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This may sound odd, but hemorrhoidal ointment works wonders on poison ivy. You can buy the generic brand super cheap. It's a really thick cream and will stay on the applied area for several hours. It is amazing how fast the rash will heal.


old army trick... pee on the rash, (use your own urine, not your buddy's. urine is 100% sanitary, its even safe to drink, but only to the person it belongs to) let it dry, wash with soap and cold water. the itch will go away instantly. continue this treatment for a few days and the rash will disappear. sounds gross, i know, but it works. and doesn't cost a dime.

jessy lee

I'm 13 and I'm a very active person and I was playing out in my yard with my dogs when I saw my dog in a patch of poison ivy so I went to get him out and I fell in it. I showed my mom and my mom told me the best remedy is a thick layer of cortisone cream then a layer of calamine lotion wait till it dries and take a cool shower and it will be gone in 5 days to 1 week.:)


Last year 2010 we purchased a new house and dreams of enjoying the natural view exciting.Noticing it had
poison ivy and sumac growing on the property . I was supposedly immune to the ivy so I thought and started pulling it out because my wife is very allergic to it.
Well after 60 years I found out that things have changed an I was now very much allergic to this weed.
Things went from bad to worse and after 7 days I was covered in the welts from the oils weeping from the at first few wounds I had , I was completely covered in the stuff and eyes almost swollen shut.
Going to the doctor I was given a very strong dose of predneszone 21 days and a needle of the steroid.50 mg's fr the first 5 days.It took almost two months before I was blemish free.
This year 2011 the march snows has just melted and I again went outside to clean the yard from all the damage caused from the winter winds.It took a rotten log covered in vines to infect me once again with the urisol oils of this ivy plant to one arm from my elbow to wrist.
This time I washed and applied the heat from the hair dryer to activate the histamines and stop the itch then with an alcohol wipe cleaned the affected area , let dry and covered with calamine lotion.
Hopefully knowing now what I went through last year I will be able to keep ahead of this allergic reaction to my body and to keep it from spreading.
The hair dryer does a wonderful job at
stopping the itch.
I have some Jewelweed seeds to plant this year so hopefully I can get a grip on the poison plants at my new home.
Love the itch


I woke up this morning with the horrible blisters and rash from poison ivy. I know I'm highly sensitive to it and am always extremely cautious when working in the yard. However, the scary thing about this time is I have no idea how I got it! Chin and neck covered and a couple of spots on side of my nose. After reading pages and pages of everyone's home remedies, I decided on the wash using Dawn dish detergent made into a paste with salt. Then following up with Clorox. I moistened my face with lukewarm water then lightly scrubbed on the paste. Gently massaging for a full minute. I rinsed by splashing on the lukewarm water and patted dry with a towel. Dabbed full strength clorox on with a q-tip. I let it air dry while I took my dog for a 20 minute walk. I am not exaggerating at all when I say in that short of time,my chin (which was the worst) looked 100% better!! Can still see a little blistering, but I'm going to do it all again before bed tonight. I work in the public and I think by tomorrow morning with a little make-up, I will be good to go. I am definitely not saying that bleach is the cure all for poison ivy, this is just my experience. My last case of poison ivy was several years ago and I suffered through two months worth of steroids and don't know how many $$ worth of creams, sprays, and gels. The bleach remedy worked for me!


My son is allergic to poison ivy. They give him steroids and benedryl. But we found a magic potion that I swear works.

Make a paste out of egg whites and corn starch ! Make it thick and spread it evenly over the affected area. Leave it on until it dries and cracks. It will pull every bit of the poison out and will just dry up and go away ! You may have to do this a couple of times but it really works. Oh ... it works for sumac and poison oak as well. And it also will remove blackheads and dry up pimples and acne as well.

Big D

Most won't want to try this but works for me. I work outside, and I am in weeds & such like year round. I've used OTC & RX, & keeping clean & other home remidies, some work some don't. When I am outside and notice the fist small bumps I bust the bumps & rub DIRT on the bumps, It dries the liquid in the poision. Most of the time it takes care of the rash & itch. Like I said most probably won't use it, but many animals injured will clean the injured area & then get dirt (not mud) in the area to help it heal. Good luck


tobassco works great for this just poor it on


This works!
Im in high school and i got the poison ivy right before homecoming! It was all over my arms and hand, in between my fingers and on my FACE! I TRIED EVERYTHING! i was desperate!
-Clorox- no just burns more and irritates skin
-salt and vinegar- same thing as Clorox
-Oatmeal works a little bit feels really good and if you let it sit for like 10 mins it will look a little better nothing drastic. Just boil some water and oatmeal and let it cool and salp it right on!
--To help the itch put it in hot water( as hot as you can stand) for like 5 mins and then switch right away to cold water! feels really good!
My mom went to WALMART and got these items! first i took a warm/ hot shower and put a cream on called ZANFEL kinda spendy but feels really good and opens up the pores.(you use it in the shower). Then when you get out and dry for a like 10 mins put this cream called IVAREST helps itch and slowly makes the ivy go away. both of these items are just at walmart. and the only 2 that WORKED!!!
hope it goes away soon!


I am extremely allergic to poison ivy. Usually have to take dose packs (cortisone) for severe cases. Got a relatively mild case on my arm recently, from brushing my dogs. Hot-hot-hot water helps the itching. Listerine seems to really keep the oozing and weeping to a minimum, and also helps the itching. Apply as often as needed.

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