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Don't waste your money on creams or the other stuff and especially doctors and their steroids. Try salt first..or apple cider vinegar. especially if really bad case. Something that is natural and always works for me instantly if you can spend about $8 is Burt's Bees Poison Ivy Soap. I bought it yrs ago and forget I have it. I just used it on my poison ivy and it instantly stops the itching and leaves a clean feeling and bumps are already clearing up. I also did a test area on my worst spot using decreased the size of the bumps but it feels very dry like I've been swimming all day. following up with the BB. The Burt's Bees PI Soap that i have contains only Jewelweed, Clay, and Pine Tar. BB's is sold at CVS, Walgreens etc.. but not sure if they sell the soap..Got mine at a health store yrs ago. I paid $3.69 but now I see they have a new formula with added ingredients and selling for $8. good luck.


I used a syringe & salt & vinager and mixed tha salt with tha vinager and sucked it up with tha syringe and put lil dots on each bump and let it set there 4 3-5 min. It worked 4 me so tell me if it worked 4 u and ull c lil white dotes on top surface of the bumps. thnx

Mary Hubbard

my skin just recently became allergic to poison ivy... and i tryed all the creams and nothing happened, it only got worse.. i mix pure bleach, baking soda, and salt together then apply it to my affected areas and let the formula dry to your skin... do this a couple times a day and it should be mostly if not all the way gone the next day.


You guys are saving my life. It is too late to go to a store. The worst thing I did was put a band aid over it - had to cover it b/c I had a job interview this afternoon! It spread like crazy.
The nail polish remover helped a little. The salt with a nail brush scrubbed on my arms is great. As it ooozes I keep adding salt. Hope I can sleep. Thanks everyone.


Here is a great plan to cure poison ivy. although it is not a home remedy it will work better than anything you have ever tried. all you need is.

benadryl 25mg
Hydrocortizone cream
Hot shower
any over the counter cream for washing off poison ivy oils. i prefer ivarest foam.

all this can be found at your local drug store and all over the counter.

Step one take a super hot shower and stay under the water for as long as possible until the poison ivy does not 'tingle' anymore. then turn the shower off and grab your washing cream and rub it all over yourself so you wash all the oils off your skin after the hot water washed up. then gently dry yourself off.

step 2.. apply hydrocortizon cream onto rash to control the itch

step 3. take a benadryl pill for itching and swelling then wait for the drowsiness to kick in from the pill and take a nap.

repeat this 2 or 3 times a day and the rash will be gone in 2 days at most. i currently have poison ivy and i tried this last night and now my eye isnt swollen shut anymore and the itching is gone and it has not spread anywhere else and its almost all dried up.


Just read a comment that said that taking a swim in a good treated pool gets rid of it and that reminds me that that seems to be what has gotten rid of most of my old summer ivy when I was younger. I don't swim much, now, but that salt seems to be working. So, my two favorites are salt and treated pools. If you are younger, I suggest the pool ;)


I personally just got done trying the salt. I ran my hands under lukewarm water, and rubbed salt on my hands and between my fingers, where the ivy seems to have originated from. Left it to dry for a while, for good measure, doesn't itch a bit. As I type, the sides of my fingers seem to rub together because of the inflammation of lots of poison ivy but it isn't causing any type of itching. That must mean something.

D. Smith

i just found this site or i would have posted this a long time ago.. but i am 18 and i have been using the acne stuff proactive for my poison ivy since it came out... simply apply the oil free acne stress control triple action toner (those who have Proactive will know what bottle im talking about) apply with a cotton ball let it sit for about an hour then use a daily pore cleanser... i did this twice in one day and my poison ivy was nearly completely gone the next morning!


I have the ultimate remedy for PI given to me 40+ years ago by an old farmer in Indiana. It works has for me ever since then and prior to that I was the kid always sent home from camp because of PI so bad head to toe that many parts swelled shut, eyes...and worse...
Many friends of mine who didn't believe it now spread the word. Stops the itch instantly and dries up the rash and it is gone overnight if not faster. Get some rhubarb, break open the stalk and, like you do with aloe, rub the ooze that comes from the stem on the area. I mean instant when I say instant. Amazing! I have a friend who had PI in the winter, couldn't find fresh rhubarb so she got some frozen and said it worked as well for her as fresh, although I have not tried it myself. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned rhubarb.


run hot hot water over your poison ivy spots for 1 min.or longer. put salt directly on it. Let it stay on there for 30. min at a time. do this 3 times a day until gone. It works!!! Leave salt on and don't rub. rinse salt off after 30 min.

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