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12 Home Remedies for Dry Eye


If you have Dry Eye then you are NOT getting enough essential fatty acids (EFAs). Our Western diet is too high in Omega-6 fats. Take: one good quality Primrose Oil GEL capsules, or Black Currant seed oil GEL capsules with each meal (needs some fats in meal to absorb the gel caps). These oils are high in GLA, something harder to produce as we get older (less dehydrogenase conversion enzyme, etc). GLA also very low production in pre-diabetics. Black Currant seed oil has highest GLA. You must also take FISH oil capsules (one per each meal)for omega balance. NOT cod liver oil, just DHA/EPA Fish oil. Cod liver too high in Vit A and D, which if too much (along with your multi-vit and food ingestion)causes root resorption of teeth and skeletal bones...I found out the hard way! Vit. A, especially harmful if more than 5,000IU total intake, folks. Get your Vit. A from primarily Beta Carotene in your multi, and no more than 1,000 IU Vit D from multi. Carlson Brand Fish Oil caps are the purest on the planet. is where you will find Black Currant seed oil. Follow my recommendations and in a week or'll be glad you did! I don't use drops for my eyes any longer.


Massage with a just warm washcloth over closed eyes may help relieve dry eye caused by blocked glands First confirm that the warm cloth is not too hot before placing it over closed eyelids. Follow up with a gentle massage. Use a finger tip covered with the cloth to apply gentle pressure through sweeping motions from the nose area across the eyelid toward the ear. It will provide great relief in dry eye.
Diet changes to include foods rich in vitamin A such as salmon, sardines, eggs, and proper nutritional supplements help to improve tear production and prevent dryness.

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