> Liquid shoe polish to dry the oozing and also relieve the itch. Pick your color.


Dilute one half rubbing alcohol with one half water. Dab on with cotton balls or use a squirt bottle set for misting. The alcohol will cut through the oily resin.

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