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I went 38 years without an outbreak and now I've had it spread all over my legs. From what I read I was lucky it mostly stopped there. I'm still getting a few spots of it no matter what I do so I've been trying Chlorox on the small bits and it seems to work. Lysal would probably work too. I just want it gone. My doctor suggested bathing in cold water twice a day to wash off the oils from the rash. That seemed to work too. Hot water only opens your pores to more infection so I'd avoid that. Fels Naptha soap has also been recommended to me. Also I bought alchohol rubs to use on the small minor rashes to dry them up fast. For the more serious rashes I'd stick with prednisone and the doctors shot. Those worked wonders though they did take a few days to kick in. Also make sure and wash anything that comes in contact with your sick thoroughly including clothes. Those oil from the plant remain active for years and don't come off easily. That's why I'm probably still getting small breakout.


well i got terrible poison ivy and it itches so dang bad im practily dieing and so im going to try the banana peel thing so what u do is rub the inside of the peel on the evil poison of he11 2 times a day and its supost to go away so im gonna try it and report back in two days any way im 12 and this hurts and i wana make it leave!!!! any way today is april 28 4:30 PM and ive had it for a week now and it really does suck so ill check back in exactly 48 hours and ill see if this stuff really works.............


Lori, RN from Missouri

Rub hand sanitizer on your poison ivy. I haven't tried all brands but Germ-X works for me and my family every time. It stops the itch immediately and 12 hours later you can't even tell where the rash was. These days almost everyone carries hand sanitizer in their purse, car, etc. Good luck!


Ok, I have come here to report on the use of salt on poison ivy/oak. I had the rash for 7 days using Caladryl and Ivarest. Neither worked very well and I was applying it 4-5 or more times a day. I read on here to use salt as an exfoliant of sorts. So I started using it. I wet my arms and rubbed the salt in. Yes, it did hurt, sometimes pretty bad but the one thing it didn't do was itch. After the first try I had relief. Now I had to use it for about a week but the rash was bad since it had been going on for over a week. Now after using the salt for a week the rash is almost gone and I have been getting alot more sleep just by using the salt.


When I get poison ivy, I get it bad. Recently, I've tried the bleach thing and it works fairly well. But there's something that has worked for me ever since I was a kid. Try scratching the blisters open and then going swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool. This has ALWAYS worked for me, and it didn't require any work! It seems to just dry it up within a matter of hours. Hope everyone else has as much success with it as I did.

Nick Hall

I get poison ivy on a monthly basis and the best way I have found is to scratch open the poison ivy then rub on hurts for a few minutes but then run calamine lotion over top of will be gone in a matter of days.


OK so i get poision ivy on my face at least 2wice a year and when i get it its baddd!! i have tried all kinds of home remedies (the ones that sounded safe to use on my face) and none of them seemed to work very well. So right now i have poision ivy and last night my mom picked up this lotion called Sarna at walmart. i was skeptic at first but after i put it on i felt immidately better! it burns a little at first but within munuites my face didnt burn ofr itch anymore instead it felt cool and open. It worked wonders for me i hope the same for you!


alright many things work like bleach or salt like ive seen but B12 carburetor cleaner works to trust me it sounds weird but it works and thats all that matters.

really works

so i am extremly i mean EXTREMLY allergic to poison ivy but i found someting that works: mix together table salt, olive oil, dawn dish soap, and aloe vera until it forms a paste. apply to the effected area and rub gently. the salt draws out the toxins and dry the area while the olive oil provides moisture and the aloe gives a cooling sensation. let me know how it works for you


This is the best thing, so far, for my poison ivy. I took a HOT bath today and poured epsom salts all over the rash. I then sat on the edge of the bath and rubbed the salt into the rash and let it sit on the rash for about 10 min before going back in the water. Soak in tub for 15min and repeat salt rub. Then I dabbed the rash with hydrogen peroxide. An hour or so later the redness has diminished and the itch is the best it's been in a week. I've also increased my vitamin c/echinacea intake to help boost my immunity and overall health. Let's hope this works.

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