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The bactine stoped working on its own to remove the itch. so i paired it up with neosporine with pain relief cream. the ointment works too. the two of them together (bactine + neosporine)really stops the itch and lets me get back to work. it dosent cure it but it releaves the itch for about 3 to 4 hours at a time. hope this helps someone out there.


I have poison ivy for my second time in my life, and the absolute best stuff to stop the itch is Bactine Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray. It works almost instantly when sprayed on the infected area. the itch is taken care of plus it has antiseptic so your rash wont get infected. Use it as needed, i need it about every 3 to 4 hours.
Trust me, i have tried everything; cortisone cream, calamine lotion, witch hazel, gold bond powder, aveno anti itch cream, even bleach! And none of them work as well, although its not a cure, it makes living with the rash bearable. I take a bottle of the stuff with me everywhere. I hope this helps.


Last weekend I broke out (for no apparent reason) in this nasty, red, burning rash on a section of my lower left leg. I've never had poison ivy, but I compost in my backyard and thought that maybe that's what it was. then I remembered that our friendly neighborhood cat had rubbed against me in that exact same spot! A-ha! While reading about poison ivy and natural remedies online I read that many people get it from their cats or other pets. Anyway, first I thoroughly washed and dried the area, then I applied white vinegar on a cotton ball to it. The relief was almost immediate. The redness and swelling greatly reduced over the course of the day. I've been applying it 3 times or so each day. The redness is still there a bit (this is like day 3 of it), but I did read that it can take up to 4 weeks to heal completely.


I took a visit to kelleys island with my fiancé and his parents. We were walking thru the woods and he warned me to watch out for the poison ivy but I guess I didn't. Three days later I had a horrible break out of poison ivy blisters. And that was two weeks ago!! Since then I've been using caladryl lotion and oatmeal baths but neither has worked. So I got onto my home remedies and combined a few.

First: was the affected area thoroughly with dawn dish soap. Rinse with cool water.

Second: apply a small amount of clorox (undiluted) with a cotton ball.

Third: apply isopropyl alcohol with a cotton ball. LEAVE IT FOR FIFTEEN MINUTES! It will burn once you put the alcohol on but you'll be okay..

Repeat process once every hour or two. It will itch after the soap but be COMPLETELY relieved after the burn of the alcohol is gone! It'll clear up in a day or two! Hope it works for you!


I tend to get Poison Ivy atleast once a year. A friend of my mom told me to try regular Dawn dishsoap. When it was really bad, I used it as a body wash. I also dab the spots with rubbing alcohol. After that dries, I dab the dish soap on. It generally clears it up within 4 to 5 days. Hope it works for you too:))


I'm not sure how well this will work for others since I seem to be only mildly allergic to poison ivy. This is also the route I go when I KNOW for a fact I've been in contact with poison ivy (my son is extremely allergic and it grows everywhere in the yard so I generally am aware of when I've come into contact.) So I guess this would be considered my advice on how to best avoid a breakout and my most successful remedy.

1st - I rinse off using Fels Naptha (a bar laundry soap. It's strong but unlike that orange pumice soap guys keep in the garage it's unlikely to cause an abrasion and potentially make the situation worse. Normal soap especially liquid will generally just make it worse because it wont actually wash away the oil but just spread it around a lot.)

2nd - even the above doesn't always prevent small breakouts (although i can say that without fail the times i forget to stop and do step 1 ever 20 minutes or so always result in a worse breakout) when this happens the best possibly remedy I have found are topical acne treatments and basically because they do the exact same to a poison ivy rash as they do to acne. Benzoyl Peroxide dries it out. Salicylic acid (especially in a toner form because of the alcohol) will do the same but is also a form of aspirin and has anti-inflammatory properties. If you have access to the prescription med retin-a this is best. it will also dry but more quickly and additionally is used to help the skin renewal process. so bad rash skin goes away and new skin is replaced faster.

none of the above will actually treat the itching but will simply help the rash from getting worse and help make it go away more quickly. I do this as soon as I see the first signs of blistering and then I slap a band-aid over it. (The band-aid may be an entirely psychological thing but it keep me from itching and seems to keep it from spreading.)Otherwise I'd advise any topical numbing agent. There are script forms as well.

In my opinion prednisone does NOTHING to help. As far as my asthma goes it's a miracle medicine for poison ivy... not so much.

On a final note. My skin is not remotely sensitive and while the above remedy works great for me it could be considered to harsh some skin types and then you'd just be miserable from a different skin issue. Hope this helps someone.


i came in contact with poison ivy unknowingly on friday night, it broke out saturday afternoon in very small patches, and i thought i might not have gotten very bad, then by sunday it was coming on a bit harder, by monday i was in complete agony. it itched so bad i felt like i was taking crazy pills throughout the whole night. tuesday morning i got doc. appointment at 10am and got a cortisone shot, and was prescribed hydroxzine and prednisone. its now a little before 3 and the difference is night and day. i still feel a bit uncomfortable, but the swelling is down and the itching is very minimal. not sure how long for the rash to disappear but i am quite comfortable. if you are allergic to it and break out bad usually just go to doc and get the shot, please, its the only thing that can really make a difference and help you to be comfortable and heal faster.


i cant believe this!!!! i have poison ivy all over my legs and i dont even know how i got it. at first i didnt know what it was because i never had it (my grandmother has a similiar story, she thought it was a weed because iot was crawling all over her garden fence and so she started ripping it all down, and the next day she went on vacation). and get this, my mom didnt know what it was either so she told me to squeeze it (her solution to everything 'just squeeze it gabby'). overnight it got worse and it itched so bad i was probably scratching in my sleep!!! my stepdad's remedy is to itch, put rubbing alchol on it (not whitch hazel), then put calamine lotion on it. this will burn but it'll remnind you not to itch it so much. hope it goes away and leaves no scars!!! p.s. watch out where you are going next time!!! p.s.s dont shower in hot water it will open your pores (duh!) and then it will soften the poison ivy and when you dry yourself you'll rub it all around (p.s.s.s dont rub dry, pat dry, this also limits wrinkels).


Im a logger and I get poison ivy several times a year one thing that seems to work well for me is lava hand soap it cuts grease and seems to offer a faster recovery than anything else ive tried. I use it in the shower and lather and rinse 3 times really scrubing the area well hope it helps you.


For starters I just want to say that it probably takes a preson who's ever experienced the miserable agony of a bad case of poison ivy / oak / sumac to appreciate some of these remedies. To a person who's never experienced this agony, the various remedies on this list probably seem waaaaaay out there to them.

Lucky for me I have not yet needed to try all of these remedies. So far I've only tried the clorox method and it worked good and fast. As needed I might try some of the other suggestions, like the Pine Sol, or rubbing alcohol, or salt / Epsom Salt, or Lysol ,or Vicks Vapor Rub.

Some advice: even though several people have reported good results using undiluted clorox, I strongly advise that. At a minimum I advise people use a 50-50 mix of cool water and clorox. Even at this I would not bath in clorox, diluted or not. This might change if I had a really bad case spread all over my body, in which case a full tub soak might be required. Recently I had a new crop of blisters breaking out after I'd just spent a whole month getting rid of poison ivy the orthodox medical way (prednisone ! : ( and I was in no mood for going down that route again. Fortunately the new crop was contained to a severl inch patch on one arm. All I did was use the clorox diluted as described, then applied with a cotton ball. The first time I dabbed the cotton ball and then put on arm and let the clorox sit there. I barely felt anything, but then rinsed real good with running water. A few hours later I did a second time, and this time around I got a definite tingle / burn. Then I did a third treatment about 4 hours later and this time a serious burning sensation began within seconds. I left the clorox on my arm for only a minute or so and then rinsed real well with cold running water. By the next morning the new blisters were gone and replaced by many red splotches... I've never had poison ivy go away this fast before! ... and I'm not sure how good of an idea it is to use a knife or razor blade to scrape open the blisters prior to applying clorox or pine sol or rubbing alcohol or jewell weed or ( name your grease-cutting cleaner of choice ).... but I guess as long as people use this method without getting an a bad blood / skin infection, more power to them !

Some other advice about the hot water, there seems to be nearly an even split on whether this is a good thing to do or bad. I'm thinking that both sides are in part correct. As long as the offending oil ( Urushiol) is still on the skin, it is probably a bad idea to soak in hot water as this may spread the rash and make it worse. The thing is, since the oil is basically invisible, there is no easy way to know for sure if / when it has all been washed away. If / when it is all washed away, then that is probably the time to start using hot water...and yes, I know from being an eczema sufferer, there is nothing like the euphoria ( about 3 seconds worth) that comes from running really hot water over top of the itch.

Good luck and thanks to all who posted these far out home remedies!

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