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Well long story short, I found myself a little intoxicated Friday night and woke up with some poison ivy, I tried the salt and dawn thing and the hot and cold showers and it only made it burn and itch more, I remembered reading online somewhere about how the eucalyptus oil in Noxzema helped sunburn blisters and irritation, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it on the rash, and IT WORKS, the cooling sensation from the Noxzema stopped the itching immediately, and it’s been 3 hours now, it also is drying my skin out so I’m sure it will help with the oils from the plant too! I don’t know how long it will last or how long before it goes away completely but if you are desperate for some quick relief from the itching and burning, use it!! I have the original Noxzema in the jar; make sure it has the Eucalyptus oil in it!

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After 2 days of little relief from Caladryl, and cortizone cream, I read far enough into this page and its archival counterpart to notice a pattern. There seemed to be a lot of mention of 'drying/degreasing agents' applied to rid the rash area of its essential oil. So I started remembering the cleaning chemicals I have worked with in the past which dried out my fingers instantly if I didn't wear gloves, and which ones I had available. I chose a spray can of some electronics contact cleaner/degreaser (which can turn fingers white because it removes all the oil from skin), and used a paper towel in between spray applications to dry the area as well as to break open the tiny blisters. This sounds harsh, but it is really easy and essentially painless. All I had to do is press rather hard onto the blister area with the paper towel under the tip of a finger, and then slowly move the towel sideways just a little. This seems to cause the oils to weep to the surface as well as opening the skin if the blister is larger than a pencil point. I repeated the spray treatment several times on each rash area. The propellant gas feels cold on the skin so gives instant relief! After each application the ivy rash area would weep a little clear fluid, and I would wash it away with more cleaner and then press the paper towel there. The really aggravating itching is already totally GONE!! I had 3 areas the size of a pencil eraser and 2 areas the size of 2' scratch marks. Thanks so much for posting this info on the web!


I could give a huge backstory of all the times and ways I end of with contact dermatitis from the urushiol oils in poison ivy, but I'll spare you the written misery.

First of all, if you're COVERED in it or have it on your face, stop reading here- it doesn't pertain to you.

If you have a few spots on your arms, legs, or torso bothering you- Read on.

Go spend $5 on a hair bleaching kit, or light blonde hair color. Mix it according to the directions on the packet, and apply to the affected areas. Let it dry, rinse it off, enjoy the itch-free lifestyle once again.

I do NOT recommend popping the blisters beforehand, that's just sadistic and will only hurt more, but whatever tickles your pickle...

This does cause slight chemical burns, but they are VISUALLY no worse than the dermatitis, and it will stop the weeping and the itching. I discovered this method while helping my wife do her hair, she had a quarter-sized patch on her neck and her hair was on it while the hair color was 'doing its thing' for 30 minutes. The next day the blisters were just small dry skin spots, redness was minimal, and by day 2 there was only a slight pink tint to the previously affected area. YMMV. If you try this, feel free to send your results to, but don't waste my time with emails telling me about risks- I'm well aware.

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Ive battleed with posin o=ivy over the years and this year seem to have the worst cast ever. I have tried Bleach and straight aloe vera gel after showering etc. and it was not working. So i just took equal parts of neosporine and hydrocortizone cream and mixed them together right in the palm of my hand and applied the mixture to any areas that itched whatsoever. INSTANT RELIEF. It works wonderfully relieving the itch and helping the open itching wounds to heal up through neosporine


I had oozing blisters on my wrists so I;

1. Rubbed them with isopropyl alcohol (i like using a q-tip)to break the blister open.

2. Applied a gritty mix of salt and dawn Dish soap (it was green anti-bacterial but i do not know if that is relavent) and let the mix dry.

I dont know exactly why (too far removed from my chemistry days) but this fixed me up. I did not have a severe case but it was quite bothersome. I had blisters on both wrists where my gloves and long sleeve shirt didn't quite protect me. I tried traditional treatments (store bought CRAP) on one wrist and gave up after 2 days b/c the other wrist was almost healed up from the alcohal/salty dawn method. Plus only one blister took more than one application. I would love to know the chemistry behind this method and if it would work on more severe cases.


Ok i get very bad cases of poison EVERYTHING, even my eyes will swell shut! so i decided that since we are supposed to take benadryl or sudafed orally i was going to turn them into paste with honey and apply it topically. I have it on right now, it gives you a soothing burning sensation.

Here is the mixture:
take 1 sudafed allergy pill, place it in a bowl, put 1 tiny drop of water on the pill to make it easy to crush, then take the backside of a spoon and smash the pill into a powder.

then cut 2 benadryl pills open them and pour in the bowl on top of the sudafed pile.

take the spoon and put about a tsp of honey on top of the powders, then stir into a paste.

Apply pasted to affected area and allow to dry, then take a wet washcloth and gently rub off the solution.


* personally i am going to keep my paste on as long as possible, but do what is comfortable for you.

I will comment on my results.


I've tried a number of solutions including the following Tecnu, J&J's poison ivy scrub, calamine lotion, poison ivy tablets (supposedly builds immunity), caladryl spray and lotion, fels-naptha soap, ditch the itch soap, castile soap, bleach, hot water, salt, pine tar soap, sulphur poweder, florasone cream, cortaid, burt's bees poison ivy soap, antihistamines such as Allegra, Triamcinolone, Quercetin, Butterbur, probiotics, Triphala and GOOP hand cleaner. NONE of these worked. I finally beat poison ivy after trying everything in the world by using AZTEC SECRETS Indian Healing Clay. As the clay dries, it sucks the poison ivy oil out of your skin. With each application it gets better. Usually by the 4th day of using it the poison ivy itch is completely gone and your skin can begin healing.


I am highly allergic to poison ivy and always get the really big sores. I was once told by a doctor to use Contraceptive cream on it. It makes it weep a lot but then dries up quickly. I always have to put a bandage over the sores after applying due to so much drainage.


I get this stuff called Tecnu you can only find it at a CVS but its hard to find.It smells like varnish but it dries its out quick. Or Ive also used straight rubbing alcohol break the blistes and pour it on Stings a little bit but it works


Bleach, bust it open where it has pus and bleeding the pour bleach on it. It burns like crazy but kills the poison ivy

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