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My son had gotten it last year and we tried everything to get it to go away. Then I got to thinking what about Lice Treatment.... So I went down and bought a box of RID LICE TREATMENT, with two treatments in it. He put it on before he went to bed and the next morning no more itching and the swelling was gone. You can also bathe with Oatmeal bath or oatmeal bar soap along with the lice treatment. You might be one smelly Adam , however the itch should be relieved and the mean owe ivy dried up . Hope it works out for you..

Itchy Heather

Take your pick:
Dawn + Kosher Salt
Eggwhites + Cornstarch
Proactive Step 3
Benedryl Paste
Banana peel
Your own urine
Cascade Complete
Stridex Pads
Oxy Cream
GoJo or any gritty degreaaser
Acetone (polish remover)
Shoe Polish
Soft Scrub
Vick's Vapor Rub
Deoderant (preventitve)
Electronics cleaners
A blow torch? (someone actually recommended!!!!

Most common advice- SALT Scrub with blue Dawn, then make a paste with benedryl to treat. Keep area from getting infected, but do not cover.


Queen Helene mint julep mask for your face really helped me. It is a clay that seems to help pull the oil out, and it feels pretty good on there. Also, it is not toxic. I just wash with Technu, apply the mask, let it dry, and leave it on. Hope this helps someone.

Hot Pepper !

GUYS ! this is the perfect Home Remedy to use ! get Liquid Silver 40 PPM or stronger up to 500 PPM, go buy Pure aloe but make sure its clear in color, the clearer the Aloe the better, you buy it at Walgreens or CVS, Step 1. take the aloe and put it in a container and fill it 1/2 way, then take the liquid Silver and fill it in the container to the rest of the up to the top of the container. Step 2, mix the two togather, the blacker or darker the aloe gets the stronger concentration of Silver percentage you have in the gel , then use the Silver gel on the infected areas just like any other gel, apply 2-3 times a day ! the infection will be gone in 2-3 days, the Silver gel you have just made will last several years, if the gel becomes dry and hard, just add more liquid Silver to it to soften it up and use again and again ! The silver gel once applied will instantly stop the itching and burning and it kills out the Ivy or oak ! This is the best stuff a person can use ! I highly recommend this Remedy !


For itch relief use a hairdryer. Blow on the area until you cant take it anymore and move to the next area. This will give you at least 4 hours of itch relief and help you sleep at night, and costs you nothing.


I am a 60 year old male, EXTEREMELY allergic to poisen ivy, oak, sumac.
Solution: get the URUSHIOL oil off of your body ASAP! If you think you touched poisen ivy/oak/sumac, stop immediately and wash yourself. My experience is that dish soap & body soap spreads it around causing the rash to spread. Industrial strength hand cleaner called MEAN GREEN absolutely dissolves/removes the URUSHIOL oil from poisen ivy/oak/sumac and gives rapid relief. 5 pound can of Mean Green is cheap $15 - $16 online. This solution is cheap but works so good I would willingly pay bug bucks for it. Wash your hands first, then dip some MG out of the can, mix a little water in and rub on the infected area (slightly gritty so it feels good to do this) for full two minutes - rinse well and repeat again. Repeat as often as needed (every 6-12 hours). My poisen ivy/oak/sumac disappears in 48 hours or less depending on amount of URUSHIOL oil you got on your skin and how long you waited to treat it. Good luck!

Tara and Jake rapoza

I have had poison ivy close to....we will just say a lot and I have tried everything! I must have strong close to 300$ on stuff then I said screw it! I grabed tea back regular and put it on get it wet first and if the pours are open wash before with Luke warm water no soap dry it off still oozin then get teabag soaked apply directly for 5-10 min apply with force dont be a pansy it's messy but it'll be worth it in the end do this everyother hour ....

Purpose tea bags soake up water and when u press down the tea bag will have nothing better to do if it's really oozing I asked my gf bc she was at my house b4 I found this and we didn't have tea bags we used a tampon


My husband and I came in contact with poison ivy this past summer. I used a Tecnu product bath scrub which I got at a camping supply store the next day and then never had any further problem. That is good stuff, the redness went away. My husband however, did not know until 3 days later when the rash became visible and itchy. He was travelling and 2 days later came home with swelling redness in various areas all over. This was 5 days after contact, and it was getting out of control. I made a paste of water and baking soda and applied it with a cotton ball to all the areas. He slept that night with it still on his skin. The next morning it was visibly reduced. He took a shower with Dawn dishwashing liquid in the morning since it eliminates oils. We repeated this for 5 more days and it became much better and never developed into blisters and just slowly went away. One word of caution, don't continue this for much more than 5 days. I knew we had it under control, but were too paranoid to stop and the harsh treatments developed exzema, which required a doctor's visit and prescreption lotions. You'll need to moisturize the skin after doing this. Stay strong and good luck.

Bee on Thyme

I got my poison ivy diagnosed by two drs.-one a GP and the other a dermatolgist. The itch/rash first appeared on my left forearm and moved to my right forarm the next day. More and more itchy red streaks and spots began to appear as the weekend progressed.I talked to another teacher that said something bit her on the leg too. Then I got nervous...I thought I've been bit??? What bites you and keeps on biting and moving across your body and you can't see it? But the itching and bites appear...OMG...SCABIES????
So I think I have scabies and use melaleca -lemon grass oil-coconut oil-oregano oil-dr perscribed triamcinalone for contact dermatitus-nothing I am sitting in school after 2nd dr. says its poison ivy. I look up this site and see that someone used white shoe polish.
Hm...I look around at what I have here at school...I try white vinegar first...stings-but so what...stinging is minor compared to the fire...but that doesn't stop the pain. THEN I look thru my drawer and find White-Out. The stuff used to correct type errors. I paint it on...and lo and behold the stinging and itch have stopped. Maybe its temporary---but it is working for now. And I am grateful for the relief.
So weird that I got poison Ivy - I have been outside on my farm literally everyday...since early spring. Then it gets cold and I stay indoors and voila...Poison Ivy? Very disconcerting...where did I get it????


Virginia creeper, five-leaved ivy, or five-finger (Parthenocissus quinquefolia)
Google this.Find pictures of it go out to the woods and find it.

Twenty years ago i got a bad case of poison ivy,I tried all the usual home remedies,bleach,baking soda,vinegar,calamin lotion and nothing worked.
I had it on both arms from the elbows down,one arm was broken out in blisters and the other arm was swolen to double the normal size with a few blisters.
I had given and was about to go to the doctor for a shot and I ran into an old guy that told me if I wanted to get rid of it he would show me how.
We walked out to a wooded area behind the convenience store and he showed me a virginia creeper vine and said it was an old indian remedy for poison ivy.
First scratch or rub all the blisters to brake them open and get a hand full of green leaves from the virginia creeper and roll them between your hands till their bruised and wet then rub them on the affected areas.It should stop iching within a few minutes and be gone by the next day.If there are still a few spots left just reapply it till its all gone.

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