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A combination of medical knowledge and home remedy: the irritation & blistering are the result of the oil from the poison ivy plant binding to the layer of skin exposed -- that's what medical science says and those blisters don't contain any of the irritant, only fluid from your own body like any other blister (think blisters from wearing new shoes). Therefore -- and this is the home remedy part -- what you need to do is get rid of the layer of skin to which the irritant has bonded. Exfloliate! Exfloiate and dry it out! (That's why the sandpaper idea here isn't totally nuts--and why some people cut open the blisters -- because an open wound is less painful and easier to heal than that whole patch of blistered skin sitting there for weeks.) But keep the area clean so you don't get an infection. Rubbing salt on the area will exfoliate the affected skin and dry the blisters. I pour Purell on the blistered area and top it with table salt. Rub vigorously and leave a paste of the same on the area. It's clear within days instead of weeks! And the iching stops right away!


this is my first time having poison ivy and it is already fading. i used different remedies. first i applied cortizone cream. later in the day, apply a mixture of half bleach and half water onto a cotton ball and dab the poison ivy. keep it on for 15-20 minutes then rinse off. then, apply an ACE BANDAGE around the poison ivy. this works!!


it sounds weird but it really does work... cheap white shoe polish. just dab it on the ara , let dry for about 10 minutes and wash off. within 2 days it will be gone, and it doesn't harm your skin.


Last night I searched through this page to find something to help the itching. This is my first case of Poison Ivy...go figure....I've made it 52 years without it!!! Anyway I tried the salt scrub and it worked wonderfully. It stops the itch FAST. I wet the arm and just poured the table salt right on it and scrubbed and let it dry. I'M IMPRESSED!! Thank you somebody's grandma


the two remedies which have worked for me are,1)apply straight bleach to the areas affected several times a day and usually goes away in two to three days and 2)soak a rag in white rubbing alcohol,scratch the rash busting as many blisters as you can then wipe area thoroughly with the alcohol soaked rag as if you were mopping the ivy oil up.sounds weird but instead of burning it produces a cool tingling sensation.Repeat as needed,usually goes away in two to three days.


For poison ivy wash with sunlight bar soap. helps to dry out the poison ivy and takes awqy the itch. After washing apply a mixture of warm water and epsom salts (paste) draws the poison and dry's it up further. Remember that the oil can get on clothing and bedding be sure to wash immediately and seperately from other items. Best to hang out on the line to dry.


I get poison ivy every year. Probably from my cat. Running water as hot as I can stand over the rash helps (not hot enough to burn yourself)6-8 hrs


I read these remedies, added a few of them to my own and got great relief. WOW! My whole face and arms are covered in poison ivy. Swollen and miserable. I wet some dolomite clay, smudged it all over my face, neck, and arms and let it dry. It itched like crazy and I felt like I was turning into a dried raisen, but alot of the puffiness went out of my face. When I could stand it no longer, I took the hottest bath I could stand to rinse off. The bath had a lot of salt and baking soda in it. OOOh that felt good. After a good soak, I rubbed salt gently onto all my itchy spots. OW that stung! I let it set as long as I could stand, then rinsed again. I am a new person! I had four hours of total relief. The swelling has stayed down in my face. I have had some spots of itchiness, but nothing bad ever since. When it itches, I find something that stings like the salt or vinegar. When it oozes, I use something that dries, like dome boro (Awesome stuff) or dolomite or baking soda. When It feels too dry and cracky, I soothe it with aloevera. Thank you God, and thank you every body! I was planning on going to the doc tomorrow, but I will not have too.


Here is more information related to my post above.

Many of you who have poison ivy must still go to work.

Here is an effective way to treat poison ivy while you are working:

1) Fill a small plastic bottle with apple cider vinegar (ordinary grocery store variety will do).

2) Every few hours when you are at work (either in the washroom or in some other quiet spot) apply this apple cider vinegar to the affected spots.

3) Apple cider vinegar will dry quickly; it is practically oderless when dry (apply some cologne afterwards if you feel self-conscious); and it leaves NO visible trace on your skin.

4) This will continue to work on your poison ivy while you are working and will relieve the itch.

If you follow the information contained in this post and in the one above, you will see dramatic results within TWO DAYS.

The medical profession states that poison ivy may last from 14 to 20 days. That is complete nonsense.

I had a severe case of poison ivy last week and I got rid of it within THREE DAYS.

Whatever you do, do not buy Calmine Lotion, the pink cement from hell...

Other things that help stop the itch and promote healing of poison ivy are:

1) 99% Isopropanol - just lightly apply this to the poison ivy. It feels wonderful.

2) Jalapeno juice - if you can't find it, then grind up some fresh Jalapenos mixed with apple cider vinegar. Lightly spread it on the affected areas. This works wonders.


I am very sensitive to poison ivy. The store bought remedies are terrible and are a waste of money.

For fast and effective relief from poison ivy try this:

1) Soak your body in a tub of warm water mixed with baking soda. This will sooth the itch and leech the poison.

2) Then mix together: white vinegar, apple cider vinegar and ordinary table salt.

Apply this mixture to the affected areas. The itching should stop quickly, and the mixture will leech and then kill the poison.

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