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Rub a good amount of hand sanitizer on it, it will burn a little but it deffinitley takes the nasty itch away

Chris H

BLEACH! While in the shower after cleaning the calamine lotion and what ever else off your skin, use a cloth and bleach to rub the affected skin area! This will dry out the poison ivy and help to kill it. It will be a itch-orgasam and feels great after the pain, but with the shower head also rinse off the bleach in hot water to give you an extra irch-orgasam, it works 100%. Swimming in your neighbours pool with chorloine/salt pool also helps to dry out your skin. Good Luck


I always scratch it to break the blisters, and then poor bleach on the affected area, it dries it up in no time! Burns a little


I got poison ivy from a new pair of shoes someone else tryed on.I have been soaking my feet in store bought sea salt, worked great, within two days.


My grand Daughter has had poison ivy for 3 days and we have tried everything but today we put white mint toothpaste on it and guess what it is working! She is 8 yrs old and has had it before, I don't want to use anything with chemicals in it. I am soooo happy that the toothpaste is working! We put it on kind of thick and just left it on there to dry she said she can feel it drying and it has stopped itching. YAY Oh and the toothpaste also gives instant reliefe for a bee sting I have used it for that before and it works wonders.


Ok I have tried almost everything on here last night and this morning. I have to say I have been miserable and the itching was preventing me from going to bed. Till the magic cure was found on here! Tooth paste! Colgate toothpaste not the gel the thick white stuff. I just put it on and it was almost instant relief. Just glob it on and let it dry. I didn't bother to was it off or anything. I put it on at 3:30am it's now 11pm I am getting ready for bed and I have not had an itch all day! Looks like the bumps are drying up too go figure! All this money spent on creams and sprays bananas and oatmeal and all I had to do was put my toothpaste on my legs. try this before you invest in anything. Good luck and feel better soon.


Wash you, your glasses, your watch etc in Dawn blue dishwashing liquid (use a clean washcloth loaded with Dawn and be aggressive but not crazy about it) then PAT DON'T RUB dry and apply rubbing alcohol to AFFECTED (NOT INFECTED area. Its just an area that has been affected by the plant oils if it gets filled with pus THEN its INFECTED. I HAD to correct the incorrect usage since so many made the mistake) Then apply caledryl gel, take a Benadryl, put on all clean clothes from the skin up. Repeat daily until gone. Want to clear it up over night? Pee on it. I went the long way this time because it's on my eyelid and too near my mouth to risk the pee remedy... For grossness reasons only. You're safe to use your own urine anywhere. It contains sterile uric acid which clears it right up. A drop or two of pee in the ear canal works wonders for earaches too.


Would not have believed it...saw a recommendation here to use Vicks vapor rub. Not only did it stop the itching, it stopped it from spreading and it started to clear up'...all in one day


BLOW DRYER! A wise ferry man spotted me applying anti-itch cream on my legs in the car and asked if I got some bug bites. I said no, poison ivy or oak. He said to dry it out with a blow dryer. I had it really bad. When I used the blow dryer on the areas the sensation was very satisfying. Immediately some of the red areas disappear and you can feel the moisture in the blisters drying up. The liquid, puss or whatever it is in the infected areas is what causes the rashes to spread when itched. After a good blow dry which can be quite addictive on the wounds, I apply calamine lotion for further drying and treatment. Works really well.


THe inside of a banana peel. Place it on the rash, and bandage it for a while. It does not get rid of it, but will help with the itching.

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