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I was going crazy from the itch and someone told me that anbesol works. I put it on and the itch stopped instantly! It will be interesting to see how it heals. At least now I can sleep!


If you know/ think you have come into contact with poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac, wet the skin and scrub it with Dawn Dish Soap for several minutes and then rinse. Dry the skin, wait 3 minutes, and repeat; I am highly sensitive to any plant poison, and my brother is allergic. But if we know we've touched it and Dawn ourselves, the rash never appears :-)

Tommy Long

I've always been super allergic to Poison Ivy, oak and sumac and have tried everything over the counter. Although commercially avaiable products do give some relief they don't work as good as home remedies. This is what I do to get rid of it. Mix about three tablespoons of baking soda, with some aloe vera gel and just enough water to make a paste. Mix this all up and put it on the rash. That will help soothe it and drie it out. I also take benadryl (to stop my bodie from making the histamines which cause the itching) as well as douse the area with either bleach or rubbing alcohol. Within about two days it will be completly gone.


Spray Starch on Poison Ivy...stops the itch instantly

Big Valbowski

I read this post, and mixed up my own concoction. I did not want to use anything other than natural ingredients, because my PI was off the chain severe, and was oozing like a madman. So, I got my blender out, added in 3-4 cups of oats, 1/4 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of baking powder, and added in white vinegar until it was like a pizza dough. And then I took a handful, stretched it out to the size of the area, which for me was 6 x 8', and then wrapped it up, using saran wrap, or a large wound care bandage, and taped it on. Sat around for a few hours and let it do its thing. It burns so slightly, but I believe that it wicks out the oils, and definitely dries up the skin. Three days, and three treatments later, and it was all done for. Now it is just peeling like a sunburn would, and has very nice healthy skin underneath. Again, just an amalgamation of what I read here to begin with. A case like this, so severe, and using conventional means, would have take upwards of 2-3 weeks to get to this point. As it stands, from when I went from full on messed up blistered and oozing heavily, it took almost 4 days to be 'cured'. In other words, no drainage, all dried up, and starting to peel off and show the new skin. I am very happy.

peggy robinson

cold shower,scrub infeced area hard t bust blisters.then pour bleach on posion ivy..becareful with this remedy will cause skin to burn.but works wonders


I am severely allergic to PI since moving to the country, and get it every summer now. At first I would get steroid shots at the dr. Office, but after a week, the rash started to grow again. So now I am thinking that there has to be a more natural remedy-- since the PI weed exists naturally, certainly there is a cure! These simple home remedies have given me more relief than any thing prescribed or over-the-counter. After a lot of PI research and some trials (as myself being the lab rat), this is what works by using stuff that u already have at home:

Rhubarb or Aloe plant ooze (for itch relief)=YES. Noxema cream or vicks vapor rub (for drying & relief)= yes. Acne cream (equate brand, for drying rash)= yes. Salt+baking soda+vinegar paste (drying agent)=Yes. Rubbing alcohol= yes (to dry & stop the spread of the PI Urushiol oil). Diluted 50/50 bleach & water (not as a bath, but dabbed on w/cotton swabs, to dry rash)=yes, but this is more harmful than the other remedies & not recommended. Epsom salt and/or baking soda warm bath=yes! Shower is recommended. Dawn dish soap (degreaser) & table salt (to clean rash 2x day)= yes! *Note: Use a clean towel after each bath, & clean sheets each night (or just wear clean pajama pants & clean long-sleeve shirt to keep rash from touching the sheets). You have to stop the spreading of Urushiol (the PI oil). *Do NOT rewear clothing. Wash everything that's been in contact w/PI. (the PI that i have now was caught from my husband-- he had PI & got it on our sheets). So when u launder anything that has been in contact w/PI, use: hot water, any clothing detergent (Tide, Gain, Cheer, etc), and make sure the clothes can move around freely in the washing machine so that the Urushoil oil gets completely off (dont cram the washing machine full). Dry in the dryer machine too, if at all possible. Also...

When I have PI, I carry around a stick of XXDRY ARRID solid deodorant to rub on the rash, and this clears it up/dries it out in a few days. This works amazingly!! And is so handy. Do not accidentally use the deodorant on your armpits, ha! Only designate it for the clearing of the PI rash. The chemist on here is right-- you need to kill the Urushiol oil, by using some form of degreaser/drying agent. Dawn dish soap works great if u don't have automotive hand degreaser. Use the doedorant and other bathing tips. Last bit of advice: Do NOT itch-- just find a 'happy place'!


Poison ivy my son had it for one month we did everything the doc said to we bought the ivy away from walgreen and the benadr cream had starroids all those and and it DIDN!T help! So we where putting our pool up and there was a big mud hole he want to play in so I told him to go ahead and play in the mud!!!! IT WORKED so now this year he has it again time to play in the mud


Put some nail polish remover on a napkin and rub it on the affected area. Let the nail polish remover dry then put some Cortisone 10intensive healing formula on the affected area also then take a hair dryer and dry the affected area and you will start to see improvement in a few seconds. Hope it works for you.


Hi i know alot about poison ivy ! I have gotten it the past 3 years in a row because my husband does landscaping. If he touches it I get it I have to take steroids to get rid of it BUT for itch relief cut up a lemon and rub the slice over the infected area it will sting but it DOES relief the itching!! I discovered this trick this year & it really works !! Hope this helps someone else :) !!!

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