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i just tried the baking soda and vinegar paste. but usually i just scratch the rash and then rub straight bleach over the rash. it will burn like hell but it should relive the itch and dry up the rash


My son got poison ivy last year in camp. The camp nurse treated him with something called Ivy Off which is a clear gel and comes with a soap to wash the gel off. She gave him what was left in the bottle to take home. I don't know how bad his poison ivy was at camp, but my husband who gets very bad poison ivy reactions all the time used the Ivy Off after he noticed a rash on his leg after mowing the lawn. He said that the itching stopped immediately and the rash just went away. He had tried every product on the market before this, including shots at the dermatologist which didn't work for him. Nothing worked like this stuff! He now swears by it. He takes it along when we go camping and he hasn't had abreak out since he starting using it. We have recommended Ivy Off to several of our friends who also got similar results. Weordered directly from the company. They have a website with all the information on how to contact them


use a hair dryer on high and ittle go away after u feel a very strong 'itching' sensation.

I've been a bad girl. Out in the woods and running, being crazy. Unfortunately there's a down side to the woods, poison ivy. I wore long pants even and it's on the thigh, calf muscle and now fingers, hip and thinks she sees a little red by my eye but that's just... I dot know yet haha we'll see. so, She first said hydrocortozone (that's what it sounds like to me when pronounced) nothin happened. Stupid cream on me just made the area worse it seems. The internet on the other hand has answers (thos some drasticly stupid)
I found a random sight that said at least four times by 4 diff users that if u use a hair dryer (I know it sounds crazy) the rich will go away. But like I said there's a down side, (to this now including the woods) put the hair dryer as CLOSE as u can get it and put it on HIGH leave it there and ull feel the worst sensation ever. To me it feels like ur scratching it a billion times over and has that strange relief but some how MIRACULOUSLY when u have had enough and the mirrior in the bathroom has cracked at least twice from the ugly face ull make THE ITCHING IS GONE !!!! I was so relieved! And then as soon as I got the courage up enough to belive it was for real... Typed this whole thing out and I havnt had the urge to itch yet. But maybe that's because I'm not wearing any clothing over the rash to not irritate it. Neither any bed linen. So... I'll see pretty soon if it was too good to be true. (one of the 4 users said that it dries up the rash..... Hmmmm i don't know.... yet)


Quite by accident I discovered that 'Orange' Antibacterial Joy dishwashing liquid and hot,hot water to rinse relieved the itching of my poison ivy and dryed it up very quickly.


For Poison Ivy, Pimples and such I use toothpaste. I know sounds weird but if you apply it in the area's that are needed right before you go to bed and the next day wash your face to see that it has disappeared! I found this cure on a different site and works every time.


go ahead and use bleach on your poison ivey... the nurses who say do not put chemicals on your body are ignorant. unless you use organic soap you are putting chemicals on your skin multiple times every day...

Beca and Angelica

My sister and I got poison IVY super bad. We think it was because we were hunting for mistletoe an some lady jinkst us and said we were going to get it. Sure enough two weeks later, its new years eve and my sister and I are rubbing everything humanly possible on our skin. this is what we tried
1)we mixed salt, water and rubbing alcohol and scrubed ourselves with it for a good 20 min.
2)then we washed it off
3)after we washed it off we scrubed ourselves with dish soap.
4)after drying we applied VICKS Vapor rub. MIRACLE!!!!!
it tinglely, fresh, and doesnt itch!


Update: I am cured! After only a week after first contact, which I think might have been shorter had I not made some stupid blunders: Washing with a washcloth, washing with extremely hot water (which made it spread to my legs and stomach!), wearing my urishiol-coated watch..
So here’s how I finally did it!
Three Steps:
1. Remove the poison oil using a degreaser. (1-2 days)
2. Continue with degreaser while applying a light astringent. (1-3 days).
3. Dry out remaining blisters using a severe astringent. (1-2 days).
I used Tecnu as my degreaser (I used Zanfel on my face, which made the rash go away really quickly, but it’s $39.99…). Other people have suggested a degreaser from the automotive department (that’ll definitely work and is cheaper!), and my mom suggested using gasoline or turpentine if you’re not afraid of a few carcinogens.
Tips on degreasing:
1. Start from the top and work your way down. The degreaser picks up the urishiol and then has the poison oil in it. If you start from the top (face, arms, chest) the degreaser holding the urishiol gets washed over the rest of your body. When you wash moving downward, less and less of your body gets exposed to the degreaser when you rinse. If you started from the bottom (feet, legs), then when you got to the top, the poison-oil-holding degreaser running from your face and neck wouldn’t get completely washed off. I hope that makes sense.
2. Do not use hot or even warm water! Use tepid or lukewarm water. Hot water opens the pores. I know it’s tempting to use hot water (it feels SOOO nice!), but don’t do that until you’re to step 2, when you’re sure you’ve gotten all the poison oils off and are only combating itching and blisters.
3. Do not use severe drying agents yet. One time I got poison ivy on my leg and thought it would be a good idea to scratch it open and apply massive amounts of salt to it (a Native American friend suggested it to me). No no no, not only did it hurt like the dickens, but the damage to my skin opened it up to deeper urishiol irritation (I believe that’s what people mean when they say scratching your blisters will make them become ‘infected’). It took FOREVER to get rid of after that and I still have big purple scars!
If you start degreaser early enough, you won’t have to do steps 2 and 3. I degreased my face right away and it was gone really quickly.
However, if you screwed up and are now COVERED in poison ivy (like I did and was), here’s the next step. When I was really starting to itch (about 2 days), I had to take more drastic measures. Everytime I started to itch, I would wash TWICE with Tecnu, rinsing in cool water both times. I used a FRESH towel (each time!) to dab off. Then I applied a light drying agent--Using a ton of clean cotton balls, I wiped every rash down with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. If you were washing with the Tecnu right, this should burn like crazy! I had to trick my brain by wiping the alcohol on really fast, so by the time it started to hurt, it was too late! The pain is worth it though. Within one minute, all itching is GONE! Within one hour, some of the swelling is GONE! Because I was pretty covered in poison ivy and really really itchy, I probably showered about five times a day and didn’t get a lot of sleep. But showering and applying rubbing alcohol ALWAYS brought relief, while lying in bed scratching at my arms, stomach and legs did NOT.
If you can't shower every five hours, put what I call a ‘nerve-killer’ on your rash when it itches. Don’t use the same ‘nerve-killer’ longer than one day. You build up resistance to it very quickly. I kept switching from Benadryl Anti-Itch cream (diphenhydramine hydrochloride) to a generic anti-itch cream (pramoxine hydrochloride) and Lanacane (benzocaine and benzethonium chloride). I also found that Tea Tree Oil was good during the day, though not powerful enough to help me sleep.
If you were covered in a rash, but you’ve been diligently washing every time you itch and applying a light drying agent, you should be seeing some improvement. I started to feel better almost immediately. However, you’re still covered in blisters and you’re running of Tecnu! Here’s the final step—a severe drying agent. This is when people start suggesting bleach, which is a little too much for me, but I’m sure it works. I used Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and you could probably use regular salt too. I don’t know how well peroxide or baking soda work, I’ve never tried them.
Instead of applying alcohol after getting out of the shower, after washing with Tecnu I would turn off the water and scrub my blisters with Epsom salt. IMPORTANT: Although it’s okay that alcohol stings when you apply it, don’t let the salt/bleach/whatever stay on too long after it starts to sting. Rinse off immediately! If you don’t, you will suffer chemical burns! So, I usually had to scrub myself in sections, starting with my arms, then my chest, then my stomach, and so on, just so I could rinse the Epsom salt off right away.
And that’s it! After starting the Epsom salt, I only had to wash about twice a day, and my itching isn’t from poison ivy anymore, but my poor cracked, flaky, dried skin! Luckily a little lotion and Vitamin E oil will fix that. If you follow these instructions (DEGREASE, DEGREASE+LIGHT DRYING, SEVERE DRYING) you’ll be cured within a week! If you notice any little remaining blisters afterwards, nip it in the bud right away with a degreaser and severe drying agent, and you’ll be fine.
Additional Tips: Since you’re skin gets so dry but you can’t put lotion on it, hydrate from the inside out—drink plenty of water and support your collagen by taking Vitamin C supplements. I prefer Emergen-C, it’s like pop-rocks if you eat it straight out of the packet. Also, a healthy excretory system (a.k.a. your bowels) supports the removal of toxins and the improvement of your skin. Eat yogurt or take an Acidophilus supplement or both to help improve your intestinal health. THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE TAKING PREDNIZONE, AS THIS STEROID KILLS OFF YOUR INTESTINAL FLORA. Good luck everybody!


Alright, I've scoured this site (and my rash!) in search of relief, and this is finally what I tried:

This requires a lot of clean clothes and towels...

Everytime I started to itch, I would wet myself in the shower with lukewarm water (as cool as you can stand so you don't open your pores) and then wash TWICE with Tecnu, rinsing in cool water both times. I found that Tecnu leaves a yucky residue, I don't know about you but I washed that off with regular soap. Then I used a FRESH towel (each time!) to dab off.
Here's the good part: Using a ton of clean cotton balls, I wiped every rash down with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. If you were washing with the Tecnu right, this should burn like H***! I had to trick my brain by wiping the alcohol on really fast, so by the time it started to hurt, it was too late! The pain is worth it though. Within one minute, all itching is GONE! Within one hour, some of your swelling is GONE! I've been doing this about a day and a half, and my family says I'm looking better. I feel better too.

If you can't shower every five hours, put Tea Tree Oil on your rash when it itches. You'll smell like varnish, but you won't itch. I tested this, by the way--I put Tea Tree Oil on my arms and Benadryl anti-itch on my legs... My legs were itching an hour later! Tree Tree Oil is far better for itching. However, Tea Tree Oil does not dry out, so keep up on washing with a drying agent (Tecnu, Zanfel, Baking Soda, Salt, etc.), wiping with a drying agent (Witch Hazel, Isopropyl, etc), and using clean towels and wearing clean clothes.

Good luck to you all!


when i get poison ivy i get bad. about a week ago i had it in the joints of my fingers, on my face, and covering my arms. this remedy is sure to work and i tried every thing baking soda, calamine lotion nothing worked. follow these instructions and it will be gone.
1. fill a bowl with straight bleach with salt and soak for 5 minutes.
2. rinse with cold water.
3. lather with hand cleanser from automotive isle at Wal-Mart.
4. wash off with DAwn dish soap.
5. leave wet and pour table salt and let it completely dry and dust off.
im 13 and this really works!

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