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OK, so I took a lot of peoples advice and did what they said, but then I added my own mix to it as well. First I started by rincing off my face with Dawn dishwashing liquid soap and cold water. after scrubbing up a nice lather and rincing it off I took those Clearasil Ultra deep pore cleansing pads and scrubbed the rash to open them up, then I took some mouthwash (alcohol works just as well but i didnt have any)and placed it on a cotton ball and dabbed it on the rash (and yes this burns like heck!!) After that I put some of the Proactive solution on it. Step 3 only. as soon as it dried I felt immediate from the itching but still to soon to tell on the actual rash.


my little brother has it. first we dabbed bleach all over, then mixed salt and baking powder in the bath tub. he seems to be find-- and its scabbing up slowly. which is good. anyone know what would be sensitive enough to work on the face? i dont want to use bleach. and salt stings.


I get poison ivy really and bad and i can pick it up just in the air. i cant be ner a wooded area without getting it. its expected every summer at least 3 times each summer. What i like to do, (you need an experienced welder) is have a friend weld and expose the ivy to the welding arch. Clears it up by the end of the night. If thats not available pack on the calamine lotion, pop the pink benadryl pills and wait it out. One thing i tried was to scratch open the blisters with a toothbrush, and apply lots of bleach... BIG MISTAKE! not recomended at all! It made me break out 3 times as bad. My grandma used to live in west virginia and she always said to put iodine on it. also she said it you eat the plant you will become immune. i have never done it and dont plan on it and also dont recommend that either. just a thought. One more, (yes i have litterally tried all possibilities) mix a thick paste of sea salt and BLUE sawn dish soap and apply and let it sit for like, 30 minutes. it stops the itching and drys it out but since im highly allergic i immediately got it again. Just some thoughts. Hope it helps, because i know i hate poison ivy and im sure its not your friend either.


I've got poison ivy for the first time in my life and, after finally realizing what it was, read through some of the posts here and noticed that the recurring theme was to use a drying agent of some sort. So after washing well to make sure there was no more oil from the ivy on my skin (it was days later so not sure if this mattered by then) I dug through my cupboards and found an old container of green clay, the type used for facial masks. I popped as many blisters as I could to open them so that they would continue to drain when I applied the clay, and then I made a clay paste and applied it, let it dry, and then washed it off with warm water. The itch was gone and stayed gone for hours, and even when it did come back it was easily tolerable. At that point I tried some apple cider vinegar and that worked well. I've used the clay once a day for three days (today is day three) and the rash is scabbing over, the blisters are lessening, and the aweful itch has not returned. My rash covered about a third of my forearm, with a few spots on one leg and the other forearm. I am very happy that the clay has worked since it is a natural product - no harmful chemicals - as I would never try some of the things that some people here have tried. I don't think people realize that what they put on their skin is absorbed into the body.

Melissa and Chris

As i sit here dying from posion ivy and read many of these remedies most of which i have tried first of all bleach and clorox dyes the skin! I am alergic to almost everything mostly bee stings and pi and i know this sounds gross but the thing that has worked for me the best is tobacco! Take the tobacco from a ciggarette and wet it then put it on open blisters then place banages over it! Change application every 4 hours and by morning the tobacco has dried the ivy up! I am using this remedy as i write. And one more thing it burns like h***! But it works! I have suffered since i was a kid from pi all my life and this is the third time this summer but my boyfriend cure seems to work the best so far! Good luck to every one reading this! I know you need it!

Mama with Poison Ivy

I am highly allergic to poison ivy/sumac/oak. As a child, I had it all over my body. I remember going to school with huge poison ivy bubbles between my fingers, with the bubbles layered with super-duper hyrdocortizone cream and then covered in white surgical bandages (so my peers couldn't see the disgusting bubbles). It was so hard to write and do my homework. I suffered every year with poison ivy and get it very easily. When I was about 17 or 18 years old, I was told about poison ivy shots that were going to be discontinued. So, I got in on the last round being made available. I took the shots at the allergist for about 5 years, and they worked beautifully. I'd still get poison ivy every year, but just a blister or two or a very small patch and then (amazingly!!) it would go away. Boy, I LOVED those shots. However, as time went on, every year the patches got a little worse (still tolerable, but I dreaded the future)! Sure enough, it's now been about 15 years since I had the last shot, and I have gotten poison ivy twice this summer - and pretty bad cases both times. I hate it!! Does anyone know why the shots were originally discontinued? I would love to get them again! I even called my local allergist the other day to see if they are available again, and they told me no. This is so embarrassing and uncomfortable. My doctor wanted to give me Prednisone the first time I got it this year, but I cannot take it, as I blow up like a sore tomato. I even had a hard time getting the 2.5% Hydrocortizone prescription from my doctor. Do people not understand how awful this is to have? This sounds crazy, but the solution I've devised is the only thing that has worked for me: Scratching the blisters/rash until it bleeds. Then, I wash my hands (and the area) thoroughly, let the blood start to dry, and then apply the 2.5% Hydrocortisone cream. If I don't see blood, I know it won't start to go away until I do. Sounds gross, but it works for me. Sometimes I pour rubbing alcohol or peroxide on the open areas to avoid infection. I've read where some people put kerosene or gasoline on their wounds. Please be careful about that - sounds dangerous. I'm sure that would work, but it's probably very bad for your body. Good luck to all of you! I can totally relate!!


I was helping my wife clearing some brush on our Pastor's fence when I brushed against some poison ivy. She wasn't allergic to it but I sure was! I broked out in at first just itching the second day and on the third day I had blisters galore! I tried calamine lotion, bendadryl gel lotion, and Ivarest and still no relief! After reading several posts, I decided to try out the dawn soap and Proactive cream test. I showered with cold water with dawn soap with bleach alternative and then rinsed off with hot water. I then dried off and applied the Proactive cream to the infected area's and so far I haven't had any itching! I hope to sleep sound and peacefull tonight for a change. Thanks to all the posts that I have read..will relay if this dries up after a couple of more treatments like this!


I have had a strong immunity to this stuff for my entire life, but about a week ago I got a small pee sized set of bumps/blisters I scratched and scratched, within three days it was completely around my ankle and parts of my foot and calf, I went online and did some research. It was all the same, dry the blisters and its quicker if they are opened. I took an acne medicine (salicylic acid) found in stride pads and ground sea salt, I vigorously rubbed the compound all around and the itch relief was instant and great. When I woke up the next day Thu bumps were stabbed over, itch gone, and no new fresh ones. Within about 4 days the scabs began to come off and all signs were completely gone. But the effects of the compound were instant and permanent

Ashton C.

When i went off to camp I got the most horrible cast of poison ivy on my legs. Nothing helped the itching and redness. So I jumped in a pool and poped all the blisters. It dried up in an hour. But the ivy is still there!!!So I read this thing online, it said to put on cheap white shoe polish. Just apply it on and let it dry for ten minutes,then wash it off. IT REALLY WORKS!!! My ivy went away in days.


Ok, so, a few years ago i got an extreamly bad case of poisen ivy, i needed steroids to get it away. for the past 4 years, i've gotten poisen ivy every year, and every year i've needed steroids to get the poisen ivy to go away, but this year has worked out differently.
I got my poisen ivy at a friends house, and my mom instantly called and got me a presciption of steroids, but they were not working!
Personally i think my body might have gotten used to them, and they might not work as well this year, but who knows.
Anyways, i was reading on this website and after a few pages and different remedies, i pieced together my own remedy, which seems to work amazingly.

Step 1: if you know you have poisen ivy, take a shower (a bath will let the oil sit on top of the water and spread everywhere!) with cold water! I don't mean luke warm water, i mean ice cold water, as cold as your shower will let you go. This will give you reliefe, and will not open your pores. There is really no need for soap, as the purpose of this is to get the oil off you skin, and soap can actually make the oil stick to your skin

Step 2: go to a sink, and take out your dish soap (i suggest Dawn, but most mainstream dishsoaps should work [not tested]) and scrub with a washcloth. Don't just wash over, push down full force and scrub as hard as you can, you want the blisters open. Now this might sound wierd, but do this with HOT WATER. you already have the oil off you skin, therefore the ivy can't spread anywhere, and the hot water will open up your pores for the next step

Step 3: Use any acne cream/topical you can find. I used proactive daily oil control (got the idea from a post on the first page [thank you whoevers idea that was, its amazing]), but the ance cream/lotion dries out your skin, and thats what you want. now, if you used hot water like you should have in step two, the lotion will sink into your pores, and will get deeper and closer to the poisen ivy. once again all you want to do is dry out your skin and get the oil away.

Step 4: REPEAT! i did this over and over, about 5 times a day, obbsesive - probably, helpful - you bet

and don't be afraid to get it close to your eyes, proactive and other ance control creams and oils are suppose to be around your eyes, nose, and mouth, so get as close and you can.

I hope this helps whoever reads it, and thank you everyone for posting on this site, its helped me and others a lot.

P.S. For quick relife, fill a baggy with ice and place over the affected area, it'll cool it down and you will fell no itch.

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