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There is a plant called Jewel weed that is a natural remedy. It is found in damp places in the spring after poison ivy has grown. It is like Aloe where you break the stalk and a thick juice comes out. It will clear up poison ivy in a day.
Those that suffer each year from poison ivy can preserve in in jars for early spring attacks.
Freezing will not work.


I am very allerigic to Poison Ivy and get it a couple times a year, I used to suffer through it for weeks at a time until I went to the Doctor for some Prednisone which would help it. Then I discovered that just taking Claritin would stop it in its tracks, itching stops in 2 days, blisters stop spreading and dry up within a week.


Poison Ivy. Treat with benedryl gel and make a paste of corn starch and rub on infected area as this will dry it up quickly.


Vagasil anti-itch cream extra strong. It's the only thing that lets me exist comfortably right now. I found out by trying EVERYTHING in the bathroom cabinet at 3 am when I was too itchy to sleep.


I discovered this by accident. I had a slight case of poison ivy on my arm and hand. It was itchy but fortunately hadn't spread further than to my arm. I had an ache in my shoulder and was using a heat lamp to warm it up. Sitting under the heat lamp dried up my poison ivy, stopped the itch and the little persistent boils went away after two or three applications. Took only a day or two for the poison ivy to completely dissipate. I haven't had it again since then so I haven't had a chance to try it out again. I'd be interested to know if it works for anyone else.


for the one that suggested Gojo worked really well. It made a big difference in one application and 2 days later half of the spots are gone! Also, the spray starch worked so well that a 6 yr old whiner didn't whine for 10 hrs straight and slept all night with socks on her feet and hands to let the stuff dry. It even works in her nose, I used a qtip for the Gojo and the starch. It didn't burn but stopped her scratching instantly.

C. Boudreau

Rub the area with the white paste type toothpaste not gel. It cools and stops the itch right away and also dries it up quick and you'll smell fresh and minty!!


I am very allergic to poison ivy. I get a shot and a Rx for cream but it does not help. I went to the beach this weekend and the salt water dried it up and stopped the itch. I filled up a spray bottle and brought it home to spray when it starts to itch.

Jimmy from NY

To completely satisfy the itch, use your hair dryer. Set it on high on the hottest setting and aim it on the itchy area. Leave it there until you feel it start to burn. Remove the hair dryer and the itch will be gone!

Carrie, Missouri

I am HIGHLY allergic to PI. I tried EVERY product on the shelves then started trying home remedies. Bleach, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, everything I tried only gave momentary relief, if any at all. Then I saw a post about Vick's Vapo Rub... figured I'd try it, too. It stinks, is greasy, but it works... and for extended periods of time. I broke out on Tuesday, used Tecnu cleanser (you absolutely HAVE to remove the oil from the plant), and started trying things. This morning (Saturday) I wanted to scratch my skin off with a wire brush I've been so miserable with no sleep. I took a baking soda bath (only worked as long as I was in the bath), patted dry and slathered on the Vick's Vapo Rub. I immediately started feeling some relief. Within a couple minutes I was at peace with my skin. I stayed in my greasy stage for about 30 minutes (was afraid of losing the relief), then placed paper towels on my rash to 'soak up' the excess grease. I have much less 'weeping' of the blisters and hours of relief. When it just STARTS to feel uncomfortable, I just put on some more Vick's and go back to being in peace. The rash (in less than 10 hours) looks so much better.

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