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Think about it as the irritation & blistering are the result of the oil from the poison ivy plant binding to the layer of my skin
My latest home remedy:
1) Make a pultice:
a) 1 tbsp. instant oatmeal (any kind) what
b. 1 tbsp. table salt (rock salt best)
c. 1 tsp. baking soda
d. 1 - 2 tbsp. vinegar

2. Take a hot shower and wash with soap. Use something to scrub the areas and lots of soap. Rinse well. Now, use the mixture and rub and scrub on areas. Look for small new spots. Exfloliate and dry well. (Use it like sandpaper)

3) Use just the liquid part of the mixture to spread a light layer over areas. Air dry or use a fan. .
4) Wrap the large blistered skin areas with plastic wrap!! Yes, plastic wrap for about 2 hours.

4) Went to sleep it was bedtime. The next morning I was shocked! This worked so well for me!!! I was only left with the dark, dry areas .... NO MORE BLISTERS. YEA!!! Keep it clean. I just used the liquid part of mix the next day to be sure! I patted in on all areas. Let it dry.

I usually have to go to the doctor for steriod shot or table dose pack.


This is the first time I've had Poison Ivy. I got in on my right ear and it's not so much itchy, as it is burning and very red. There's a lot of remedies on here that seem pretty sketchy like the use of Bleach, so I tired plain salt and left on for 2 minutes. It stung like hell, but after I washed it off I put on Aloe Vera and the burning stopped. So far so good :)


As a mother of 8 children, I have dealt with poison ivy many times. One of the best products I have found is a handmade soap with jewelweed in it. Jewelweed is the natural antedote for poison ivy/oak. I found this bar at sadie's herbal garden, a amall soap shop in my town. They do have a web site it you won't be disappointed...


I have a SEVERE reaction to poison ivy/oak/sumac. Large, thick patches that get 1/2' thick and ooze for what seems like FOREVER!!!! I think I have tried everything!!! I've always been wary about the bleach solution (just tried it finally, think it might be a good solution, thanks!). One summer, after 4 months of recurring / ongoing poison ivy reaction, cortizone shots, oral steroids, etc. I gave up trying to fix it, got desperate for some summer fun and went swimming. The NEXT DAY the itching , oozing and scabbing were gone! It must have something to do with the pool chemicals! I don't know what the 'majic bullet' was, but the pool worked! Having an outbreak now ... going swimming tonight for sure!

joe from the H

yea i got it on my face and its real bad but yea i took a shower today in the hot water and it helps alot !!!!!but the best thing to do is just keep on puting hot water on it so all the jucies can leak and go away !!!then put the bleach on it !!but at night put that pink lotion on u kno wut im talkin about !!!!! dont scratch it !!


Poison ivy i have learned spreads and itches more if you put heat to it. if you get an ice pack and put it bare on your skin it will stop itching.

also if you take a plant called jewelweed and boil it. it makes a tea that you can drink(i dont) or you can apply it direcly to the area wth cotton balls. for a longer lasting effect place soaked cottonballs on the area and wrap it with gauze


I've read every home remedy on the Internet and tried every one except the vinegar. That will be next if I need it. I have had poison ivy since I was a teenager with very swollen, red, itchy symptoms. This year I've moved into a new house and have been cleaning up the yard and WOW! I have it again! This time it's on one side of my face including my eyelid and on both forearms. I practice a natural diet and lifestyle and didn't want to go to the doctor for a shot. SO, I tried the baking soda paste and wash and so far the swelling is down a little within hours. I feel less itching too. It seems to be drying up as I sit her typing this. Easy and cheap! I need to go out later tonight and must look better than I do now. I'll get back to you later with the final results, but so far so good. My skin looks and feels pretty dry after this remedy, so I'll have to use some good lotion once the rash is gone. Thanks for the good advice!


Two words - rubbing alcohol.

I get poison ivy every year, and nothing over the counter works, and the blisters just spread all over my body until I need to get a prescription steroid to stop it.

However, last summer I finally got fed up (after my third bout of the season) and as soon as I saw the little blisters on my forearms, I scrubbed them like crazy with cotton soaked in rubbing alcohol. I kept doing this every time the blisters filled up again, and within a day or two, all gone! (You've got to scrub them hard so that you break the blisters.) Not only does it make the blisters go away, but you get to relieve yourself by scratching the hell out of the suckers. It itches and stings a little at first, but after a few minutes they feel completely normal.

By the way, as I write this I've got a small patch of poison ivy blisters in my ear (!) and the rubbing alcohol is working its magic. Please do yourself a favor and don't mess around with calamine lotion or benedryl. All you need in your medicine cabinet is a $1.99 bottle of rubbing (a.ka. isopropyl) alcohol.


My husband has poison ivy and I have poison sumac. The best thing we have found is taking a hot bath with Aveeno oatmeal (a poultice can be made from oatmeal for facial areas), immediately drying off and covering affected areas with rubbing alcohol. After the alcohol dries cover areas with tea tree oil - stops the itching almost immediately and helps area heal.

BEWARE!! I read somewhere on this site to eat a leaf for a cure. This can be extremely toxic and even fatal.


all you do is get a cotton ball and soak with apple cider vinager and rub all over affected area. This relieves itching immediatly!

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