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Havent had poison ivy in years, this case is making up for it. Tried hydrocortisone cream for the first 2 days and took a couple of Benadryl tablets, helped the itch but now has spread over both legs. I have used stridex(alcohol free) acne pads and the itch and rash is going away. Best I have felt in days. The key is to keep the weeping down to a minimum using the pads and not use oil based products which will help the rash spread.


I wash with water (preferably with a spray attachment on the shower) as hot as I can stand it, several times a day. Relieves itch for about 10 hours, feels realy good, and helps bring affected area to a head.

Ruthie from Massachusetts

Second time this summer(and in my life), that I got poison ivy. First time was what I considered mild. Just a patch on the back of one arm, so I didn't try any remedies. Just washing and applying a medicated lotion. This time, the outbreak is bad and after 3 days is spreading. It's on my hands, wrists and arms and now is spreading to my legs and torso. Purchased Ivyrest wash and caladryl at Walmart. Washing affected areas 5 times a day. And applying caladryl. On 4th day, started trying rubbing alcohol on affected areas followed by a paste of epsom salt made by patting it into the caladryl on all affected areas. This helps the itching and helps with drying.It doesn't look pretty, but after it dries, you can wipe the loose epsom salt off and the residue stays on to provide more drying and itch relief. Also should mention it's very important to wash all your sheets daily, as if you're like me, you may be rubbing the rash on your bedding while you sleep at night, and the oils from the poison ivy will stay on them and reinfect you and cause the rash to spread. Overall, everyone's advice is very helpful. It's important to use degreaser to remove the oils, as soon as you know you've come in contact, and continue to degrease several times a day. Use caldryl, epsom salt or another drying agent to help with the itching and to dry the rash and change your sheets every night to prevent the rash from spreading and/or reoccurring. Hope this is helpful.


i did not read all 14 pages of remedies but any mechancic knows if ur in a pinch or at work and u got it and u dont mind smelling like it for a bit gasoline or brake cleaner orks amazing dries it right out plus either one feels cool on the skin stops the itch depending on how bad it is but if u jus wanna do it the old fashioned way and stay home i jus suggest a few oatmeal baths they work amazing no itch for hours swelling goes down and dries it out


Poison Ivy stinks, especially when you get it ALL over your face the day before you start high school. I was desperate... not because I was itchy (although I am!) but because I'm not even going to the same high school as the kids who saw my entire face puffe dup with the stuff in 7th grade. But anyway, I'm deathly afraid of hurting myself, so I needed an unpainful remedy. Salt, bleach, etc is too harsh sounding. I can't get to the store. What I did was use hand sanitizer and then washed my face. I dried it and threw the towel in the wash. ALWAYS USE COOL/COLD WATER! I used TopCare anti-itch cream. That stuff is amazing! It instantly cooled my skin and dried it out. I don't know if they make it anymore, but if you have it use it!!And wash with tecnu. Any idea about getting rid of redness? :) seriously hope this helps!!


Nail polish remover was recommended to me by a pharmacist friend. Or Right Guard deodorant spray. I think it is the acetone in either so make sure if you use nail polish remover you don't use the acetone free. It works well for me especially if you use it right away and several times in the first day or two, it dries up quickly and does not spread


It hurts a little but I have found that bleach works the best. I scratch the blisters open usually using a brillo pad......ya it hurts but feels good too! Then I take undilluted bleach and rub it where I scratched. Rub until the slimy feeling goes away. Pat dry and it will not itch anymore.


after 50 years with no affects of poison ivy. this year was my first. after the second attack. the first lasting 14 days. and after trying all of the over the counter remedies. i went to my grandmothers herbal books and found a remedy that got rid of the reaction and symptoms in 2 days. mix 50/50 rhubarb and aloe juices together.rub the gels over the infected areas. also taking a couple of herbal supplements. Echinacea and Goldenseal. these will naturally help with the inflamation from the inside. follow usage directions. some people may not be able to use them. it really works. a natural way of cure. it really works


Aveeno Anti-Itch Cream, Natural Oatmeal: Calamine 3.0%, Pramoxine HCI 1.0%, Camphor 0.47%. This worked better than salt, vineger, Hydrocortisone Butyrate, and Dermoplast 081910


I spoke today to a pharmacist. I have been using Ivarest to wash and Caladryl Clear. The pharmacist suggested I take Benadryl tablets, recommended dosage on the box. It MAY make you drowsy, but it stops the itching. He stated the problem with the oils from the plant, bind with the amino acids in the skin making it difficult to get rid of. I suspect this is why most of the degreaser type remedies seem to work. Good luck! I'm currently fighting this as I type...

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