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Every Saturday I run this trail with my cross country team, and it is FULL of poison ivy. When I am done I always rub PURELL from the porta john all over my legs and arms. Every once in a while, i will get a rash where i didnt put purell but I just rub more purell on it and it burns really bad but stops itching and completly stops spreading. Hope it helps


Ok I just tried bleach. I actually used a clorox bleach pen. Painted it on the rash rubbed it in, let it sit for 30 seconds or so and then washed with dish liquid. It slowed the itching down instantly. Remember to remove you rings. Good luck


55 years old and still hate poison Ivy. My Mom used to clean my entire body with a Tincture of green medicated soap. It is a body detergent for surgical use, Is 30% alcohol. I use it and I believe it has hepled me from getting it, as long as I clean the area with in a half hour. I believe it cleans the oil off your skin. , keeps the open wounds clean and I feel clean using it. I clean the infected area when I shower. I just bought a pint on for about $4. a gal is around $100. There is also a new product out called Zanfel, It works, it is a wash, cleans the oil and relieves itching, CVS has it's own brand which 1/2 the $$$$. At work we have spray cans of degreaser, cleans the oil, I hope?, Good luck to everyone, Poison Ivy sucks !

The Lawn Ranger of Cincinnati, LLC

I own a landscape and lawn care business, and I have never had any poison ivy, oak, sumac and I pull it all the time. Well, this summer as fate has it, I got it... I searched hi and low for a quick fix, all the home remedies didn't touch it. I finally went to walgreens and picked up a tube a tecnu extreme and it worked in about 15 seconds just like they said. I did however see that someone said something about using a hand cleaner for grease etc...tecnu is something like that. It is gritty and feels about the same consistancy....but above all, it worked very well with the itching and burning, and it cleared it up quickly.


I have poison ivy on my face,arms,and on an area that I won't mention.(I'm a male).I just tried the automotive hand degreaser/cleaner trick and it works great!!! Thanks to the chemist who posted this idea.

Lynn Turner

for poison ivy rash: make a paste of Baking soda , vinegar, water, oatmeal or Aveno and dishwashing liguid. Apply to skin & let dry. Rinse off with cool water.


i used all of the suggestions... rub salt, palmolive, beach,nail polish remover, baking soda and vinegar baths. i was cleaning something with quik n brite ( they have a web site) and the poison ivy just went away on my hands. it is a great all natural cleaning product. it takes a week to get but good to have on hand in case of poison ivy outbreak. i guess it removed the oil from my skin.


neutrogena oil free acne wash it removes the oils


i have found that opening the poison ivy rash then flushing it with hydrogen peroxide(stuff for cleaning cuts)works very well


The best thing, and only relief I have found, for poison ivy is a product you can purchase at Walgreen's Drug Store called Poison Ivy Wash. It is a scrub. Follow directions on tube, and you will have at least 75% relief after using once! It was nearly gone after a 2nd application!

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