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To stop Iching,
1 Put the icy part under Extremely Hot Water.
2 For 1 to 2 Sec.
3 It will stun the nerve endings and will stop the itching,
4 the Pain will go away from the hot part in 30sec's and it will feel better for 4-5 hours.
5 a video guide

Danielle T.

Im pretty much allergic to everything that causes skin reaction from eczema, flea bites, & yes poison ivy, & etc. My mother told me this one night to relieve the itching from poison ivy. Take a lil bit of *Tide* washing powder (make sure its the powder) add a lil water were it makes a paste and apply to infected area and rub. It might burn alittle but it feels so good. Ah! Relief!!! Leave it or wash off whenever u want. All I no is it stop my itching for a couple of hrs were I could sleep that night.!! Arent moma's God s second greatest gift. Jesus is the first to those how were wondering.Amen!♥♥♥♥


I've been using a tea tree oil (also called Melaleuca oil) ointment, and it seems to be helping. It's not stopping the spread, but it does seem to be shrinking the bumps. Strangely, the itching hasn't been bad for me; I'm really surprised because I normally have a weak immune system. I'm taking ascorbyl palmitate, which is a fat-soluble vitamin C, and I'm wondering if that could be the reason I didn't get it so badly?

Southern Virginia folks

Well, unlike some participants, this new OTC called 'Zanfel' really did work for my husband and me. Last night, when realizing sleep wasn't going to come as our poison ivy itching on our forearms and hands - about 39 hours after a heavy duty weeding session - was going ballistic, I drove to the nearby all-night drugstore and bought the stuff - expensive, but the druggist promised a refund if it didn't work. We scrubbed and scrubbed with it as directed, and the imediate stinging sensation was a welcome relief. Over the next half-hour that itch re-surfaced, and I just applied ice compresses for a half-hour, took two PM's and went to bed. This morning, both of us are nearly free of discomfort, the lesions still pinkish, and one or two small patches just a little itchy. If they continue we'll apply the Zanfel again, but the difference is amazing. After one application, I'd say 95% itch free about describes it.


After almost a week of an outbreak of poison ivy, I started spreading Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque on the rash thickly with a plastic knife multiple times per day. It feels very cool and soothing, takes the itch away and has helped dry up the rash nicely. I have even been sleeping with it on the rash. I have also had to be on steriods.


I had a terrible outbreak of poison ivy on my leg. woke up in the middle of the night with severe itching that was intolerable. out of desperation grabbed an sos brillo pad. scrubbed the site and let me tell you that in itself felt so good. it opened the sites and the brillo pad did a great job of cleansing. That night it oozed and oozed, I put paper towel on it and slept...absolutely no more itcing. period. not even the next day. it dried up the site. I did it one more time the next day and I did put a polysporin cream to prevent infection. Then it went into the healing phase.


I am a nurse who had never gotten poison ivy before, this past weekend I contracted the devil weed. Well, after many concoctions, including bleach, salt, and others. It was recommended to me by the daughter of an ER nurse, that I try Benadryl with a combination of Pepcid-AC ( both can be found over the counter). She explained this is what ER docs often order. It's worth a try!!


A home remedy I use when I get poison ivy is mixing baking soda and water. Let it dry and gently wipe off. It helps me stop itching.


I have it all over my hands and half of my face. The hands itched the worst and were driving me crazy. I tried alcohol, vinegar, baking soda, sea salt, Ivy Dry, Tecnu, lemon juice, Clorox, Cortisone 10, lava soap, peroxide, etc. Nothing would relieve the intense itch that drives you crazy. Holding onto an ice pack has been the only thing to keep the itch at bay. Hot water made the itch worse. I'm also using peppermint oil on my hands to help with the itch. I did go to the doctor and got a shot of cortisone and pred pills yesterday. He didn't want to give me the shot but I insisted. My face is better today. I found none of the over the counter products stop the itch. I didn't try the expensive one that begins with Z (Zantel?) because the pharmacist said it wouldn't help after the fact. I didn't want to waste more money on useless products. The intense itch is pure torture. I'm going to try the rhubarb idea next.


So I get poison ivy really bad (in the hospital) And each time I get it I have to get all these shots once a week for two months. I cannot use the pop blister and dry them (because if I get any in my bloodstream then in two hours it is goodbye cruel world) so I tried heat and that was a bad idea because I swelled up. Next I tried ice but it does not penetrate deep enough. So I go to 2 benedryl every four hours which helps a little. I wash my skin and make a paste out of vinegar, salt, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar. I let dry. I wash off and put on toothpaste which I just leave on till I put salt mixture on aggain. In a mild case it only takes about 8 days in a severe case it takes three months. Still looking for something that works faster (and cheaper) because I have college (not cheap).

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