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This is not a remedy, it's a "worst practice" to avoid. Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide! As it foamed up and bubbled it carried the oil to the surrounding skin where it formed lovely tiny blisters everywhere it touched... :(


We have found a remedy for Poison Ivy quite by accident!

My daughter uses Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5 \\% lotion for her acne and it has cured her acne.

She got poison ivy this fall and we noticed that she had no poison ivy on the places she put her applies her benzoyl peroxide. So she then rubbed the benzoyl peroxide lotion on her poison ivy places and.... it cleared right up within 2 days!


The application of toothpaste really helps!!! I thought this idea was crazy but when a few others made the suggestion I knew I had nothing to lose. I slathered the toothpaste on and was careful until it "dried". It remained a little "tacky" to the touch but completely tolerable. I'm so thankful for this site and will come back again when needed.


my remedy is a bananna peel. you rub the peel on the rash. it will burn or sting but it is taking out all the oils repeat 2 or 3 times a day and soon it will be gane


Desperate to find a relief for the itching, I, too, went to the online home remedies. I typically get a rash - never blisters - but it usually lasts 6 weeks. By that time, I am at my wits end. I read rubbing table salt on the rash would bring the oil to the top. So I did that, and then washed the areas with Dawn dishwashing liquid. I went almost 8 hrs. with no itching at all. Thanks to whoever submitted their grandmother's cure-all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have had to re-do the process once - and likely will again, but I truly believes this works. I then apply alcohol to help dry it out.

Ron Paul

For a preventative measure on breaking out, if you think you've touched any, wipe down exposed skin with gasoline, then use mechanics petroleum jelly and clean yourself off in the shower. This should take care of most of the gas smell. Take industrial strength dish soap and shower with that. Dry off and discard towel in laundry. If break out starts appearing, start the benedryl home remedies.


Here is a simple on. Wash with full strength Dawn dish liquid. Rinse well. Dry off after and wash the towel you used. Do this for 2 days on the third day it will be GONE!


I used alcohol to clean the area and remove the oil. Then I used liquid skin. It stopped the itching. I put on again once a day.


When I get poison ivy i usually rub it down with rubbing alcohol and take Benadryl works for me


I see the bleach remedies that say to scratch open and then bleach. Owie!

I find that if you catch it early enough, you can dab the bleach on right away as soon as you see the redness and feel itchy, I don't get the serious itching, or have it spread.

Do make sure to clean your hands, (under nails) and clothing and bedding. My mom had it on her cuffs of her jacket and kept reinfecting herself.

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