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Crystal Goode

First off I seem to get poison ivy if I'm within 100 feet of it. In other words I've had it a few times the first thing I do when I realize I have it is no scratching at all what so ever it just spreads it and makes it so much worse. At night I always put itch medicine on a gauze pad put it on the rash and wrap with an ACE bandage this keeps the itching down over night and also keeps you from scratching in your sleep and spreading it to another body part. then I use a mixture of salt and an oil removing face wash of some kind I mix that into a paste and scrub to my hearts content it feels really good i normally scrub till it hurts and feels raw then i let sit about 8 min and rinse with cold water skin feels numb after no matter what your probably going to have to do this a few times nothing but very very mild cases will clear over night your skin has to heal just like with any normal blister after the area stops weeping and oozing don't do the scrub switch to Neosporin to help the area heal faster the itch should be pretty much over by now you might still have some itching from the healing hope this helps!


I've tried EVERYTHING for the worst poison ivy of my life and I will save you the story of sitting on the kitchen floor itching myself with a cheese grader so here it is:

salt(most people say it burns but it's not bad)
all the clear anti itching creams you have
2 Benadryl pills smashed up and then mix it together and that will hold you for the day and the next day i prefer getting magical clay (Aztec secret healing clay) (:!!!!!


So I read all these posts last night after dealing with my own case of the lovely stuff for almost a week, using the lotion and Ivyrest and all that with no relief. Also was working ALOT so could not take much time to treat it and let it all air out...anyways here what I learned last night.

I took the advice of the Dawn dish soap. I use that stuff for alot, works great on getting candle wax out of your holders after the candle burns down.
It cleaned up great, I scrubbed as i used it, opening some of the blisters up. my medicine cabinet I found my ProActive daily oil control cream. I remembered back when I tried this stuff it dried my skin out really bad. So I thought, what the heck.
I had no itching all night, not even a little, felt totally normal. Did a second treatment today and its amazing, all drying up and going away. No more itching no more weeping.
Good Luck!


Gasoline will displace the oil and it is done... no waiting... the fastest way and best way to get rid of the poison ivy just scratch those blisters in a can of gasoline until they pop but the gasoline feels cool, it displaces the oil and your done. no waiting no days later...your done


Poison Ivy,

I tried hydrocortisone cream, then I tried rubbing alcohol both did not work. I still scratched & was miserable.

My husband used to work for a landscaping company & told me to use a wet wash cloth with salt & scrub the affected area. It stung, but it hasn't bothered me since. The only problem...I had to admit my husband was right ; )


After reading so many of these posts I decided on the following combination for my small but tenacious case of poison ivy:

Scrubbed with orange Dawn dishwashing detergent with hand sanitizer made into a paste with salt. I happened to have kosher salt which is larger grained and made for a nice abrasive scrub. I scrubbed this onto the affected area with my fingertips. I let the paste sit on the area for about 5-7 minutes and then rinsed with hot water.

Then I applied fingernail polish remover, the kind with acetone, with a cotton ball. This burned a little but only for a few seconds. I would have used rubbing alcohol but didn't have any at the house.

I intend to do this a few times this evening and will report on results.


I have a mild case of poison ivy but I am very allergic. My dog must have got some of the oil on him and transferred it to me. It's worse on my leg but it started spreading to my back, stomach, and arm. I tried a few of the methods from this sight and found that as scary as it sounds, bleach really does work. It still makes me nervous to keep using that method because bleach is pretty harsh stuff, so I went to whole foods to see what their options were. They sell a poison ivy soap by Burt's Bees that works. I washed with it first, then to the recommendation from the whole foods employee, after drying off I wet the soap bar and rubbed it over the effected areas and let it dry. Itching stops for awhile and no bleach needed!


Use the inside of a banana peel... sounds crazy but works really good but only on poison ivy. Rash started to go away after minutes.


I've had poison ivy off and on my whole life. I got it a week ago pretty bad and when I get it it stays for 2 or 3 weeks. Being a new dad I didn't wanna take the risk of holding my son so I finally got fed up, popped the puss blisters, and poured rubbing alcohol on it 3 times a day. And wah la! They dry up so quick and in about 2 days ur ivy free!! Hope u try this!


I got poision ivy somehow between my toes and it hurts to walk but to stop itching completly take cold water and baking soda and mix it until it turns pasty. Then keep it on there for about 5 mins and then take it off. when it dries i put calamine lotion on it and leave it until it dries completly the calamine lotion will dry up the rash completly and will go away in a few days depending on how bad it is hope it works.

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