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i am extremely sensitive to poison ivy. yesterday, i noticed taht i had a two-inch streak of it on my left cheek. all day i applied rubbing alcohol to the area, once every two hours. around eight pm, i purchased cortaid poison ivy scrub. it was only about $10 at wal-mart. now, every hour, i use the scrub as directed and then follow it up with an application of isopropyl rubbing alcohol. it's 9:30am and the swelling is down, the itch is gone, and my poison ivy isn't spreading. i hope this works for you too!


I've tried Cortison, Prednisone, Bleach, and Oatmeal baths and nothing has worked for my Poison Ivy over the years. Then I pulled out some of my natural healing books and found that the Jewelweed Plant has been used to relieve the itch from this pesky plant. I, unfortunately, don't live in an area where this plant grows. I found a company online, Rustic Remedies, that makes a natural product that's Jewelweed based. Let me tell you, this has been THE biggest godsend and has allowed me to get back into the garden! If you've tried other remedies and nothing has work, I highly recommend trying their Jewelweed Lotion.

Amy Welch

What I have tried and did not work: steroids, hydrocodone cream, triaminolone cream, various bleach & baking soda & vinagar & plant products like rubarb, and the poison ivy soaps.

What worked best for me: shower and bath twice a day. Shower first with mechanic gojo or any grease removal cream to get ivy oil off your skin. Then finish by taking warm bath in Epsom salts being sure to rub salt on poison areas. Do these both steps twice a day. Then...

Dry with towel and apply Gold Bond anti itch lotion which is good for many itches including poison ivy, oak and sumac, and then let lotion soak in for five minutes. Then...

Apply Extra Strength (in green bottle) Gold Bond powder. On back of bottle it cures a lot of itches and also states that it dries the oozing of poison ivy , oak and sumac. Then...

Take 2 L-Lysine vitamins a day. this is at any drugstore or walmart in the vitamin section. It contains amino acids needed for skin repair. This vitamin is great for cold soars too. Then...

Take 2 bynadryl before bed. Then...

Wait it out. There is no miracle overnight cure for poison ivy if you already have a BAD case of it like i did. I had it everywhere including face. This dose better than anything else and it prevents ALL discomfort while speeding recovery.

Itchy Mom

I am very prone to get poison ivey even if i look at it it seems. I have been to the Doctor before and taken steroids, as well as letting it heal on its on. the best remedy I have found so far after trying salt, alcohol, etc. which burn & can damage your skin, is Gold Bond powder. I recently contacted the nasty stuff again, and have used poison ivey gel to help with the oozing. When I began putting Gold bond powder on my face, legs, & hands they began to get relief from itching & started to dry up. I also take a Benadryl at night to sleep rather than itch. the best remedy is to watch out for leaves of three and stay away.


The heat from the hair dryer really does work. And after you use the hair dryer, put Vagisil Maximum Strength to continue a treatment for the itch. It takes about a week and it will be gone.

Sandy PA

I always kept control of my poision ivy by being in the pool especially right after contact with the ivy. If you swim as soon as you touch the posion it will have a better chance of not appearing. If you cant get in a pool I just use the chlorine tablet and rub it on the poison ivy and it will dry up fast. Or go in the pool while shocking it Else you can use bleach but I think the tablet may be safer? Not sure




Some Like it hot... A good way to speed up the process of this rotten rash is heat... HEAT??? (yes simple hot water under a tap, as hot as you can stand it! Do it and it will itch like crazy at first, but the heat will deaden the itch, (so you can at least get a good night's sleep :)

Recommended 120-140 degrees F (the average temprature range of hot water from the tap.(Raise the heat factor by increments, so you don't burn yourself...) !!!DO NOT USE BOILING OR NEAR BOILING WATER!!! Pat afected area dry with white towel... GOOD BYE ROTTEN ICH... Repeat as often as necessary :)


Use Blow Dryer and hold as close to affected area as comfort allows :) !!!ALWAYS BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERDO IT AND BURN YOURSELF.!!!NEVER USE THE BLOW DRYER NEAR THE SINK OR BATHTUB!!!

Ichty n Ky

A Posion Ivy Remedy that Really Works! I ended up with a Poision Ivy rash and tried the benadryl calamin lotion ect. But it didnt help So I read a Few things on Here and Came up with a Great One. First I washed my Arm with Dish Soap then I put Calamin Lotion on it next I Put Salt ( Yes Salt )On top of the Calamin Lotion and used my figers and rubbed it around it circles ( it feels good too because ur kinda scratching the itch ) Do that about 2 times in a hour and You will no longer itch and you will see the Rash Just start Drying up right before your eyes. Hope It Helps You Too :)


Tecnu + Caladryl + clay facial mask has gotten rid of most of the weeping, itchy rash 4 days after exposure to poison ivy + eating a mango. Now my question is, how to scrub off the red scaly scabby skin that remains, before a job interview tomorrow?!


ok i used a cheap off the wall acne treatment from walmart and rubbed it on my arm for about 10 minutes and then washed it off and then used palmolive dish soap and all the itching went away and even felt like the poison ivy was already tightening up on my arm

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